The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )

Oh, poor Karina. What could she have done in the mist of bones called skeletons and invincible hunters unarmed? She tried to run but they caught her. Suddenly, a light from a vehicle shone at them thereby making the hunters lose concentration on Karina and directed their eyes s-ckets to the light.
“Come and get us!” Jack’s voice came from the direction. Karina couldn’t see him due to the reflection of the light rays into her eyes but she recognised the voice and said, “Jack?.” When the light went off, she saw Jack, Randy and Hannah standing beside a car which Jennifer was the driver. She sped off instantly. As the hunters ran to fight Jack and co, Jennifer stopped beside Karina.
“Get in,side the car!” she shouted then Korina rushed in as an afterthought sitting in the front seat. She was surprise to see Frank at the back seat too then glance at Jennifer speechlessly.
“Are you okay?” Jennifer also glanced at her.
“I’m fine” Karina replied without looking at her but turned to Frank. “Where are you guys from?”
“We are from the buffulers” Frank
“Who are the buffulers?”
“I guess Hannah gonna answer that”
“Who is Hannah?”
“Are you kidding me?!” Frank exclaimed, “Okay, Hannah, also known Ann is a girl i love”
“A witch” Jennifer interfered.
“Yes, i love witches” Frank beligerently defended.
“Where are we heading to now?” Karina was still inquisitive.
“To save my family” Jennifer answered and both glanced at each other again.
The battle seemed to be over before Jennifer drove to their residence because they didn’t see any hunter again on their way. They saw police vehicles and an ambulance in front of the house, so Jennifer quickly came out of the car followed by Karina and Frank but the policemen didn’t let her in. Just then, uncle Ben arrived.
“What’s going on here?” Jennifer asked.
“Sorry, Remina, the hunters attacked your parents” uncle Ben replied. He could see the seed hanging on her neck.
At the same time, Jennifer saw her mother and younger sister, Lana being rushed into the ambulance which sped off immediately to the hospital. “Lana? Mum! Mum!!” she tried to run after the ambulance but couldn’t get it. Just then, Jack, Randy and Hannah also arrived to behold the tragedy.
Still in the presence of everyone, another ambulance drove in and Mr. Fenado’s dead body, covered with a black fabric was pushed out from his house.
“Dad?” Jennifer rushed her dead father and uncovered the fabric. She couldn’t bear the pains anymore so she began to cry bitterly. “Nooo!” she fell on the floor crying while the father’s corpes was put into the ambulance which sped off to the mortuary.
“They were attacked by hunters” uncle Ben began. “I guess your father died when he was trying to save the life of your mother and little sister whom i believe will be okay” he drew closer to Jennifer. “All this wouldn’t have happened if you had handed over the seed for destruction”
“Uncle, stop!” Jack tried to meet his uncle but some policemen prevented him from going closer to him. To everybody’s amazement, Jennifer stood up and untied the seed from her neck.
“Please, take it, i don’t want it anymore” she stretched it to uncle Ben in tears.
“You mean..”
“Take it!” Jennifer shrieked then the policemen aimed their guns at her thinking she was about to harm uncle Ben, their commander.
Before uncle Ben could gradually take the seed which produced fire, another group of policemen arrived with a high speed. He turned to them.
“What’s going on?”
“We have a situation, sir. The hunters are gone but i think they are coming back”
“I don’t get you”
“See for yourself?” the policeman
handed a binocular to uncle Ben. He viewed through it and saw a large population of skeletons matching forward in a group.
“Oh, shit!” he exclaim and handed the binocular back to the policeman. “Get the men ready for war” he said.
“Take this seed away from me!” Jennifer shouted from behind then uncle Ben turned.
“Keep that to yourself until we win the war”
“I said i don’t need it anymore!” Jennifer threw the seed on the floor and began to match it angrily in tears. Jack rushed and held her two arms looking into her eyes.
“Jane, look at me”
“Leave me alone! I don’t need it again!!”
“I will help you!” Jack exclaimed then Jennifer stared at him breathing hastily. “Yes, i will help you carry the seed” he repeated.
Everybody watched Jack bent down to carry the seed which produced fire but he didn’t care anymore. The fire quenched after the seed finally landed on his palm.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea”
Hannah broke the silence. “You will bring to yourself a shameful death by taking the seed because you are changing a prophecy which is just like turning the hands of the clock. The seed is for Remina, and she must carry the cross alone”
Everybody became amazed at Hannah’s words.

To be continued

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