The Korean god episode 5

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Chapter 5 🌻

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~ Kim ~

As her hands were still wrapped tight around me, I wrapped my legs around her so she wouldn’t throw me.
I wrapped my hands around her neck too and she started to spin me around.
“Omma ” I cried softly.
Anyway, I’m not letting her go too. We’re gonna fall together.
“Kim let me go ” she said and I shook my head.

“Yah! Let her go ” Sofia yelled and I held Rein tighter.
She started spinning around and the whole student started shouting.
We’re both gonna die today.
Kang and Hae Ra ran to me and tried getting me outta Rein’s hold.
“let her go bitch” Hae Ra said as they helped me get down.
I squatted and placed my hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath.
It wasn’t enough so I sat down on the floor and they started laughing.
My eyes were spinning in my sockets as I tried calming down my breath.
I looked up and saw my angel staring but he quickly glared and turned away.
Boh?! My angel just glared at me?
Ah? See what those stupid Star have caused.

Now my angel thinks I’m a weakling.
“noor! (you!) ” Rein yelled breathlessly.
“what’s happening here ” we heard Mrs Smith’s voice and we froze.
“it’s Rein and Kim fighting ” Lexi the school parrot blurted out.
She quickly covered her mouth with her hand when Rein and I gave her a look.
“follow me ” Mrs Smith said and I laid flat on the floor.
Aigoo! What have I gotten myself into?
I got up and we both followed Mrs Smith to a class room.
Not really a class room, the dance room but it was empty.
Mrs Smith signalled the remaining “Sta”, Kang and Hae Ra to leave while we went in.

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She closed the door and turned to us.
“now you both are gonna hold your ears, squat down and up.
She said and my mouth fell open.
Boh! The fuck she didn’t even see us fighting.
Rein and I glanced at each other but she glared and looked away.
“start! ” Mrs Smith commanded and we held our ears and started squatting up and down.
She sat down and watched us as we did it.

An hour passed and my legs were starting to shake real bad.
My legs hurt and I felt like crying but I held on.
Rein doesn’t seem bothered at all and any time our eyes met, she smirked.
Is she an iron or what?
Omma! Come and help your daughter.
“Stop!” Mrs Smith said and I didn’t waste any time in slumping to the ground breathlessly.
“you’re lucky I didn’t give you both detention, you can leave now ” she said and Rein got up.
Then what the Fuck is this called?
Rein smirked breathlessly and slowly walked out.
Mrs Smith followed, leaving me to myself.
I laid flat on the floor, eyes closed as my breath came out as pants.
“Kim ” I heard and Kang and Hae Ra ran to me.
“kinshana? (you alright?) ” Kang asked but I didn’t even reply.
I had to catch my breath so I just focused on breathing.
After some mins, Kang and Hae Ra helped me up and slowly, I leaped out.
I wanted to ride my bicycle home but I knew I couldn’t move my legs so Hae Ra decided to ride it home while I boarded the bus.

I arrived home and slowly alighted from the bus.
I knew I was very late and mom is close to coming home from the resto.
She must be very worried about me and I don’t even have a phone.
I need to save up and get a phone.
I opened the door and went in.
I tripped and fell on my face.
“Aigoo! ” I cried softly.
I struggled up and went to my room.
I freshened up and laid on my bed without going downstairs to eat.
I’m not hungry, this punishment satisfied my hunger.
I got under the duvet and before I knew it, I slept off.

~ Lee ~

I sat on my bed, remembering what happened at school.
That girl, that skinny girl.
She knows she’s skinny but she wanted to fight.
How funny of her cause I knew if that girl had thrown her, she’d have died or broken her bones.
I can’t get the way she looked at me out of my mind.
Before she ran to fight, the look she gave me was that of…… I can’t even explain.

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It was like she wanted to prove something to me and when she sat down on the floor and caught me looking at her, the look she gave me was so cute with those pretty eyes of hers.
I sighed and laid on my bed.
I already had dinner with Lisa so it’s left for me to sleep.
I closed my eyes, waiting for sleep to envelope me.


~ Kim ~

I felt soft hand on my hair and I slowly opened an eye.
I sighed and closed it back when I saw it was mom.
“Omma” I called softly, trying very hard not to let the tears pour when I remembered what happened yesterday.
“Kim, what happened to you? First you didn’t come back home early and when I finally left shop and came home, you were asleep without eating dinner. I tried waking you up but you didn’t want to so I let you sleep. And now this morning, you didn’t even wake up early to go deliver milk, what’s wrong honey ” mom asked as she caressed my hair.
“omma, nothing’s wrong, I was just tired yesterday and decided to rest. I wasn’t hungry and that was why I didn’t eat dinner and I came back home yesterday cause I kinda got a detention in school ” I said looking into her brown eyes.
“Aiigoo! Kinshana? ” she asked and I nodded.

“I’m alright mom ” I told her with a smile.
“aren’t you going out? so go ” I said cause she was dressed.
“yeah but I don’t feel like going again cause…. ”
“omma ” I cut her short.
“chincha kinshana (I’m really alright) ” I told her.
“you can go out, I’m fine so don’t act like I’m sick ” I said and rolled my eyes dramatically and she chuckled.
“arasto ” she said with a smile.
She kissed my forehead and walked out.
I sighed and covered myself with the blanket to continue my sleep.
No school for me today cause my legs still hurt.
I closed my eyes and continued from where I stopped.

~ Lee ~

I kept staring at the empty seat beside me.
I wonder why she didn’t come to school today.
Is she sick? Did anything happen yesterday after I left?
Jeez! What’s my prob with that? What’s she to me?
The fuck I don’t even know her so why am I worried.
I sighed and focused on the board.

~ Hae Ra ~

Kang and I glanced at each other and sighed yet again cause Kim isn’t in school.
At first, we thought she’d come cause she’s always late but no!
I feel so bad for her.
She must be very hurt after that wicked Mrs Smith punished them.
My eyes met that of Rein’s and she smirked.
She doesn’t even look like someone who was punished.
She’s fine and can even walk perfectly.
I wonder if she’s human.
I gasped and glanced at her again when a thought came into my mind.
Hope she isn’t a robot cause I’ve heard that robots are now like human.
Oh my God! What if she’s one?
Look the way she even carried Kim up.

The bell rang for lunch and Kang and I sluggishly went to the cafeteria.
We ordered our food and sat at our table.
Kang and I glanced at each other when The Star walked up to us.
“where’s Kim? ” Sofia asked and they chuckled.
“is she at the hospital? Or is she scared to face us” Tessa asked but we said nothing.
“get up ” Sofia commanded and I glanced at Kang.
“vacate this table now” she yelled.
I got up with my fist folded in a ball and gave them killer looks.
“I mean now ” Sofia yelled.
“Yah! ” I yelled and pushed her with all my strength and she fell down.
The whole student gasped including her followers.

She angrily got up, her eyes red as she looked around feeling embarrassed.
“you! ” she said sternly, her eyes boring into mine with her index finger pointed at me.
“this isn’t over yet and trust me when I say, you won’t get away with this, none of you!” she yelled and stormed out with her colleagues.
I panted softly, as my anger reduced.
I left our table and headed out.
“Hae Ra Na, wait for me ” Kang said but I ignored him as I angrily headed out.
I stopped and walked back to our table.
I needed the cold drink to calm my nerves.

I grabbed it and headed out.
I was in so much haste that I didn’t realise when I bumped into someone, making the smoothie I held pour on him.
I blinked rapidly as I looked him from toe, looking at his now yellow uniform caused by my smoothie.
I looked up and my eyes met his making me flinch.
Kim’s angel!
His eyes slowly turned from blue to gold then to yellow and if am not dreaming, to fire.

~ Lee ~

As I walked into the cafeteria to get a drink, that girl’s friend bumped into me and the smoothie in her hand poured on me.
I could feel the anger turning into fire as she looked me up.
Her eyes met mine which I think it’s forming into fire now and she flinched.
Now this is where I’d heed to my sister’s advice “not to kill anyone ” but too bad I can’t control it.
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