The Invincible Hunters


(  Unimaginable_Seed )

Hannah smiled at Karina in a way that shows; GOOD JOB. As Mrs Lissy fought Jufu, so as Jennifer rushed frozen Doedo and gave him a powerful punch that broke him on the ground. She, at the same time stretched her left hand on the seed which fell on the floor and it returned to her instantly.
However, Mrs Lissy had been able to terminate the life of Jufu while few others ran away. Only Doedo remained there-he laid on the ground still trying to recover Jennifer’s punch. Blood gushed out from his eyes and nose, and by mare looking at him, one can deduce that he was suffering from a fracture. Jennifer wanted to finished him but Hannah shouted, “Jane, wait!” Therefore, she withdrew her hand. Everybody watched Hannah walked closer to Doedo. Of course she took her staff before glaring at him.
“I never knew you are among those that killed my parents. Am gonna kill u myself” Hannah light him up with a fire from her hand then all watched him burn silently in pain until he died.
“Okay, i have seen enough” Frank broke the silence then everybody directed theirs at him. “Why are you guys looking at me? Of course i have seen enough. First are the invincible hunters, second are the buffulers and third, the Yelash. Who knows what or who am gonna see next? Probably the giant hunters”
Randy, Jack, Karina and Hannah smiled at his words while Jennifer said, “Yes, prepare to see them. We are running out of time”
“Holy shit!” Frank exclaimed when he finally saw the giant hunters coming from afar behind Jennifer. He was the first to see them. They were quite tall, bigger head, hands and legs. They were exactly what they were called-giant hunters.
“Frank, what?” Randy asked.
“I don’t need to prepare to see the giant hunters” Frank replied.
“Coz I’m already seeing them”
Everybody followed his eyes and turned just to see the hunters matching forward and briskly.
“My Kesha!” Mrs Lissy couldn’t believe her eyes.
“Demn!” Randy and Jack exclaimed at the same time aiming their guns at them.
“Your guns are useless here” Jennifer brought out the seed. “Lead us to the past” she said looking at it. Instantly, the seed left her hand and expanded greatly shining a high magnifying bright light. Seeing that, the hunters hastened up. Regardless they were skeletons, their legs shook the ground as they moved.
“Frank, jump into light! Fast!” Jennifer shouted.
“Why must it be me first?!” Frank retorted.
“The hunters are coming! I said jump!”
“Oh, Christ, receive my soul” Frank reluctantly jumped into the bright light of the expanded seed. Meanwhile, the hunters had drew closer. Jennifer felt another power within her, so she flew light a super heroin neglecting the gravitational force of the earth. As she was flying with a hand ready to break the invincible hunters into pieces, Mrs Lissy told others to jump into the light also. Jack jumped in followed by Randy. Before Karina and Hannah could jump, the hunters caught them but Karina froze the nearest one while Hannah broke one into pieces with her power by just stretching the staff at it.
“Now, I’ll take over from here. Both of you go!” Mrs Lissy began to fight the hunters but she suddenly turned and called, “Hannah!” Karina and Hannah also turned at the same time looking at her to hear what she had to say. “Protect your younger sister” she finally said.
“What?” Hannah asked surprisingly.
“Mum, what do you mean?” Karina asked too.
“No time. Go!” Mrs Lissy concluded and began to fight again. The two girls bemusedly looked at each other then jumped into the bright light too.
However, Jennifer had killed many hunters running back to join them thereby leaving the remaining hunters for Mrs Lissy.
“I guess you can take car of them”
“Yes, i can”
“Thank you” Jennifer smiled at her and also jumped into light, after which the seed shrunk, reduced it’s brightness and eventually vanished.
Back to the main city of Zumga, the giant invincible hunters had invaded. One could see military men shooting many of them. Uncle Ben entered his car driving to Jennifer’s to know weather she had gone to the past or not. Unfortunately, as he was driving, a giant hunter matched his car which loosed control immediately and hit an electric pole. Therefore the hunter bent down and dragged him out of the car holding him up in the sky.
“Where is the seed?!”
“In my ass”
“Where is your ass?”
“Let me show you” uncle Ben flung himself off from his skeletal hand and landed on his car. He took his gun instantly and said, “Here is my ass” he shot the hunter’s head off…
Jennifer and co found themselves in the past standing before a narrow bushy road which the end they couldn’t see. The atmosphere was totally brownish in colour.
“Now, somebody should talk to me” Frank began. “Are we in the past, present or future? Or  is this place hell or heaven?” he asked.

To be continued

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