The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )
Episode 38

Nobody answered Frank rather stared at the long road. There were no houses neither were there any human beings. All they could hear was the singing of beards. Nevertheless, Jennifer held the seed tightly in her hand still gazing at the road but at a sudden, a skeletal bird shuffled out of the nearest grasses and flew out scre-ming.
“Jeeez!” Frank exclaimed standing
behind Jennifer.
“That was a messenger” Karina said.
“Yes, u are right” Hannah supported.
“Messenger of who?” Jennifer interfered.
“The hunters” Karina began. “It gonna inform them that we’re here and to be ready to attack us preventing us from casting the seed into the fire”
“How do u know this?” Jack asked.
“It’s obvious” Karina replied then all became quit.
“We gonna stay close to each other and accomplish this quest successfully” Jennifer broke the silence. “Frank” she called.
“What again?” frank retorted
“We are in the past” Jennifer began to move followed by others.
“Are u kidding me?” Frank also rushed forward. “I asked a question in January and your answering it in December. How about that?!”
“At least the question is answered”
“Yes, but at the wrong time”
They began to smile as they walked heroically in union. All, both girls and boys were on elastic black trousers except Frank who wore a blue jeans trouser but also had a black shirt.
The consistent burning fire coming out from a volcano was higher than Jennifer thought. It was surrounded by giant hunters-they were like guards preventing anything or anybody from going close to it. At it’s base were other hunters who kept multiplying every minutes. Before one could even get closer to the fire, he or she had to cross a long bridge which filed with hunters too matching to and fro. The height of the bridge was about one hundred fit, and at it’s base was a river. Suddenly, the skeletal bird flew in standing on the shoulder girdle of a giant hunter and scre-med.
“The seed bearer is here” the giant hunter began. His voice was quite deep. “Hm.. She has made a very big mistake of coming here. We must make sure she dies and finally collect the seed of life. Now go and kill her!” he commanded and many hunters especially the ones on the bridge began to move.
Jennifer and co got tired on the way especially Frank who collapsed on the ground thereby making others to stop.
“Jane” he began breathing exhaustively. “You should have told us that we are walking to our doom without a single daily bread or even water”
“We are close to the place” Jennifer said.
“That isn’t the issue. I came here to correct the wrongs i did in the past but i can’t even see anyone talk more of the one that resembles me”
“Frank, this is several decades ago. I don’t even think your parents were born then talkless of you”
“Are you kidding me?!” Frank sat up in disbelief.
“No, let’s keep moving” Jennifer
concluded. As all turned to go, they sighted hunters-both small and giants trooping forward. Seeing them, the tiredness vanished from their bodies especially Frank who stood beside
“This is where we fight!” Jennifer
shouted and hung the seed on her neck. “This is where we hold them! This is where we show them the stuff we are made of!”
Hearing that, Frank whispered, “I’m only made of sand. I don’t know about you”
Hannah smiled at him saying, “Just stay close”
“You don’t need to tell me twice” he replied.
“Now, move!” Jennifer commanded and they began to run towards the hunters. Jack and Randy knew their guns would be useless so they prepared for a physical combat. As they drew closer, Jennifer flew ahead killing the hunters. Hannah stretched her staff from a distant and the hunters began to break from each joint. Frank rushed a dead one and carried his dislocated femur. He used it to hit any hunter that came his way and at the same time, Hannah protected him. Karina, Randy and Jack also fought bravely until they were able to conquer all.
“We are close. Run!” Jennifer commanded again. They finally got to the bridge that led to the burning fire but saw more hunters both on the bridge and at the base of the fire.
“We are to cross the bridge” Jennifer said.
“Are u kidding me?!” Frank exclaimed.
“Nobody is always kidding, Frank” Jack replied and was the first to run into the bridge killing the hunters while others joined him. Frank nearly fell down from the bridge but Karina froze him saying, “I gatch you!” She dragged him back.
“Wooh, thanks”
Just at the end of the bridge, Jennifer wanted to fly but a giant hunter hit her back, the seed fell off and landed in front of Frank. Meanwhile, Jennifer nearly fell down from the bridge but she held it’s wood.
“Frank, pick the seed and cast it into the fire!” she shouted.
“Really? Oh, Christ!”
“Just do it!”
“Wooh, alright, i can do this” Frank reluctantly picked the seed.

To be continued

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