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Though Jennifer had stayed with Hannah for so long as a friend but had never seen her smile the way she was smiling in the presence of Frank. That was an uncharacteristic attitude. The way Frank made use of each key of the piano producing a melodious tone enhanced the smile of Hannah as she watched his fingers moved in a funny way. Suddenly, Frank stopped and looked at her. The house looked nasty and dim. The broken glasses and chairs were still there.
“I can see you smiling” Frank began.
“That’s something i have not done for the past seven months” Hannah replied.
“Seven months?!” Frank opened his eyes widely. “You must be kidding me!”
“I’m serious”
“Then this cause for a celebration” Frank added then Hannah smiled again. “Wait, have you ever had fun before? I mean, when last did you celebrate something?”
“I can’t remember” Hannah replied.
“My goodness! Even your birthday?”
“If not that you are a witch, i should have said that you need deliverance”
Hannah stood up and walked towards the window. She held it’s metal protector looking outside from it. “I had sometimes wished to be as normal as every other human being, but at the end i would realise that i can’t change who i am because i was burn as a witch”
“You are okay the way you are” Frank said from behind then Hannah turned.
“But people don’t normally associate with us. They don’t like us”
“People’s opinion for your life is just optional. Believe in yourself and accept who you are. Moreover, i love you for who you are”
Hannah became amazed at Frank’s
words. She had never seen someone with such mentality towards other people who are regarded as evil. Therefore she asked him, “Who are you? And what exactly do you want from me?”
“I want to be part of your life” Frank moved closer then looked into her eyes. “I’m not joking” he added.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Hannah walked away from him.
“Coz you are not my kind in any way. You aren’t a wizard”
“Then make me one!” Frank shouted and his statement amazed Hannah once again who ran upstairs immediately. Frank stared at the staircase hoping she comes back but she never did. So he walked home sadly.
All citizens of Zumga city went back to their normal daily activities, yet Jennifer had refused to enter into her room or tell anybody that the destroyed seed was relaxing on her bed. She didn’t know where to go or whom to meet. She needed more answers about the seed, the invincible hunters and herself entirely. She was seen driving to uncle Ben’s office but on her way she began to think, “Can Ben give
me the answers i want? If he can, then he should have known that the seed is indestructible. No, no, no” she shook her head negatively and reversed her car going to Hannah’s residence. “How i wish Vena is still alive” she began to think again. “But if Vena isn’t around anymore, what am i going there to do coz Hannah obviously doesn’t know much about the seed talkless of me or the hunters. No, no, no” She reversed again heading to the den. One could see her running through the tunnel and eventually found herself on top of the cliff. She stood at it’s edge wanting to fall by herself. “Maybe i will see the woman in white again” she thought and wanted to jump but a voice from behind interrupted her saying, “You don’t have to do that, Remina. Only the seed has the answers to your questions”
Jennifer swiftly turned to see who was speaking but didn’t see anybody. “Who are you?! Show yourself! I want to know who i am and what to do to terminate the life of the hunters permanently! I can’t do this anymore! I can’t watch people die because of the seed” she shouted but nobody replied her again. “Now i guess the seed is a curse to me, not a prophecy. If it is a prophecy, then it must be a prophetic curse” she concluded and ran home.
Jennifer arrived to their house with a speed and forcefully banged the door of her room opened looking at the seed. She hastily carried it and said, “Who am i?” Instantly, a bright light shone from the seed to her face and she found herself in another world with the same woman in white robe standing beside her.
“You are Remina” the woman smiled at her.
“This is not funny!” Jennifer provoked. “And stop calling me that. My name is Jennifer”
“You think so?”
“I know so!”
“And that’s why you don’t know who you are coz you don’t believe in who you are. If you do, you will know the answers to your questions” the woman said without a single smile anymore then both became quiet staring at each other.
“I want to know how to end the existence of the invincible hunters” Jennifer broke the silences calmly.
“Have you ever wondered why they are called the invincible hunters?” the woman asked.
“Yes, and that’s because they are too strong to be defeated”
“Good. Follow me” the woman moved forward followed by Jennifer..

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