The King's Bride

The king’s bride episode 26


NOTE: now that they are two Mitchell, I will be calling the one that belonged to the real world as MITCHELINE and the king’s bride as MITCHELL.
this is for you not to get it twisted☺️☺️☺️

❤️THE ❤️
(A maid in the world 👗A queen in his world 👸)
☀️(When two people from two different world meet)🌕
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
Chapter 26✌️✌️✌️
I sat in the room. Waiting for the lady to come back from party

There were a lot of question I had to ask her,Why the hell is Luis here and why is he getting married to another girl when have been in a coma since all this while

I really must know what is happening,How could he gave married another girl.

I got up and began to limp to the door but I didn’t made it there because the lady walked in

“You shouldn’t be up yet,I told you that you are not well enough”She said

“But I have to check up on some thing,I have to see the king, To tell him that am still alive and that he ……. ”

“Just forget about the king for a while and go back to your bed”She said

“But I can’t, You just told me that he is getting married”I said

“And what does that have to do with you?”She asked

“Am the one he should be getting married to not to the girl with him”I said and she stopped what she was doing to stare at me

“What do you mean?”

“Tell me is the name of that king Luis grande?”I asked

“Which other king do we have if not Luis grande”She replied

“Then he is the one,The one am engaged to,The one am supposed to marry”

“Now that I think of it,The bride looks exactly like

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you,I even thought you were the one and almost got myself killed, Tell me what all this is about?”She said

“Am Mitchell,Mitchell Sanders and am the that is supposed to be married to the king,I don’t know who the imposter is or how she got to be the one

who married Luis but have got to make my family realise that am still alive, They would all be worried”I said

“Calm down and let’s think this through, If some one is pretending to be you and has gotten married to the king,Don’t you think he is the one that we should tell first,They are still at the Villa and if I managed to persuade him to come see you,Then every thing will be clear to him”She said

“Yes, Go ahead and bring him here”I said and immediately she left the house and for a while I wondered who the

imposter is.

Where could she have come from and why exactly did she have my face.

Poor Luis! He had been fooled and now he is married to some one who is not be,I just hope she manages to bring him to see me

But when she came back, It was with no one

“What happened?”I asked

” He has already gone back to the capital”She said sadly

“But why?”

“Seems like the liar knew what would happen,So she told him to leave with her”She replied

“Well she is wrong if she thinks I won’t go after them, we will be going to the capital and as soon as possible I will go and see every single one of my loved ones”I said

I woke up to find myself in a room, It seemed liked we were back at the palace

But the last thing I remembered doing was getting on the plane with Luis,How come I slept off like a log

Remembering what made me ask Luis to return to capital made me feel guilty

Why did Mitchell have to come back,Why can’t I just live peacefully with the man I love,I thought sadly

The door opened and Luis walked in with his arms loaded with food

“Hey sleepy head,I wonder when you would wake up “He said

I must

have slept for. A very long time right”I asked as he came to put the tray In front of me

“Yes,You had,I didn’t want to disturb you because you were sleeping like a baby”He said kissing my cheek

“We couldn’t have a proper wedding night because of that too!”He said

“Am sorry but I just felt so sad,i…….”

“You got me worried last night! What happened to you? “he asked and I thought about Mitchell

I can’t let him know that the real Mitchell is back,i have to think of a way to keep him to me even if Mitchell comes back

The only way I can think of is having his child,Yes by sleeping with him and having his child will surely stop Mitchell and every one else from keeping us apart

I love him and he loves me, so having a child wouldn’t be me being selfish

Pushing the tray apart,I moved towards him and pulled him to kiss me

“Hey I know am disappointed for not having a proper wedding night but I can wait”He said

“But I don’t want us to wait anymore,I love you and I want to make you more”i said and he kissed me

I feel bad for doing it this way but I have to, For my sake and for Luis sake.

Sorry am posting late

Its work that is stopping me from posting regularly

I promise to make it up with the new story ✌️ ✌️✌️

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