The Invincible Hunters


(Unimaginable Seed)
Episode 8

How the seed came back to Jennifer’s bed was something Mr Fenado contemplated in the quietness that took over the room. The wife was also filled with amazement so she asked with a low voice, “I thought you said she returned the seed to the forest”
“Yes, she did, right before me!” the husband shrieked. “How it came back here is what i don’t know” he added and angrily walked out. He came back with a spade trying to hit the seed with it in order to break it into pieces, but Jennifer held the spade to prevent him from doing that.
“Get your hands off this spade!” Mr Fenado shouted at her.
“I’m not gonna allow you do this, Dad!” Jennifer insisted. Just then, Lana began to cry from the other room where she was sleeping. The mother rushed her leaving Jennifer and her father.
“I said leave this spade!” Mr Fenado was still shouting.
“Dad, please, i beg you don’t do this” tears began to engulf Jennifer’s eyes. The father pushed her away, raised the spade and hit the seed hærdly but the spade
broke into two. Mrs Fenado entered with Lana at that moment and to their greatest surprise, the seed began to float in the air and eventually met Jennifer who was standing at the window. She gently took it looking at her parents.
“I like that thing” Lana broke the silence smiling.
Mrs fenado looked at her husband, she placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “Honey, let her be”
Without saying a word, Mr Fenado left the room followed by his wife who wanted to drag Lana along but she refused saying, “I wonna stay with Jane”
“No, baby, let’s go” the mother insisted.
“No, i wonna stay with her!” Lana forcefully disengaged from her mother then ran to hug Jennifer who reciprocated with a hand. The mother stared at both of them then left the room too.
“Jane?” Lana called. “What is that thing in your hand?”
“I don’t know, Lana” Jennifer walked to the bed and sat on it’s edge while Lana stood before her.
“Jane, do you have superpowers?” Lana asked again.
“No, i wish i have one” Jennifer
Back to the police station, in,side Uncle Ben’s office, Jack stared at him waiting to see his reaction.
“You mean the seed has been found?” Uncle Ben asked enthusiastically.
“Yes, my friend has it” Jack replied.
“A girl, right?”
“Yes” Jack became surprise. “But how do you know it’s a girl?”
Uncle Ben stood up instantly from his seat. “The prophecy has been fulfilled” he soliloquized but Jack heard him.
“Yes” Uncle Ben quickly reached his office library. Jack watched him scatter books around until he brought out a particular one. He opened it on his table and put on the table lamp regardless the fact that there was an electricity. Jack went closer to him looking at the book too. Uncle Ben found a particular page and sentences he was looking for and said, “Look at it, a prophecy was made decades ago that there will be another war between the invincible hunters who also appear to be invisible with humans after the seed rest in the hands of a special powerful girl called Remina” Uncle Ben looked at Jack. “Who found the seed?” he asked.
“Woh woh woh..” Jack stepped backward. “Uncle I’m not gonna tell you. It’s a secret. Moreover, her name isn’t Remina but i can call her now to confirm” Jack brought out his phone and dialed Jennifer’s number. He put it on loud speaker.
“Hello, Jack”
“Hi, Jane, i wonna ask you something”
“Go on”
“Is your name Remina?”
“Yes, but only my grandmother use to call me that before she died. Any problem?”
Hearing that, Jack and Uncle Ben looked at each other then Uncle Ben whispered to him that he should ask Jennifer if her grandmother was a witch.
“Umm.. There is no problem. But was your grandmother a witch?” Jack asked.
“Yes, why are u asking me this?”
“I gonna call u later” Jack hung up the call. He could see Uncle Ben taking a deep breathe. “Now what?”
“We have been waiting for this day” Uncle Ben began. “Now that it has come, we must prepare for it”
“Prepare how?” Jack asked.
“Prepar for the war and also destroy the seed”
“Destroy the seed? Why? Remember the seed gives life”
“Yes, it does. But as long as the seed remains, Zumga city will be experiencing this war generation to generation and innocent souls will be killed!” Uncle Ben walked closer to Jack and looked into his
eyes. “Now, tell me, who is Jennifer?”
Jack knew that he shouldn’t give him the information so he ran out from the office followed by Uncle Ben who shouted, “Lock the exit and catch the boy!”
Instantly, Jack was caught. Two policemen held him and brought him to the commander.
“Jack, you gonna tell me what i need to know or this city will be in a very big mess in less than seven days” Uncle Ben said glaring at Jack.
“Let me go! Please, let me go!!” Jack kept shouting.
“Let him go” uncle Ben commanded as an after thought then the men released Jack and he ran out…

To be continued…

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