The Korean god episode 7

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Chapter 7 ☀

Jennifer Owens 💞❤

~ Kim ~

I stood frozen to my spot as I watched him come out.
His eyes met mine and I flinched.
He was shocked for a moment then arches his eye brow.
Gosh! Maybe he knows I saw him.
Is he gonna kill me?
He slowly walked up to me and my eyes widened.
Before he could get to where I stood, I turned and took on my heels.
I ram as fast as my legs could carry me without glancing back.

~ Lee ~

As I walked outta the water, my eyes met that of that girl.
That skinny girl and I was shocked.
I think she saw me in fire case the way she stood frozen on her spot and stared at me, says it all.
I was headed to her but before I found reach her, she took on her heels and within a sec, she’s already gone.
Gosh! Now look at the mess I’ve got the myself into.
Why did I come here at the first place ?
Did she really see me in fire?
Jesus Christ!
Now what will she think of me?
She’ll go tell everyone at school, OMG!
I need to talk to Lisa.
I took on my heels and ran home.

~ Kim ~

I arrived home, panting heavily as I entered our house.
“Kim ” mom called as I headed upstairs.
“Omma! There’s nothing wrong, it’s just an exercise ” I said as I went up.
I’m not ready for a story or any discussion.
I reached my room and collapsed on the bed, trying to calm my breath.
My angel is a demon, OMG!
He’s not an angel but a demon, a devil.
I just saw the real him and that means his beautiful face isn’t his.
That’s why he always covers his face at school.
I knew it! I was right! I saw his eyes glow in fire the other day but I wasn’t sure.

Now I’m sure, he’s a demon.
I have to warn everyone at school so they’d beware from him.
I have to tell Kang and Hae Ra first.
Damn it! I don’t have a phone.
I sat up and went to take a shower.
The marathon race I had just ran, drained all my strength.
After freshening up, I came out and dressed up in my pyjamas.
I went down for dinner and mom was already done setting the table.
We had dinner quietly and I was wondering deep inside if I should tell mom about my angel… I mean the demon.
I don’t even know if I should still go to that school or change school.
He’s not even human, he’s just using his power to look human and nothing else.
I have to do something about it.
After dinner, I went up to my room and laid on my bed.
I have to get to school early tomorrow so I can tell Kang and Hae Ra before class commence.
I kept tossing and turning on my bed, sleep refusing to envelope me.
I just can’t believe he’s a demon.
How’s that even possible?
A demon on earth?
I spent the night thinking, tossing and turning and before I knew it, it was dawn.

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I sprung outta bed and went to do my morning routine.
After I’d done that, I dressed up in my uniform and went down for breakfast.
Mom was getting ready to go out cause she was dressed up.
“OK mom, before you ask, ain’t going for delivery today, I’ve to get to school super early “I told her and she nodded with a smile.
We had breakfast and after that, I took my backpack and ran out.
Too bad, Hae Ra is still with my bicycle.
I boarded the bus and headed to school.
The bus reached our school and as people alighted, I stood beside someone, waiting to get down.
I felt some kinda connection, a feeling I can’t explain so I decided to look beside me.

I screamed without knowing when my eyes met his.
“a demon! ” I screamed and without waiting for my turn to get down, I rushed out, pushing some passengers aside.
Is he haunting me?
Is he haunting me cause I know he’s a demon?
Omma! I ran as fast as my legs could carry me into the school compound and straight to our class.
“Kim ” Hae Ra exclaimed as I stood in front of her, trying to catch my breath.
“what is it ” Kang asked but I was still tryna catch my breath.
“he” I breathed out.
“he’s a demon ” I blurted out and they glanced at each other.
“my angel is a demon, a devil “I said breathlessly and they gasped.
Thank God the class was still empty, just us.

“how did you know that ” Kang asked.
“I saw him, he was on fire ” I said and Hae Ra gasped them glanced at Kang.
“I saw him too ” Hae Ra blurted out.
“Boh! ” I exclaimed.
That means I’m right and I’m not day dreaming.
“the other day at the cafeteria, his eyes was on fire and I felt like I was in hell or an oven. I felt like I was being baked or cooked as I stood at his presence ” Hae Ra said and Kang and I widened our eyes.
“we have to inform everyone ” I did dad they nodded.

Students started running in and my heart skipped when he walked in.
I took a few step backward and let out a sigh.
Mr Lonnie walked in and Hae Ra and I gave each other a sign.
“excuse me sir ” I said with my hand raised up.
“yes Kim ” he asked.
“we have something to announce to the class ” I told him and he nodded.
“come on then ” he said and Hae Ra and I walked to the board.
It’s now or never.
I glanced at the demon and his eyes were fixed on me.

I was caught staring at him for a moment until Hae Ra nudged me in the arm.
I swallowed and straightened up.
“there’s something we all have to know ” I started.
“he ” I said and pointed at the “demon”
I closed my eyes, swallowed the lump I presume to be stuck in my throat and got ready to spill it all out.

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