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The kings’s pet episode 28 – 29



(she’s all💟you want)

Story By Eunice Nwodu

Episode Twenty Eight.

🍒Queen Zara’s pov🍒
Damon couldn’t stop laughing and I had to hit him playfully and he chuckled…

“Am sorry love, this got me amused” he said and put his arms in his pockets.

“Mom, what should we do? It’s taking so long” Kris said and I laughed.

“How do you expect it to get filled when the drain is not plugged in to avoid the water from draining off?” I asked and reached into the bathtub.

I took the drain and plugged it in the whole.

I stood up on my feet and Kris came close to see what I had just done.

“Now it’s working! You’re going to be a good plumber mom” he remarked and I flinched.


Damon burst out laughing all over again.

“Damon…” I groaned and he stopped laughing.

“Kris, you’re mom is a queen not a plumber. You got that?” He said and Kris just stared at him.

“Can’t mom be a queen and a plumber?
I mean, She fixed the bathtub problem. She’s good” he said and Kara giggled.

I bent and turned off the running water.

Luckily, the nanny walked in with a smile.

“Ma’am Matilda. Are you strong enough to handle them?” I asked quite suprised.

“Yes your highness. I took some drugs and the headache cleared” she said with a big smile and the wrinkles on her face surfaced.

Well she’s an old woman but strong.

She’s very trustworthy and has been taking care of Kara and Kris for a while now.

I was relieved.

She took Kara from my arms and I went to Damon.

“Thank goodness. Give Kara a bath and prep them for dinner” I ordered and she nodded cheerfully.

Damon took my arm as we left the bathroom.


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you later mom!” Kris yelled after us.

I rolled my eyes.

“That little devil thinks am a good plumber, huh?” I muttered and Damon smiled.

“That’s a good title sweetheart.
You’re a mom, queen, wife and plumber” he said and I chuckled.

“And your late night mate” I whispered and he chuckled.


that too…and the love of my life” he jibed.


He led me to our bedroom and made me seat on the bed.

He planted a kiss on my lips and sucked roughly.
He pulled away and began taking off his shirt.

“Damon…Am not ready for this” I stressed out and he sighed.

“You’re such a kill joy Zara” he grouse and sat on the bed beside me.

“There’s something you should know Damon” I muttered.

“What’s that?”

“I…I don’t want to have more kids” I revealed biting my lower lip.

“That’s absurd! Are you trying to fight fate?” He asked taking off his shirt completely.


been thinking Damon…I want us to go easy on s3x for a while”.

“What are you saying? I’ve been traveling since this month. You can I haven’t even touched you in weeks. You’re killing me Zara” he said and removed his belt.

Next, he pulled down his pants.


He crashed his lips on mine and kissed me fast with our lips smooching.
His hands went to my waist and he caressed it.

In a second, I found myself on the bed with Damon on top of me – practically inbetween my legs-.

He helped me pull of my dress before burying his head on one of my ni*ple sucking like there was no tomorrow.

Damon was right, it has been damn long.

I realized I was damn w€t down there.
He pulled away from my b*obs and adjusted himself to bring out his beast.

It was damn hard.
He raised my legs to my face so my v could face him.
He pulled into me and began riding me fast and deep.

I m0aned in deep ecstasy.
He was so fast and hit my pleasure walls.

After some minutes, I felt my orgasm building up.
I m0aned louder but stopped when he pulled out of me and got off the bed.

I know what that means.
I got off the bed and held onto the bedsheets.

He pulled in and continued to torture my as~. I groaned feeling what seemed to be more than pleasure.


I laid on the bed next to Damon panting softly.
His phone beeped and I guess a message just popped in.

He reached for it and glanced at it but quickly set it down.

“Who’s that?” I asked.


a text from one of the…Dukes in Hawaii” he replied.

“Why’s he texting you?” I asked utterly curious and confused but Damon kept mute.

I looked up at his face.
Ohh, he’s sleeping already.

I adjusted on his body and slept off.


(she’s all💛you want)

Story By Eunice Nwodu

Episode Twenty Nine

🍒Queen Zara’s pov🍒

I woke up and stretched myself. I glanced at the bed..

Where’s Damon?

I heard a voice coming from the bathroom. I got up and headed for the door. I leaned close to it eavesdropping on Damon’s conversation with whomever he was speaking with on the phone.

“…round them all up. I don’t want a single on of those blood suckers left out…yeah, good. And don’t call me again. I’ll find a way to come there today. Have I made myself clear?…” I heard Damon whisper.

Why is he whispering?

The door opened and I stepped away from the door so he doesn’t bump into me.

“Zara?!” He called a bit more suprised.

“Hey. Good morning” I jibed going into the bathroom.

I opened the toilet seat and pulled up my dress before seating on it.
I felt more relieved after urinating.

I fixed my undie and walked into the room.

Damon was on the bed operating his laptop.

“Who were you talking to?” I asked him keenly and eager to unravel the mystery.

“One of my employee..”

“Oh screw that Damon! Who were they rounding up? Did you kill someone?!” I asked with a crumpled look.

“So you were eavesdropping… Not cool queen Zara” He said with a grin.
“What should we get you for mother’s day?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t change the topic mister. What’s the call about?” I asked.

“Its private. Nothing that should concern you” he replied coldly and shut his laptop.


“Since when did you start keeping secrets from me? Aren’t I trustworthy anymore?” I asked with so much anger.

“Its not that. I just don’t want you to be part of this” he said and walked to me.

He placed a kiss on my forehead and left the room.

What’s he hiding??

I felt so insecure and ready to think anything.

Could it be he’s cheating on me? Is he planning to run away and abandon the kids and I?

I shrieked.

Anxiety was eating me up.

What’s he up to?

“Damon…” I called and left the room in search of him.


Breakfast wasn’t much of a noise as I was so angry with Damon.

He say at the far end of the long dinning table and I glared at him.

He chuckled and would wink at me but I kept a straight face.

Well, Kara and Kris were obviously making the dinning lively.

I fed Kara while Kris ate kn his own.

“Mom, do you know Armstrong from Royal high? That dude’s dad has like three wives which means Armstrong has three moms and their kingdom has three queens. Crazy right?” Kris said and chuckled.

I smiled.

Kris just said something that has to do with what am thinking right now.
If Damon brings just one more woman to become his second wife, I’ll kill him for sure.

Only God knows the terrible things I’ll do to him if he dare messes with another lady.

He’ll regret ever meeting me…ever!

“Boogie…du..” Kara said gibberish pointing at Kris.

I smiled.
Baby language.

“Mom, guess what? I was able to unlock yutani in subway surf. That’s great, right?” Kris asked.

“Yeah…you sure did. That’s great Kris” I said distracted.

I gestured for the nanny to come forward and she did.
I handed her Kara.

“help me feed her” I said and left the dinning.

I rushed for my room and fell on the bed.

My heart was still bleeding from curiosity.
Am going to follow him out when he’s going to meet the so called person.


He walked into the room later and I shut my eyes. I could feel what he was doing. The motion he was taking.

He took his car keys and left the room.

I quickly got up and took my own car keys…
I tip toed after him.


He got to a building and stopped parking infront of it. I parked my car across the street and got down.

“Queen Zara…your highness” I heard a begger close by call.

I smiled and gave him my purse which was filled with enough cash.

“You’re too kind ma’am. Thank you” the begger exclaimed.

I smiled warmly at her and crossed the street.
I went into the building and followed the stairs following the powerful stench of Damon’s million dollar worth perfume.

I walked into a room and gasped.

There were men blindfolded and tied on the floor.
The one infront…
He’s dark hair.

Isn’t he… My father?

“Zara” I heard and swiftly turned startled.

Damon was standing before me.

“Why…why do you have my father??” I was able to ask.


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