The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )

Uncle Ben stood up from his seat looking at the seed surprisingly. He wore a police uniform, and on his wrist was a chain watch. However, Jennifer had withdrawn her hand from the seed waiting for him to react.
“How come the seed found you again or you found the seed, whichever?”
“I saw it on my bed after it was
“How’s that possible?”
“I don’t know. Now listen, commander” Jennifer began. “In as much as this seed is indestructible, the hunters will keep hunting us, and trust me, the next time they’ll come, no one, i repeat, no one will survive coz they gonna come as giants”
“So what’s your point?” uncle Ben asked.
“My point is that the lives of the hunters have to be terminated permanently. I was born to do that”
“And how are you gonna do that?”
“I need to speak with the mayor” Jennifer replied as both stared at each other.
Tension took over the citizens of Zumga city when the rumour spread around that the seed which was believed to be destroyed is still in the possession of it’s bearer, Remina. It was the topic of discussion at every angle of the city.
Nevertheless, Jennifer stood face to face with the mayor. She had explained everything to him on how to terminate the lives of the invincible hunters, so the mayor gave her a chance to speak to the public on national television. Jennifer stood before several microphones on the television saying, “Now i know who i am. I am Remina whom the prophecy of the seed of life has been fulfilled. I have also discovered that my mission is not only to protect the seed but also to do that which the former bearer couldn’t do in the past, that is, to end the lives of the invincible hunters. I.. we have to travel to the past and end their lives. So i advice every citizen of Zumga city to remain indoors until we return coz the hunters might be invading the city any moment from now. All military agencies should always be ready for war too” she stepped out.
Almost everybody watched Jennifer made her speech, even Frank who sat sadly at home. But after that, he stood up and said, “We… she said we. Who are the we? Mehn i must be among the ‘we’ coz i can’t wait to travel to the past and correct all the wrong things i did. Wait..” he suddenly frowned his face. “What if i don’t make it back to the present? What if i die in the past? Am i kidding mysel?! No!” he shook his head boldly. “This is not time to be afraid but time to be courageous!” he concluded and rushed out.
Hannah hurried home insearch of
Doedo. She pushed their door forcefully and began to shout his name. “Doedo! Doedo!!” she ran upstairs, into her room but found nobody there. Before she turned, she carried her staff the one given to her by her late grandmother. Just at the staircase, she saw a bat flew inside the house and transformed into a human being-Doedo. She became surprise coz Doedo shouldn’t be flying. She wondered where he got the power from.
“Doedo?” Hannah finally stepped down from the staircase.
“Hi, my love” Doedo drew closer too.
“Where did you go to? And.. i.. i saw you flying. Where did you get the power?”
“I couldn’t stay at your friend’s place, so had to fly around. Jufu gave me the power and other powers which you are yet to see”
“Jufu” Hannah repeated thoughtfully. She could remember Jufu as one of those who hated her parents years ago. “How can Jufu just gave you such powers? What did you do for him?”
“Nothing” Doedo reached Hannah father’s picture which was on a table. “I miss him”
“Who?” Hannah asked.
“Hecza, your father” Doedo replied…
Karina had reached home. The house was a bungalow made with woods but one can hardly notice it due to the way it was painted and furnished. Mrs Lissy, Karina’s mother had a dark complexion with dimples on her cheeks. She was a bit fat but normally calm and quiet. She was sitting in the sitting room knitting when Karina entered with her bag and dropped them slowly.
“Karina” Mrs Lissy stood up keeping the cloth she was knitting. “You never told me you were coming home”
“That’s right, mum” Karina walked towards the television stand. She saw her picture and that of her mother only, then turned again, “Mum, i know you are a witch but there are two things i want to know too”
The mother saw how serious the situation became, so she said, “Sit down my daughter”
“I’m not sitting down, mum!” Karina’s voice changed. “I want to know if I’m a witch and who my father is!”
“Who said you are a witch?”
“Just answer my question coz i guess you know nothing about what is happening in Zumga city”
The mother became quiet and slowly went back to her seat. “I know everything that is happening there and i have waited for this day” she said and stood up into her room, came out with an old picture of a man and handed it to Karina. “That’s your father, his name is Hecza from Yelash” she added..

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