The Invincible Hunters



(Unimaginable Seed)
The internal building was dark when Jennifer entered. She saw wooden chairs at every angle of the sittingroom. The windows were opened letting a gentle breeze in. At another angle was a black piano where an old woman was playing a gentle tone-that was Hannah’s grandmother. She had a grey hair on her head and a white garment on her body. As Jennifer watched and listened to what she played, she moved closer.
“What brought you here?” Hannah’s voice came from behind then Jennifer turned thereby losing concentration on the grandmother.
“I came to see you” she replied.
“You look scared of something” Hannah noticed. Without altering another word, Jennifer brought out the seed looking at Hannah to see her reaction.
“Wow!” Hannah approached closer in amazement. “Where did you get that?”
“I thought as a witch you are, you would know what it is” Jennifer
“I don’t know what it is” Hannah stretched her hand to collect the seed but it produced fire again so she withdrew her hand instantly. Just then, the grandmother stopped playing the piano coz as a
powerful witch, she felt what just
“One of my friends said is some kind of medallion” Jennifer told Hannah.
“You mean this thing gives life?”
“I don’t know, i don’t even know how it works. I found it in a forest and it doesn’t seem to let any other person touch it but me. I’m so confuse. I need answers to questions now!” Jennifer began to breath heavily. The house remained quiet until they heard footsteps from behind-that was Vena, the grandmother. The two girls turned to look at her as she surprisingly went closer to Jennifer and stretched her hand to
take the seed which produced fire again. But Vena soliloquized, rotated her fingers and squeezed them then the fire went off before she collected the seed. Jennifer couldn’t believe it!
“This is a seed of life” Vena began. “It’s power is unimaginable. Decades ago before you were born, both spirits that wanted to come back to life and other spiritually powerful human beings of different calibers fought for this seed but none got it” she handed the seed back to Jennifer. “I think history wants to repeat itself” she concluded.
“What do you mean by that?” Jennifer queried enthusiastically.
“The invincible hunters which are also invisible are back. They will never stop hunting you and the seed until you die and they will eventually take the seed”
Hearing that, Jennifer’s heartbeat
changed, she glanced at Hannah then looked at Vena again. “But why would they want to kill me?” she asked.
Vena smiled. “Why do u think no other person can handle the seed but u? That’s because you are the chosen one. It’s a prophecy and you have the supernatural powers to protect it”
“A prophecy? A supernatural power?” Jennifer wondered. “I’m not a witch! I don’t have any power, I’m just an ordinary girl that..”
“Sshh..” Vena interrupted her. “The
power is in you. The time has come for you to discover it. Ask your mother what happened the day you were born”
The room became as quiet as a grave yard.
“What if i choose not to protect the seed and return it to where i found it?” Jennifer broke the silence.
“It has already been prophesied. You have no choice my dear” Vena replied then Jennifer put back the seed in her bag. She hurried towards the door, clutched it open and went out. Hannah watched her through the window as she drove out then she turned to her grandmother.
“Granny, why must it be Jennifer instead of me?”
“Oh, dear, is that jealousy i see in your eyes?” Vena began. “You can’t bear the burden she bears now”
“Are you saying that Jennifer is more powerful than i am”
“Certainly, yes” Vena turned to her piano while Hannah became more jealous.
As Randy and Frank headed back home, so as Jennifer was on speed going home too. Her parents, especially her mother has questions to answer.
On the other hand, Jack sat quietly with Karina still reflecting on what happened to Jennifer before she left the house. Also Karina couldn’t get over on how Jack reacted before Jennifer.
“You have been so quiet since Jennifer left” Karina broke the silence.
“I have a feeling that she’s in trouble” Jack replied.
“Or do you have feelings for her too?”
“Why would u ask me that?”
“Cut the crab! I saw the way you looked at her!”
“I don’t have time for this, please” Jack stood up into the room while Karina followed him saying, “I know you don’t love me..”
Jennifer pulled over in front of their house and hurried in,side to see her parents still in the sittingroom. They sat together as husband and wife. They were shocked the way Jennifer bagged in,side.
“Jane, have u lost your manners!” the father shrieked.
“What happened the day i was born, mum?” Jennifer asked unabashedly then the parents looked at each other… 
To be continued… 
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