The Jailbird

THE JAILBIRD (Episode 49)

THE JAILBIRD ®18 SNVL (Episode 49) ©Aaron A.A 

Steve guns the powerful engine and speeds away like the devil is after him.
After some minutes he stops, gets out and walks to the back of the car.
He takes out a small phial from the in,side pocket of his coat, opens it, and then he pours a white powdery content from it unto the back of his left hand.
Steve sniffs the cocaine angrily, pours a bit more, and sniffs it again, inhaling deeply.
He gets behind the steering again, and as the cocaine works its magic through his veins he relaxes a bit, but his heart is still throbbing with hatred.
He scre-ms shrilly in,side the car.

Steve enters the noisy interior.
The heavy-metal rock sounds are blasting.
Excited revellers are gyrating violently on the dance floor.
The semi-nude women are lewdly dancing in their glass cylindrical booths.
He takes the private elevator to the top floor where Afful and the others are.
He is ushered into the private lounge. There are unclad women, soft music, dimmed lights and a lot of drugs here.
Steve grabs a bottle of scotch from an ice bucket. He pours some into a glass and drinks it neatly.
He walks through the deep seats until he reaches another door and throws it open.
There is a stage mounted at one end of the room, and it has a shiny pole in its middle.
Two Asian women are dancing around the pole in the most er*t*c pole-dancing routine Steve has ever seen.
Crankson and Afful are seated, watching the girls.
Steve drains his glass and pours another shot.
He goes round and stands in front of the two men.
Mike and Afful shout in disgust.

Get out of the way, Stevo! You’re blocking my view!
Steve does not budge.
He points a trembling finger at Afful.

When is this damn Operation Darlett coming off? I need Chris outta the way now!

Me too, bugger! Get me in the ring with that assh-le and I’ll kill him for ya!
Steve looks at Crankson.

He promised his son not to fight again, and so he will never fight you. However, the only way to get through him is through his son. You want Chris? Go and push his son around a bit!
Crankson suddenly goes still, and a crafty look comes into his eyes.

Wow, you’re sick man! Thought you love the kid’s mother? Anyway, brilliant idea. Why haven’t I thought of that? That little brat hangs around that restaurant with Chris most of the time. Should be easy to knock that boy down!

Keep your coats on, you assh-le. Darlett is coming out of prison on Monday. By next week Friday Chris Bawa will be back in jail or dead, Stevo!

If you don’t do Chris, I will, believe that!

You two do what you have to do! I want Chris Bawa out, you hear?
He pours more drink, and then notices a beautiful black woman in the far end of the room.

That’s Zeena from Zambia, old dog. She’s one hell of a feline tigress! Take her, if you’re man enough!

Ohhhhh yeeeeaaahhh!
He approaches the woman.
She smiles and purrs at him. She gets up to meet him.
Steve k-sses her hærd, violently, and then he grabs her arm and drags her to a door to one side of the private viewing room.
He opens the door as Zeena cries with pain, but he barely hears her.
There is a bed in the middle of the room.
Steve pushes her on top of the bed.
He reaches up, grabs her fur coat and rips it off.
She is unclad beneath, and her body is black and beautiful.
She is looking angrily at him.

Stop it now! I’m not ready yet! Take your time and stop behaving like a starved bull.

F-ck you! I don’t give a f-ck about you, bitch.
He rips off his coat and underwear, and then he jumps into the bed.

No, no, no, Mr. Man! I’m not ready! You can’t do this!
Steve slaps her, and she falls back with a little cry of pain.
He holds her knees and pries her legs apart.
She tries to close her legs on him again, and he punches her in the face.
She falls back, dazed, bleeding from a cut lip.
Steve whoops maniacally.

Yeah, yeah, bitch! See you bleed! Who’s boss now, huh? Who’s boss?
He holds her legs apart and falls between her thighs, thr-sting violently into her.
She scre-ms with pain, and then suddenly she gets her knees into his lower abdomen and then she kicks up and out.
Steve’s body sails off her, and he crashes into the wall beyond the bed.
He cries out in pain and surprise, and a second later she drags a heavy metallic ashtray from the bedside table and smashes it unto his head.
Steve gro-ns, dazed, and sl¡ps to the floor.
She kicks him in the belly, and he scre-ms.

She takes her fur coat and leaves the room.
Steve lies on the floor, gro-ning in pain, and cursing Chris Bawa.
Effe closes the back door of her car after making sure Junior is strapped in, and goes around to the driver’s seat.
School is over and she has come to pick up her son.
Normally either her Mom or Dad picked him up, and when Effe closes from work she passes through and takes Junior home.
Today, however, she has finished her court case early.
It had been a corporate case involving an insurance company that fraudulently took premiums and refused to pay claims.
Effe had represented one of the victims, a mother whose son suffered from cancer and needed surgery. It had dragged for almost a year, and at some point, in time Effe had feared she was going to lose the case.
The insurance company is powerful with the best-paid lawyers representing them, but finally the breakthrough came when Effe had a secret witness who had given her pertinent in-house doc-ments that proved the company had as its core policy, a first-time decline of all claims.
The jury had found the company guilty, and awarded a handsome case settlement fee. Effe had brought a giant to its knees.
It is a first!
No one had believed it possible! Aside the financial gain on the case, with her firm obtaining a third of the settlement, the case has brought with it great prestige and it has made her very happy.
It is all over the news, and natural inclination is to celebrate with the first man in her life… Junior, well and of course Chris.
Steve had called to congratulate her, but it hasn’t brought with it the great pleasure that bubbled in her br-ast when she received the WhatsApp message from Chris:
That brilliant lawyer is mine… Congrats, Angel. I love you. Always have, always will.
She had read it over and again, and it is engraved in her heart, and she knows that it is time to cross the bridge.
Yes, Chris had beaten up his uncle savagely.
Yes, Chris had raped Elaine.
Correct, Chris had been drunk, and high on drugs.
Yes, Chris had knocked down a girl and she had lost a leg.
True, Chris had not apologized to the girl.
Yes, Chris had punched out a police man’s eye.
Yes, Chris had been found with cocaine in his car!
He is not a perfect man. He has always been a bad boy, a traumatized boy ever since his older brother died in a fire.
Chris has served five years in jail, and ever since he came out he has been a different man.
And he is a man who has put all the badness behind him and is working for himself, and to keep his son happy.
He is a man who has lost it all, and who is on the road to redemption, and he is a man who needs love.
He loves her. And she loves him back.
She just needs his commitment, his promise, his love.
If he can give her that, then the time has come for them to live their love again.

Mommy, you seem really really really happy!
His words break her reveries, and she looks briefly at him in the back seat.

(smiling happily)
I’m really excited, my Prince. Say, how would you like us to pass through Daddy’s place?

Yappity yappity yipppeeee!!
They both laugh, and Effe breathes deeply.
There is an uneasy prayer in her heart:
Dear Lord, this time round, I beg of you, sustain this love between me and this man I love so much!

To be continued…

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