The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )

Quietness took over the environment after Hannah concluded. Instantly, the sound of several helicopters came from the sky and everybody directed their eyes to them. After they landed, policemen began to troop out of each of them with heavy ammunitions. They began to line up for war because the hunters had also lined up coming from afar. Seeing that, Jack looked at Jennifer still with the seed in his hand.
“If it is a cross that you have to carry, then let me help you carry it”
“I can’t allow you risk your life” Jennifer said and stretched her hand for the seed then Jack reluctantly handed it back to her.
“Take your positions and match forward!” uncle Ben commanded.
“Uncle!” Jack ran to him. “I need a better gun. I wonna fight too”
“And me too!” Randy also approached closer.
“What?” uncle Ben glared at them. “Are you guys insane? Do you think this is a wrestling fight? It’s a war and you’ve not been trained for it”
“All we need it’s a gun to protect
ourselves” Jack objected.
“Both of you should be in doors, even you” uncle Ben pointed at Frank.
“You don’t need to remind me, i already know that, sir” Frank said.
“We are going nowhere, uncle!” Jack insisted then his uncle stared at both of them.
“Alright, you gonna fight, but stay close” he ordered for guns which were given to Jack and Randy. Immediately, Randy walked to Karina and handed his initial gun to her. “Protect yourself” he said.
Jack passed Frank and handed his initial gun to Karina also making it two guns!
“Are you both kidding me?!” Frank
shouted surprisingly. “I cried for a gun at the buffulers’ but nobody cared to listen to my cry. And now you are giving two guns to Karina alone! I guess nobody cares about me here.”
“You can have one” Karina stretched a gun to him.
“What?” Frank became afraid of it.
“I said have one”
“You mean…”
“Take a gun!”
“You know what? You can have the two guns while i watch over you. Let’s go in,side the house” Frank walked into the house followed by Karina.
“Alright, let’s do this! Match forward!!” uncle Ben commanded again.
Hannah walked to Jennifer and said, “My fight is over. This particular one is not for people like me but I’m gonna fight to
protect a friend” she stretched her hand for Jennifer to grab as a way of reconciliation, but Jennifer stared at it and ignored her then Hannah became disappointed.
Every citizen of Zumga city was ordered to be indoors as the police waited for the invincible hunters to match forward. After some minutes, they saw a large population of skeletons matching
“Give us the seed! We need the seed!” they were shouting continuously and matching briskly.
Meanwhile, the policemen had armed their guns at them waiting for a command to pull the trigger.
“Fire!” uncle Ben commanded and they opened fire, even Randy and Jack. Jennifer also fought angrily with her powers, yet protected the seed and Hannah never hesitated to use the staff for the fight too..
The war lasted through out the night until the hunters retreated after they had killed few people. Everybody came out from their houses to smell the victory. Bones of hunters, light of police vehicles and Jennifer’s pictures were seen everywhere. Only then did everybody know who Remina was.
However, Jennifer had gone to the hospital with the seed to see her mother and sister who were still unconscious. She stood in between their sick beds shedding tears. Suddenly, uncle Ben walked in with some policemen.
“Hey, Remina”
Jennifer turned. “My name is Jennifer”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me”
Uncle Ben signed deeply. “Alright, the mayor is ready to see the seed
destroyed” he said.
Jennifer untied the seed from her neck and reluctantly handed it over. Uncle Ben opened a small box where she put it and they left with it.
The day had become bright. The seed of immortality was set on top of a strong circular metal where it glows in white light. Another metal machine could be seen above it-the machine would be used to crush it into pieces. Crowd of people, both young and old converged around the arena to witness the destruction of the seed.
However, Hannah sat sadly before the piano of her grandmother in their house crying bitterly. “I am the only one left in my lineage. Oh Kesha, why me?” she cried. Just then, Frank slowly walked in, he placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “It’s okay, though I’m not a witch but i will become one because of you. I’m here for you”
Hearing that, Hannah stood and hugged him crying on his shoulder.
The mayor of Zumga city stood at a high place and commanded the seed to be destroyed. At the presence of all, the machine crushed the seed into pieces. Karina, Jack, Randy and others witnessed it even Jennifer who saw it on television. She sadly went home, opened her room and saw the seed on her bed again, then she became not only surprise but also afraid.

To be continued

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