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The king’s bride episode 29


❤️THE ❤️
(A maid in her world 👗 A queen in his world 👸)
☀️(When two people from two different world meet)🌕
Written by Bella writes 🙃🙃🙃
CHAPTER 29✌️✌️✌️
“The person have been waiting for have finally shown up”She said coming to stand in front of me

I didn’t reply because I was still reeling from the shock of having to see my look alike and also the girl that I stole her identity

“Looking at her up close am really shock,She looks so much like you”A lady who had also been in my room said

“Just who the hell are you and why did you steal my identity”She said angrily

“I didn’t mean to steal your identity”I replied gently

“You didn’t? You didn’t? Just because you have the same face as mine doesn’t give you the right to take up my identity”She said angrily

“As have said,I didn’t mean to take up Your identity, Circvmstances made me do it”I said

“Like what? Like stealing the love of the man I want,Like being greedy for money and so you decide to live my life just take away my money and also the love of my family”She said

“Am sorry”I whispered,that was the only thing I could say to her after all every thing she accused me of was the truth.

“You are sorry! I can’t believe this”She said pushing me

” look miss we are not here to hear you ask for forgiveness,All we want from you is to leave” the lady said


“Yes leave! Today is my wedding,My wedding to Luis,It’s not your wedding”She said


“But what! Are you going to say that He loves you and for that

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reason you will stay”

“Luis loves me and if I stay,He will certainly stay with me but i don’t have any intention of staying”I said

“What did you say”She asked

“You heard me well enough,Am not staying,I knew that some day you will come and take your place and since that

day is today,I think it’s time I leave”I said

“Well she does have brain,She know that you will make it impossible for her to keep on living your life,So she is calling it quit”The lady said

“How can I believe that you will leave for sure,That you won’t plan some thing “She asked

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“I don’t intend on planning any thing,As have said you can take your place back,I will leave as quietly as I came”I said

“Then I will take your word for it, You should leave before the wedding,It’s my wedding and am going to be the bride standing beside Luis”She said

“It would have been that way if I had never shown up in your life”I said

“Well then you should start packing and get far away from here”She said snapping her fingers

“I will leave but that will be when every one is at the wedding,I can’t afford to let them see me”I said

“Fine then,While the wedding is taking place,You will leave”She said

Just then we heard foot steps and we all stared at each other

“Until the wedding I will keep on pretending to be her, You two have got to hide “I said and quickly they hid in the bathroom

By now the door was being knocked on furiously, forming a smile,I walked stiffly to the door and opened only for me to be embraced By Luis

“Why did you leave with out saying any thing,I thought you had left”He said holding me close

I held him back too,This will be the last time I will be seeing him,so I better make use of it

“I told you that I won’t leave right?” I said gently patting him

“I still feel doubtful, Am not going to leave your side until we are both standing on the altar”He said suddenly

“No Luis, Don’t be like this! You perfectly know that we can’t be together before the wedding and besides mom won’t approve of it”I said

“But I ……..”

“Shhhhh……have made it clear to you,I will be there okay,Trust me”I said

“Fine then,I will trust your word and you

must be there because I will be waiting for you”He said and kissed me before he left the room

I closed the door and leaned on it,I just lied to him,He will be waiting for me but I won’t be the one who will show up,It will be some one else,I thought crying

“So you really do love him”Mitchell said as she walked out of the bath room

“I do love him and I don’t want him to cause more harm,That is why am leaving”I said

“Then start packing your bags cause the longer you spend here the more I get so furious” She said

While I went into the room to pack the door opened and her mother walked in along with the hairstylist

“You are up already! Well it’s your d day and you need to get dressed”Her mother said.

“Mommy,mommy”i heard Mitchell say and then there was silence

I opened the door a little and saw her hugging her mother

“Hey are you getting sentimental because it’s your wedding”Her mother said to her

“I just miss you and am glad that I can see you once again”She said

I stood starring at the scene, She had really missed her parents and her life,If I hadn’t showed up,They would have searched for her and would found her.

She has a right to be angry,After all while she was suffering all alone,I was living her life and enjoying every thing that belonged to her.

“Why are you behaving like this,You saw me last night”Her mother said smiling down at her

“Well I missed you since that last night”She said and her mother hugged her again

“You cheeky little baby”She said and i watched the scene feeling envious.

I had also received her mother love,It’s time her real daughter receives it

Quickly I packed up while the stylist prepared Mitchell for the wedding.

When I was sure that she was alone,I went to meet her.

She was dressed in the wedding gown I had picked myself

I had hope of wearing it but I can’t now,I thought sadly

“You did one thing right! The wedding dress is perfect”She said twirling in it

“So are you ready!”She asked

Taking out my face cap and the little bag where I had put my things I replied with a yes

“So when the wedding start,You leave immediately”She said

“As have said I will leave and i won’t ever come back,You can be rest assured”I said.

“Good then,You have enjoyed it while it last,It’s time for the owner to take her place”She said and I nodded gently agreeing with her

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