The King's Pet

The king’s pet episode 7 – 9

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(she’s all💍you want)

Story By Eunice Nwodu

Episode seven

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I felt so guilty.
King Damon is gorgeous, dreamy and damn h-ot but…
He’s married!

Why am I so vulnerable?
I gave myself to him willingly.

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I wonder what he thinks of me now.
His s3x slave?
But he’s not forcing me.

I think am going insane.

Queen Gloria will surely kill me when she learns of what happened.

King Damon was standing before his mirror fixing his collar.

He’s such a simple gentle guy.
He doesn’t let any maid help him dress up or have himself surrounded by guards like he is being wanted or something.

Thinking about this made me feel so crazy over him.

Oh, in case you’re wondering where I am at the moment, am still on the b£d under the b£d cover hiding my nudity.
But come to think of it.
He’ve seen all.

He was done and turned to me looking more s*xy than ever.
Oh Zara,
I thought I was sick.

He walked to me.

“I noticed something tho…” He said smirking.

I stared at him with a curious expression.

“I think the s3x we had made you look like you aren’t sick at all” he jib£d and I gasped.


So naughty.

I hid my face with the b£dsheet and i heard him chuckle.

“Am going Zara, can I get a goodbye k-ss?” I heard him ask.

*Yes!* my subconscious mind cried eagerly but I couldn’t move.
Am so shy.
This is not happening.

I heard him take his phones and leave the room.
Was he angry I didn’t k-ss him? Or was he just running late?

I got of the b£d and ran to the bathroom.

I don’t even know which button to press.
I’ve never used such sumptuous bathroom before.

I looked around for a manual but didn’t see one.

I walked back into the big spacious room and looked for my clothes.

I wore them before fixing the b£d.
I put away some other stuff before leaving the room.

🍒many hours later🍒

It was getting dark and king Damon wasn’t back yet.

I cooked for him just the way he would like it. Everything was set and all I had to do was wait for him to come home.

Mary stepped into the h-uge kitchen and was suprised to see me.

I could tell the look of shock on her face.

“Za…Zara, how are you feeling?” She asked watching me carefully.

“Am getting better” I replied perfunctorily.

She smiled broadly but I could tell she was faking it.

“If you took the energy drink, you would have been perfectly well by now” she said and I arched my brows.

“How did you know I didn’t take the drink? How can an ordinary energy drink relief me from fever?” I asked getting quite suspicious.

She rolled her eyes and chuckled.

“Am just being speculate” she said and left the kitchen slowly.

What changes was she expecting to see in my body if I had taken the energy drink?

I don’t even know where I dropped it.

I heard the sound of different cars ignition. They were driving in.

King Damon is back!!!

I was so happy so I rushed out to meet him.

The door of the living room burst open and he stormed in.

I came to a deadstop seeing the most vicious angry face I’ve never seen before in my life.

King Damon’s eyes were red and he was more like an angry vampire. Just speaking from the way his eyes was, bloodsh-ot and scary to behold.
He looked like he would tear the wh0le house down in split second.

He looked away from me and stormed upstairs.
I heard his door close making a loud throbbing sound.

My heart was racing.
Why’s he so mad? What happened out there?

The way he looked made me feel uneasy.
I have to calm him down.

I gathered some courage and went upstairs.
Barely getting to his door, I heard shattering sounds.

Oh geez,

I wanted to run cause the situation seemed more than I could handle.
But I really couldn’t walk away though I tried to.

I went to his door and tried to open it.

I took a deep breath.

“Your highness. Please stop breaking stuff. Open the door let’s talk” I blurted.

He continued with his destruction and I heard louder noises of things crashing.
I’m ready for the worst.
Once he opens the door, am running for my life.

“King Damon please…
Don’t do what you might regret later.
Please open the door” I said towards the door so he could hear

“F–k off Zara!! Don’t talk like you know me more than I know myself!” He half yelled.

He’s quite angry.

“Please, just open the…” I couldn’t complete my statement and the door opened.

King Damon was shirtless and in a rough look.
He stared at me probably waiting to hear what I have to say.

“King Damon, are you okay?” I shrieked.

He ignored me and went to his b£d.
He sat on it.

I came into his room fully seeing the mess he made. i ran downstairs and got some equipments. I used them to clean Damon’s room.
Luckily he wasn’t injured.

I brought the tray of food for him and dropped it beside him.
“I lost my appetite” he muttered looking away.

“I know but just one spoon” I said.

He shook his head.

“Please Your highness” I begged taking the scoop to his l-ips.

He opened up and ate it.
I convinced him to eat some more and we both finished the meal.

“Get ready Zara, am taking you out tomorrow” he said softly before going into the bathroom.



[she’s all❄you want] written by Eunice Nwodu💙

Episode Eight🍷

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I thought I heard wrong…
It can’t be.

King Damon is married.
What will queen Gloria think of me when she returns from her trip?

She’ll make me an enemy and I don’t think I would want that.

I pulled my blanket up to cover my body properly..
Am feeling kind of better.
The fever is not so much now.

King Damon has refused to tell me what made him so angry earlier .
I don’t want him to get mad again so I waved it off my thoughts.

Tomorrow is gonna be my first date ever –
And it’ll be with king Damon!

“Mary, please switch off your lamp, it’s too bright” I heard Stacy, one if the maids in the room said.

Mary rolled her eyes.
“Deal with it or you leave the room” she replied rudely.

I shook my head feeling quite sleepy.
I shut my eyes drifting to sleep.

🍒Mary’s pov🍒
I was awake watching Zara sleep at the other side of the room.

Why’s she always the chos£n one?

It can be other girls, why does it have to be Zara? The girl I hate the most and loathes.

My hate for her grew when she became the new maid at the palace.
I hated her cause she replaced me.
I used to be the young one, the most s*xiest of all maids.

I wish I can go over there and strangle the life out of her!

I just have to control myself for the meantime while I cook up a plan.
I need to act before she gets intimate with the king cause with the way am seeing it, he’s falling for her.

🍒 Queen Gloria’s pov🍒



“You’re stretching me out!!”

I scre-med as the guy dealt with me mercilessly.
He’s so h-uge and long!
I don’t know if King Damon is up to his length cause I’ve never seen him nude.

I held onto the b£dsheet.

“Ouch!” I rapsed.

He continued pounding into me like I was some toy.
I was sweating all over my face and everything seemed blur.

He lifted my a•s and did good to it.

Oh my!
He’s so better than my last lover.

I hired Tucker earlier this evening and he doesn’t even want to know how I want it, the styles and heat..
He just grabb£d me and tore my dress.

I hit climax and he pulled out of me before he released his seeds.

I dropped on the b£d with my eyes welled up.
Wow, am crying cause of him.

He didn’t say a word as he took his clothes and wore them.
I relaxed on my b£d,
I was planning on going home tomorrow but no, I’ll need some more of this guy.

⏰Next day⏰
🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I was walking to my room when I felt a h-rd grip by my wrist.
The person pulled me to a secluded area.

I looked up.

He is one of king Damon’s drivers,
What does he want from me?

“Hey beautiful” he said giving me a look I couldn’t explain.

“Good morning sir” I said Feeling uneasy.

“Morning. How was your night?” He asked smirking.

“Am sorry Miles but I have things to do” I said trying to leave.

“I want you Zara and you know it” he said making me stop.

How could he be so straightforward?

“Stay away from me” I said and Tried walking out on him.

He stopped me and pinned me to the wall.

“Playing h-rd to get, huh?” He asked his breath hovering around my face.
He slid his left hand on my butt and squ-eesed it.
I pushed him off and landed a slap on his cheek.
He touched the spot and gro-ned while I ran off.

Now I don’t feel safe.

He wants me?
In what way?
No way.
My life is already complicated.
I don’t want more problems!

I got to my room and saw a big red box on my b£d.
There was a blue ribbon on it.
I rushed to it and opened it.

A dress!!!

I lifted it up.
Oh my God!
I saw a note beside it.


I covered my mouth with my two hands staring at the breathtaking sparkling dress on the b£d.


I smiled inwardly.
I really can’t wait for the date.


[she’s all🍟you want]

Story By Eunice Nwodu

Episode nine

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I was on my b£d staring at the clock tick.
Just few minutes left for the time of the date.
It was finally 5pm.

I fixed my hair and wore some jewelries.
I left the room and went out of the mansion where my ride was waiting.

The door was opened and I entered.
The driver took off.
I admit I feel nervous and anxiety was eating me alive.
I didn’t know how to use cutleries but am going to try my best.
I have to impress king Damon.

The car stopped infront of a gold painted five star h-otel and the cold night aura welcomed me. The wh0le place looked so sumptuous and I wonder how the inside would turn out.

I was busy admiring the place and didn’t notice the driver step down from his side and come to the back seat. He opened the door for me and helped me stand on my flat shoes.

There was so much guards standing before the building.
King Damon’s set of Benz car was parked at a spot.
I walked inside the h-otel and freaked out seeing the wh0le place empty and only a waiter was close by.

She approached me and helped me with the purse I was holding.

“I’ll take you to him” she said sweetly and walked before me.
We arrived at the dinning hall.
I gasped as I saw the beautiful glittering hall.
There was a h-uge chandelier lighting up at the ceiling. It was too bright I couldn’t look any further.

I looked at the table where king Damon sat operating his phone.
The waitress behind me smiled softly at me before leaving.

Damon noticed my pres£nce and dropped his phone.
He stood up and went behind the next seat ushering me to join him.

I dragged my feet to where he was and sat on my seat. He sat on his and uncovered our plates.

“can you briefly tell me about yourself?” He asked.

I nodded.
“Am Zara Clinton. 23 years old. I grew up with my mom. I wasn’t able to complete my studies” I said feeling uneasy.

He smiled wryly as he took a glass filled with red wine and drank from it – just a sip.

“Do you know how to drive?” He asked and I didn’t know when my eyes snapped at him.


“I don’t” I replied finding the question funny.

He urged me to bring my hand close.
I slowly lifted my right hand and stretched it to him on the table.
He dropped something on it.
I quickly took a look.
A car key!

“King Damon!!!” I yelled in shock.

“Don’t scre-m my ears off” he chuckled.

I could swear I nearly cried.
He bought me a car!
He’s bl-wing my mind right now…

He loos£ned up a bit and we started talking in a more friendlier tone.

Two hours later🍒💋

Damon didn’t even wait for me to drop my purse…
He attacked me k-ssing me hungrily.

He carried me up and in a split second, he pulled off my dress.
He dropped me on the b£d and unhooked ny b-ra in a jiffy.

He didn’t let me do a thing,.
His k-ss trapped my mouth not giving me access to protest.

He starts to k-ss me on my neck.

“King Damon…you’re married!” I muttered when I had the chance.

He didn’t say anything as he s-cked on my n**ple. I couldn’t help but mo-n.
I felt him rub his d*ck at the entrance of my v. He pulled in and starts to ride me, this time better than the last. Am so t¡ght but already w€t down there.

He went on for some minutes and we both hit climax. He pulled out and laid beside me.
I enjoyed every bit of it but I can’t help but admit the fact that he’s married.
I don’t think am going to make heaven.
But he bought me a car.
Does it mean am not just a s3x partner to him?

I tried to reach for my clothes but he stopped me pulling me back To lie beside him.
He k-ssed my hair and k-ssed me on my l-ips.
I laid my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

“Am married but it doesn’t mean anything. Once the b**ch is back, am filing a divorce” he said and my heart skipped.

Am a marriage breaker

“Zara, I love you” he said.

“I love you too Damon” I muttered.


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