The Korean god episode 3

💕 The Korean god 💕


Chapter 3 🌻 🌻

Jennifer Owens

~ Kim ~


Time seemed to have stopped as I stared at him.

He stood in front of me, his head bowed down but I could feel his stare.

My heart pounded hard in my chest as I stared at him.

“Lee Min ah ” a girl called and walked up to him.

“let’s go get more over there ” she said and linked her hands with his.

She smiled and dragged him away.

I turned and stared at them as they left.

Why does he like hiding his face?

The other day at school, he still wore a sweat pant that has a cap on it and now it’s still the same thing.

Why’s he hiding his beautiful face.

I turned back to the direction the old woman I had helped earlier went when I heard her screaming ” my child ” with her cracking old voice.

Aiish! I smiled and ran over to her.

I helped her board the bus and I waved at her as the bus drove off.

I went back to the same spot where I was staring at that angel and scanned everywhere for him but didn’t find him.

I sighed sadly and sluggishly went into my mom’s resto.

I went over to a seat close to the window and plumped down on it.

Who’s this new angel in town?

I can’t seem to get my mind off him.

“Ta-da!” I heard and flinched.

I heaved a sigh of relief and giggled softly when I saw Hae Ra.

She sat opposite me and arched her brows.

“tell me, what’s it ” she asked and I sucked in a long breath.

“I saw him again” I said and look of confusion played on her face for a moment before it dawned on her.

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“Mr angel ?” she asked and I nodded.

“Boh! ” she exclaimed and I booked my eyes rapidly.

“where ” she asked.

“outside but I didn’t get the chance to even say hi ” I said sadly.

“you didn’t get a chance to say hi or you just stood, staring at him like you were paralyzed ” she asked and I arched an eyebrow.

“Sae Ron, I know you too well ” she said and I rolled my eyes.

“Shua! (fine!) ” she said and leaned back on her chair cause she leaned over to me before.

Hae Ra helped us do some things which I was more than grateful for cause I’ve got a lazy butt.

Mom closed shop and we both boarded the bus home.

I sluggishly went up to my room with the little strength I have left.

I plumped down on my bed and let out a long sigh.

I yawned and I closed my eyes.

My eyes snapped open cause I was falling asleep and I needed to tidy up.

I sprung up on my butt and stripped off my clothes.

I went to the bathroom and walked into the shower.

I turned it on and let the cold water run down my body.

After freshening up, I took the towel and wrapped it over my body.

I dried my body and hair and went over to my closet to get myself my pyjamas.

I put it on and went downstairs.

“right in time for dinner ” she said as I walked to the dining table.

I sat down and watched as mom served the left overs she brought from the resto.

She sat down and we both ate.

After eating, I cleared the table and went up to my room.

I fell down on my bed and immediately slept off.

I woke up the next day to my stupid alarm buzzing loudly in the room.

I cussed and kicked the alarm from the table and it landed on the floor.

I regretted what I did cause I don’t have money to get a new one so I looked to the ground where it had fall and thanked my stars that it didn’t break.

I heaved a sigh of relief and picked it up.

I gently placed it back on the table and got up to go freshen up.

After freshening up, I dressed up in haste and ran downstairs.

“Kim!!” my mom yelled at the top of her lungs and I came to an halt.

“shua! ” I said and slowly went to carry my bicycle.

I carried slowly outside and got on it.

I let out a sigh and rode off to the shop where I get cheap milks to deliver.

The shop is a new shoes so you’re doing promo and it’s is my chance to get milks at low price and sell them expensive.

After getting the ones I need, I carried the box and put it in the box space in the front of the bicycle.

I rode off and headed for deliveries.

After delivering to all of them, it was left with Mrs Jones.

Gosh! That woman is insane.

I arrived at her house and got down from the bicycle.

I wanted to knock but a force stopped my hand and I heaved a sigh of relief.

She would chop off my head this time if I dare knock on the door.

I rang the door bell and waited for her to open up.

My heart pounded in my chest as I waited cause I don’t know how I’d persuade her to take this milk.

This isn’t the milk I used to deliver but this one is cheap though I still sell it the same price as the other which is expensive.

I closed an eye and inspected as the door flew open.

I opened my other eye when a boy instead of Mrs Jones stood in front of me.

I blinked rapidly as I checked him out.

Neat blonde hair, green eyes that looked like it want to poke out, a pointed nose and small pink lips.

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“yes?” he said and I blinked again.

“I.. I.. Your.. Milk ” I stuttered and I closed my eyes to avoid meeting his cause I was embarrassed.

“oh you deliver the milk ” he asked and I nodded.

I handed him the milk and he inspected it.

“but grandma said I shouldn’t take this ” he said and I smiled shyly.

“but don’t worry, I won’t tell ” he said and chuckled to himself.

“here ” he said and handed me my money.

I didn’t bother counting it, I just put it in my pocket.

I was still checking him out when it dawned on me that I still have school to go.

I turned and ran to my bicycle.

“hey ” I heard him say but I didn’t give him any attention.

“hey wait up ” he said as I rode off.

I arrived home and ran up to my room.

Mom wasn’t in the sitting room and I don’t think she’s in her room either which means she’s gone to shop and that means I’m super late for school.

I put on my uniform and scurried down the stairs.

I too the milk that was covered on the table and gulped it down.

I’ll just eat breakfast a lunch in school.

I ran out, closed the door and kept the key inside my bag pack.

I got on my bicycle and rode off as fast as the bicycle could go.

I arrived at school and parked my bicycle in the cycle park.

I ran into the school and headed to my class.

Just as I took a step into my class, I slid and fell down causing the while class to burst out laughing.

“Sae Ron ah” Hae Ra and Kang said at once and ran to me.

They helped me up and Kang carried my bag pack while Hae Ra led me to my seat.

The students were still giggling but I’m used to their mockery.

I’m the queen of clumsiness so I shouldn’t get hurt by their mockery.

Soon, Mrs Smith walked in and there was total silence in the class.

She dropped her text books on the table with a loud thud and Hae Ra and I looked at each other then rolled our eyes.

Has there ever been a day she gently dropped her test books on the table?

She started the boring history and I as usual, just stared as if focused but wasn’t even listening to her.

Someone walked into the class, dressed in our uniform with a sweat pant that has a cap covering half of his face.

I got a weird feeling and my heart started beating fast.

Is he my angel?

He tied a band over his nose and even his eyes couldn’t be seen.

“hey ” Mrs Smith said as he tired coming to take a seat and he stopped.

“who are you ” she asked and he just bowed his head.

Everyone’s gaze was on him as we waited for his reply.

“Lee Min Ho ” he said and everyone gasped.

His voice alone seemed to clocked something in me and my heart pounded hard in my chest.

His voice seemed intimidating and I think the while class felt it too, even Mrs Smith.

She nodded not and signaled him to go have a seat.

There was an empty seat beside me and my heart skipped at the thought of him sitting beside me.

He walked towards and just when he was beside me, he glanced at me and my breath seized when I saw fire in his eyes instead of eye balls.

What is he?



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Jennifer Owens.