The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )
: Written_by_BRIGHT_DANIEL

Frank unabashedly stood before Jennifer saying, “What do you mean by this place doesn’t exist?”
“I meant exactly what i said” Jennifer began. “This place is no place, therefore the water you were about to drink is not in existence. We should all stick together and…”
“Wait” Frank interrupted her then looked at others in a way that shows: ARE YOU GUYS LISTENING TO HER? “Jane, you’ve deprived me of going back to the present, and now you want to also deprive me from drinking common water. Oh, your plan is to cage us here so that we would eventually die with you. Lies! You see that water, i must drink it” Frank walked back to the water, bent down to touch it but it seemed as if he was touching an ordinarily air which is impossible. “Are u kidding me?” he stood up. “It’s true the water is not water but.. but.. but..” he stammered. “I guess that’s why the fire wasn’t hot too. Though it was burning but was not as hot as it should be”
“I told u” Jennifer said.
“So this place is just an illusion” Hannah interfered.
“Yes, i urge u guys to be patience and wait” Jennifer concluded then sat down. Others glanced at one another and also sat down differently. Hannah walked to where Karina was sitting and said, “May i”
Randy and Jack were seen discussing what nobody could hear but from their posture one can deduce that Jack was trying to calm Randy down.
Hannah finally sat beside Karina and said, “I’m happy to have somebody like you. I mean my kind. I wonder why your mother said i should protect you. The funniest part is that she called you my younger sister”
I guess it’s because we are of the same kind-witches” Karina let out a smile.
“I guess so too”
They became quiet.
“What about your father?” Hannah broke the silence.
“I never knew him. My mum kept it from me but i have seen his picture. According to my mum, he was a Yelash”
“Yelash?” Hannah repeated surprisingly.
“What’s his name?”
“His name is…” Karina paused when she saw the seed coming out from the erupted Volcano. All stood up and turned to see it glowing in bright light.
“Thank goodness!” Frank exclaimed.
They all watched the seed until it came closer standing before Jennifer who stretched her hand and it landed on her palm.
“Lead us back to the present” she said then the seed expanded again shining a bright light.
Seeing that, Frank hurried forward saying, “I guess i shouldn’t be reminded that I’m always the first” he jumped into the light instantly followed by others until all found themselves in the present, at Yelash, at the exact spot they followed to the past then began to rejoice.
“Wooh, home, sweet home” Frank
rejoiced. Just then Mrs Lissy came out.
“Mum!” Karina ran to her and hugged her tightly while Hannah stared at them wishing it was her mother too. Of course Mrs Lissy noticed it, so she waved at her in a way that shows: COME ON, MY CHILD”
Hannah threw off her staff, ran to her, hugged her tightly and began to cry for it had been so long she experienced a motherly love. She couldn’t let go of her as her tears wet Mrs Lissy’s shoulder. Even Mrs Lissy was moved emotionally and she began to shed tears too. Everybody became surprise especially Karina who remained speechless.
“Is okay, my child” Mrs Lissy finally
disengaged her from her body. “Come with me, even u Karina” she said and the two girls followed her.
“Everyday is full of surprises” Frank began. “Who knows where they are going now?” he concluded rhetorically…
Back to the main city of Zumga, all the citizens began to come out from their hiding places without a single noise. They could see damaged buildings, cars, bones and dead people on the floor. They were expecting no other person but Remina and her friends.
Meanwhile, Mrs Lissy had taken Hannah and Karina to the former house of Hecza. Of course Hannah recognised it but wondered, not only how she knew the place but also why she brought them
“Do you know this place?” Mrs Lissy asked Hannah.
“Yes, we use to live here” she replied. Just then, Jennifer and others quietly came in standing at the door and listening to them.
“I have been here severally in the past few years” Mrs Lissy began in tears. “I can remember Hecza, your father, sitting with me on a couch which use to be here” she pointed at the position. “We loved each other regardless the fact that Jesse, your mother, was in the picture. One thing let to another, i got pregnant for him and decided to leave to avoid problems…”
Hannah and Karina started shedding tears after listening to Mrs Lissy’s explanations.
“You mean Karina here is my step-
sister?” Hannah asked pointing at Karina but looking at Mrs Lissy in tears.
“Yes, she is” she replied then
everywhere became quiet, so Hannah stared at Karina to see her lips vibrating and tears pouring down from her eyes.

To be continued

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