The Invincible Hunters


(Unimaginable Seed)
Episode 24

in,side the building, the buffulers circulated the seed holding each other’s hands. They were invoking it’s power to manifest on their physical body-to become young and eventually immortals. They were fully aware how the seed works through their own powers. There were candle-light hanging at every angle of the living room thereby illuminating the environment. Even the bright light of the seed helped in the brightness of the room. As they soliloquized, the seed began to quiver thereby activating it’s power of immortality. After some seconds, the colour of hair, skin and teeth of the buffulers began to change from old to young until they all became young beautiful and homesome witches and wizards which made them even more powerful. Then the bright light of the seed gradually went down.
Meanwhile, Vena, Hannah, Frank, Jennifer, Jack and Randy were watching them through a window. Jennifer couldn’t believe her eyes on how the old buffulers changed to young buffulers. Jack saw her heart beating faster but
never said a word. Jennifer was obviously afraid because her power doesn’t normally work on the buffulers. Frank opened his eyes and shouted silently, “Oh, my..”
“Sshh” Hannah interrupted him but unfortunately the buffulers heard them and looked at the direction of the window at once.
“Depart!” Vena shouted and turned into a bat immediately while Hannah broke the door of the house and entered boldly.
Randy and Jack hid beside the window with their guns ready to shoot while Frank laid flat on the floor and surrendered immediately when the fight had not even started. Jennifer walked in,side the house too standing beside Hannah while Vena flew in,side and turned back into a human being.
Meanwhile, one of the buffulers had grabbed the seed as all got ready for the fight.
“Hand over the seed!” Jennifer said unabashedly.
“Not so fast, Remina” one of the
buffulers said with a smile. “In as much as the seed is in our possession, you can never have it again”
“You lie!” Vena hit her staff on the floor then the buffuler turned to her.
“Who is speaking? Old Vena of Yelash. We meet again, and trust me, this will be the last time we gonna see each other coz i will kill u”
“Not when our bullets are in your heads” Jack and Randy walked in pointing their guns at the buffulers. Frank also rushed in,side standing behind Hannah.
“Oh…” the buffuler began. “You brought some powerless idiots with you, Vena”
“We aren’t idiots, pipsqueak” Frank said.
“Then let’s see!” the buffuler which was also a wizard, struck Frank with a sparkling fire but Hannah blocked it and activated her own power too. Jack and Randy shot their guns but each buffuler dogged it swiftly-they were extremely fast. Vena stretched her staff to the particular wizard who held the seed but he dogged and commanded a table to hit her. Jennifer tried using her power too but didn’t work. Before they knew it, all were tied down on the floor with a rope from nowhere then the buffulers laughed.
“I can’t believe this!” Frank began from the floor. “I thought you all have powers. Why are we being defeated like some kind of rats?”
“Yes, and we gonna watch you all burn like rats” a witch began to pour fuel in the house. She picked up a burning candle and said, “Burn in peace” Before she light up the house, Jennifer shouted, “No!” Her power increased in double, therefore she freed herself, stretched her two hands and the buffulers landed on the floor thereby making the candle to fall which generated fire in the building. Jennifer hit one of the them on the wall with a force and it broke open. Seeing that, the one who held the seed ran away while Jennifer pursued him.
Vena felt her power back then also freed herself commanding the rope to tie the remaining weak buffulers. She stretched her staff on them to diminish their powers while Hannah freed herself too. Already, the house was burning.
“Leave now!” Vena shouted.
“I’m not leaving without you, granny” Hannah said.
“I said get out of here!”
Hannah untied Jack, Randy and Frank. Jack ran out immediately with his gun insearch of Jennifer and the wizard who ran away with the seed.
“This house is burning down. I said leave!” Vena shouted again.
“Not until i kill a buffuler” Randy picked his gun and began to shoot the buffulers after which he ran out with Hannah and Frank..
Jennifer caught the wizard with her power at a place a bit far from the building. Meanwhile, the seed had fallen on the ground. She gave the wizard a powerful punch like the one she broke the rocks with, then he fell at a distance. Immediately, Jack arrived and shot him to death. Jennifer picked the seed.
“Are u okay?”
“I’m fine. Let’s meet the others”
They ran back to the building to see Hannah, Randy and Frank staring at the burning building.
“Where is Vena?” Jennifer asked.
“She’s still in,side the building” Hannah replied.


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