The Invincible Hunters


THE INVINCIBLE HUNTERS episode 6 (Unimaginable Seed)

The invincible hunters who also appears to be invisible and sometimes visible suddenly crashed on the floor when Hannah arrived. She stood at the door in
her black attire with hands stretched forward. Everybody in the building stared at her. Jennifer and her father stood up from the ground instantly. As they looked at each other speechlessly, Mrs. Fenado came out from the room with Lana. When she saw the broken bones of the dead hunters on the floor, she scre-med and quickly embraced her husband.
Meanwhile, Hannah had stepped in,side without smiling after using her power as a witch to kill the hunters which Mr. Fenado hated a lot. He doesn’t like to see witches and wizards use their powers especially in his house. Therefore he said vividly, “No using of powers in my house!”
“But i just save all your asses” Hannah replied.
“I don’t care, i dislike it!”
“Okay, fine! I’m leaving!” Hannah wanted to step out but Jennifer called her back. She ran and embraced her warmly which got everybody surprised. Karina stood close to Jack watching the drama.
“Ann, please, don’t go” Jennifer
disengaged herself. “I’m very happy u came. Even you Jack and Karina” she looked at Jack which Karina monitored her eyes suspiciously.
“Jane, what have you brought upon yourself?” Mr Fenado asked stepping forward. “Where did you get that seed that nearly got us killed by.. by.. by..”
“They are called invincible hunters
according to Vena” Jennifer interrupted.
“That explains why my bullets couldn’t kill them” Jack said.
“Yes, and they are also invisible”
“My God, that’s why we couldn’t see them too at first” Mrs. Fenado gasped.
“What are you guys saying?!” the
husband provoked. “I demand to know where you got that thing in your hand, Jane!”
“I found in the forest during our
vacation, Dad” Jennifer replied.
“And you brought it into my house?! You gonna return that to wherever you found it!”
“I can’t, Dad” Jennifer refused.
“You must be out of your mind!” the father angrily wanted to take the seed from her but the fire in which the seed produced scared him away again and he fell on the floor…
Not only the hunters who wanted the seed, even other particular group of witches and wizards from the city of Zumga. They had
felt it’s presence, so they prepared to hunt for it too. They were very old witches and wizards who never wanted to grow old and die. That’s why they needed the seed to become young and immortals. They were found
at the fringes of the city in a building surrounded by bushes. Dead grasses could be seen on it’s roof and yellowish ray of light coming out from the windows. in,side the house were two watches and three wizards. All were covered with a black fabric sitting on a couch. Their fingernails were quite long.
“I can feel the seed” a witch said looking around the building.
“Yes, i guess the time of the prophecy has come. The seed of life is now under the care of a new bearer” another added.
“And we must get it from her and
possibly kill her!” a wizard said. Another wizard stood up with a smile, stared at the roof and laughed in a loud voice. “I have waited for so long for this day. I
shall never grow old and die again” he laughed.
Back to the resident of Mr. Fenado who stood up from the floor by the help of his daughter, Jennifer.
“Dad, are you okay?”
“I’m not okay! Go and return the seed!” the father shrieked. “And get your hands off me!” he pushed Jennifer away in a way Jack prevented her from falling
by holding her wa-ist.
“Honey, take it easy” Mrs. Fenado tried to calm her husband down.
“I’m not gonna take it easy!” he retorted.
“Stop acting like a jerk and face the reality!” Hannah began boldly and seriously then everywhere remained calmed. “The war has just begun. These hunters aren’t gonna stop until they see your daughter dead. Oh, do u think they want only the seed? They gonna kill her too coz that’s the only way they can lay hands on the seed. They are everywhere. I can feel it. Very soon Zumga city will experience their wrath, so the better you support your daughter, the better for you and i and the entire city” she walked out. Her
words didn’t only render Mr. Fenaado speechless but also got him woozy.
“I don’t know what this is all about but i feel danger coming” Jack looked at Mr. Fenado. “So sir, don’t be hærd on Jane. I may not be a wizard but i promise to protect her by any means. Be careful, Jane” he patted Jennifer’s
shoulder and walked out too followed by Karina. On their way home, Karina placed a hand on her cheek quietly.
“What’s your problem?” Jack asked her.
“Nothing, just take me home” she
However, Jennifer had started sheding tears in the presence of her parents. She was gradually being possessed by the seed, that’s why she couldn’t let go of it again. She held it tightly, walked into her room and locked the door.

To be continued…

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