The Invincible Hunters


(Unimaginable Seed)

There was an expression of surprise on the faces of Jennifer’s parents after the unexpected question. Lana approached closer to her mother when she saw the
seriousness while Jennifer waited for an answer to the question.
“Jane, what has come over u?” the
mother asked.
“Mum, that’s not the answer to my question” Jennifer retorted. “What happened the day i was born? And do i have super powers?” she repeated.
Mr. Fenado, the father, provoked. “Who is feeding you with all this factitious informations?! If you must know, you are a normal girl. You don’t have any power”
“Yes, darling, you don’t have any
super powers” the mother added sincerely and stood up. “The truth is that something remarkable happened on the day you were born which your father and i have not figured out the meaning”
Jennifer slowly looked at her mother, “What happened?” she asked.
“The sky darkened with lightening and a thunder struck right in,side the labour-room. The nurses and doctors, even your father ran away. But after you came out from my womb without the doctor or anybody’s help, the sky brightened again” the mother replied.
“What does that signify?” Jennifer was still inquisitive.
“We don’t know, Jane” the father began. “We met several witches and wizards, even men of God for an interpretation of what happened, all told us that you are a special child. But definitely, you don’t have any super powers”
Silence took over as Mrs. Fenado
returned to her seat. Jennifer was more confuse looking at her parents and Lana who broke the silence saying, “Jane, u are scaring me”
“Don’t be scared, baby” the mother carried her instantly.
“So, how did you come about these questions?” Mr. Fenado asked Jennifer.
“Vena, Hannah’s grandmother, told me. She said I’m a product of a prophecy”
“What prophecy?”
“A prophecy of protecting this” Jennifer brought out the seed.
“My God!” the father stood up. “Where did u get this?” he tried to take it.
“Don’t touch it, Dad!” Jennifer exclaimed but Mr. Fenado went ahead to take it but the seed produced an unusual fire then
he fell back on his seat. Just then, the door opened and they began to see w-t footsteps coming closer. Seeing that, the parents, with Lana in Mrs. Fenado’s arms
ran behind Jennifer who dropped her bag and held the seed tightly. She quickly reached her cell phone in her pocket and typed a message to Jack.
“Who are you?! Show your face!” Jennifer shouted quivering in fear. Without hearing anything, she felt the seed leaving her palm and her body being dragged by unseen force, so she held the seed with her two hands pulling herself backward. “Leave me alone?!”
she shouted. Mr. Fenado wanted to retaliate but he found himself gum on the wall forcefully. The wife scre-med and ran in,side the room with Lana.
However, Jennifer had been battling with an unseen force. A strange wind began to blow thereby banging doors and windows. Suddenly, the invincible
hunters which were still invisible became visible because they cannot kill Jennifer or take the seed without being visible first. Jennifer saw the hunters attacking them and couldn’t believe her eyes; they were skeletons!!
in,side Jack’s room, Karina was still
lamenting on how he doesn’t love her. In the process, Jack’s cell phone bling, he opened the message sent to him by Jennifer and read thus: PLEASE, SAVE ME!
“Oh, shit!” Jack exclaimed.
“What’s it?” Karina asked.
“Jane is in trouble, she needs my help!” he opened a chest of drawer and took a small gun. “Stay right here!” he commanded Karina.
“No, I’m follow u!” Karina insisted.
One could see Jack and Karina in,side a car heading to Jennifer’s house. Jack had always wanted to be a corp and was working towards it hærdly.
On the other hand, the hunters had beaten Jennifer mercilessly but hadn’t laid their hands on the seed. Jennifer was seen beside her father on the wall with the hunters’ hands on their necks strangling them to death.
“You gonna die, the chosen one, if u don’t hand over the seed to us” the hunter said. Though he was just a skeleton but his mandible moved up and down as he spoke. He had no tongue but teeth. Jennifer wondered how they see coz they had no eyes too.
“Jane, give them the seed” Mr Fenado said under his breathe.
“No, Dad” Jennifer insisted then the hunters laughed.
Jack bagged in with Karina instantly. He pointed the gun at the hunters especially the one holding Jennifer. “Get your hands off her, d*ck!” he shouted. The
hunters turned leaving Jennifer and her father who fell on the floor to catch their breathe. Seeing that, Jack began to shoot them but the bullets bounced on their bones. They took the gun from him and jacked him up. Karina scre-med. Suddenly, the hunters fell down and broke into pieces-that  was Hannah with her power who came immediately.

To be continued…

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