The Invincible Hunters


(Unimaginable Seed)
Episode 35

Jennifer stepped out of government house where she appeared on television. Already, Jack was waiting for her outside, so immediately she came out, they drove off neglecting the journalists who wanted to get more news about the seed, hunters and the journey to the past.
One could see Jack and Jennifer driving back home.
“So what next?” Jack asked from the stirring wheel.
“Call Randy, we are set to go” Jennifer replied.
“I don’t still understand the road to the past. How are we gonna get there?”
“The seed is the answer and the way to it” Jennifer concluded then Jack wondered how possible it is.
Frank met Randy coming out from his apartment wearing a pair of trousers with shoes and a black shirt. He was already set for the journey.
“Hey Randy, did you watch Jennifer on television? I can’t believe that after crushing the seed into pieces, it went back again to the bearer”
“Yeah” Randy replied putting a gun at the back of his trouser. He looked at Frank strangely. “What happened today?”
“I mean, you were kinda sad earlier today”
“Never mind” Frank ignored it trying to forget the fact that he caught Hannah k-ssing who he doesn’t know. “Where are you going now?”
“To Jennifer’s” Randy replied. “We are traveling to the past”
“Oh, my God!” Frank exclaimed and quickened his steps. “So it’s true! Am gonna be traveling to the past!”
“Are you sure you can?” Randy smiled.
“Are you kidding me? Of course i can” Frank replied. “Is Ann going with us?”
“Yes, probably Karina too”
“Oh, mhen, this gonna be a great adventure”
“And deadly too”
“Are you kidding me? Of course i know is deadly. Let me check on Hannah first” Frank stopped the nearest cab and headed straight to Hannah’s.
Meanwhile, Jennifer and Jack had
reached home. Jack didn’t sit
down but walked around with a gun in his hand. He occasionally glanced at Jennifer who sat on the cushion quietly. Suddenly, both eyes caught each other.
“What?” Jennifer asked.
“Nothing” Jack replied then they became quiet again. “Have you eaten?”
“I’m not hungry” Jennifer replied. “Let me get you some food” she stood up leaving her bag where the seed was on the cushion. She tried to walk into the kitchen but Jack held her back looking into her eyes.
“I’m not hungry too” he said.
“Okay” Jennifer averted her eyes from him and tried to walk back to her seat but Jack’s hand prevented her again.
“Please, I’ll like you to be careful when we finally get to the past” Jack said calmly.
Jennifer didn’t reply but nodded
her head slightly positive as her eyes fixed on Jack’s. Immediately she was released, all the doors and windows of the house slammed open and the Yelash flew in,side as bats. They were quit
many. Jack opened fire shooting at each of the them instantly. Already, some of them had clustered the bag. Jennifer activated her powers killing each bat with her hand. As a bat carried the bag trying to fly, Jennifer stretched her hand at it and the seed flew to her. When she handled it, the remaining bats changed to human beings, then she saw Doedo…
Frank saw Hannah’s doors and windows opened then he rushed in,side just to see Hannah tied down on the floor. “Ann!” he shouted and began to untie her. After he finally did, Hannah hastily stood up.
“What happened?” Frank asked.
“C’mon, we need to save Jennifer”
Hannah said running towards the door.
“Save her from who?”
“From the Yelash”
“Who are they?”
“It’s a long story. Run!” Hannah
concluded then they began to run.
Back to Jennifer’s, Doedo, Jufu and other watches and wizards faced Jack and Jennifer. Dead bats could be seen on the floor too.
“Do..Dodo..” Jennifer stammered.
“It’s Doedo, Remina” Doedo interrupted.
“I knew you were not to be trusted”
“That’s right”
“Remina” Jufu began pointing his staff at Jennifer. “Hand over the seed or u die”
“I like that, coz that will be over my dead body” Jennifer replied. As Jufu struck his fire at her, she dogged it and dragged him closer with her power giving him a powerful punch which drove him to the wall and eventually broke it. As others tried to attack, Jack began to shoot them. He first shot at Doedo but due to how powerful and swiftly he was, he dogged the bullets and punched Jack on the floor thereby taking the gun from him.
“I guess u gonna die first” Doedo
aimed the gun at Jack but found himself hanging in the air-that was Jennifer who wanted to kill him but Jufu interrupted her by striking her with aanother fire. She fell down along with Doedo who swiftly turned into a bat, collected the seed and flew out followed by Jufu and few other bats. Just then, Randy, Hannah and Frank arrived.
Seeing Hannah, Jennifer attacked her immediately thinking she planned everything that happened there but Randy and Frank tried to calm her down. At the same time, Karina and her mother drew closer.

To be continued

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