The Korean god episode 8

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Chapter 8 🌻 🌻

Jennifer Owens 💖❤

~ Kim ~

I closed my eyes, sucked in a long breath then let it out as a sigh.
I reopened my eyes and met with his.
My heart pounding harder each passing second.
He stared at me as if begging me not to tell.
There’s something about his eyes that keep drawing me in.
“are you gonna talk or keep staring at Lee ” Mr Lonnie said and I averted my eyes to him.

“uhm.. I.. He’s… ” I stuttered and glanced at Lee again.
“c’mon ” Hae Ra nudged me and I nodded.
“I wanted to say that Lee is a… He’s… ” I stuttered and shook my head.
He got up, still staring at me as he slowly headed out.

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“I wanted to say Lee is the most handsome boy in the class ” I blurted out and he stopped on his track.
There was complete silence in the class for a moment until the student busted out laughing.
Lee turned and our eyes met.
I looked away before I could get lost in those eyes of his.

Hae Ra and Kang stared at me in surprise and I faked a smile.
I started giggling with the student.
“enough! ” Mr Lonnie said and the class went dead silent.
“Kim I always knew you to be clumsy but not to the extent of this ” Mr Lonnie said and I bowed my head.
“to your seats ” he said and Hae Ra and I walked back to our seats.
“why the hell didn’t you tell the truth ” Hae Ra asked.
I leaned closer so I could whisper to her.

“I don’t know Hae Ra, I just couldn’t do it ” I said truthfully.
She sighed and turned to the board.
I looked to my side and my eyes met his making me flinch.
How the hell did he get here?
He stared at me sternly that I started to get scared.
Omma! Maybe I should have just told the truth and he’d be removed from this school.
I turned to my front, trying very hard not look to my right.
Maybe I should just spill it all out.. Even Hae Ra is upset with me cause I didn’t say the truth.
I can still make things right.
I closed my eyes for a moment then reopened them.
“Mr Lonnie ” I called and raised my hand up.

“what’s it again Kim” he asked and I swallowed the lump I presumed to be stuck in my throat.
“I have something to say ”
“oh! Not again ” he said with a sigh.
“what’s it ” he asked and I slowly dropped my hand.
Everyone’s gaze was now one including Hae Ra and the demon.
I stood up and looked at Hae Ra for a moment then looked at the demon from the corner of my eyes.
“I… I.. He’s… ” I stuttered and Mr Lonnie sighed out loud.
“sit down Kim, you have nothing to say ” he commanded.

“but sir I… ”
“sit down! ” he yelled and I also my dad back down.
I glanced at Hae Ra but she looked away.
I sighed and laid my head on my desk.
This is all complicated.
The bell rang for lunch and I didn’t even bother getting up from my desk.
“Kim ” I heard that familiar voice and I raised up my head to look at Hae Ra.
“let’s go for lunch ” she said and I sighed.
“no thanks, not hungry “I said and she glanced at Kang who arched his eye brow at me.

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“why? I’m sorry okay ” she said and sat back down.
“I was just feeling bad case you didn’t tell the truth, I mean that…” she paused and looked to see if Lee was there but he wasn’t.
“that guy almost burned me to death and you didn’t wanna expose him, why? Cause you regard him as your angel and what about me? Am your friend, your best friend ” she said and I sighed.
“I’m sorry okay? I just couldn’t do it ” I told her and she smiled a little.
“it’s OK, let’s just go for lunch ” she said and I smiled.
“let’s go ” I said and we both got up.
I stayed in the middle and linked my arms with that of Hae Ra and Kang and we marched out, swaying our head left and right.

We got to the cafeteria and found The Star on our seat.
I felt so angry and took a step to go to the but I stopped myself when I remembered how Rein lifted me up Tue other day.
No one need to remind me about that day and what they’re capable of doing.
They smirked when they saw us but we didn’t say anything.
“let’s get ourselves another seat and we’ll decorate it as we want “Hae Ra and I nodded with a smile.
We ordered our food and got ourselves another seat.
We’re gonna decorate it tomorrow I guess. The Star glared at us angrily when they saw us eating and laughing.
They thought we were gonna sulk over a mere seat?
Tch! In their wildest dream.
Lunch time got over and we went back to class.

After some couple of lectures, school closed.
I took my bicycle from Hae Ra and drove home after biding them goodbye of course.
I reached home and met WA just about going to shop.
“your food is ready hun, c’ya at shop ” she said.
She kissed my forehead and scurried out the door.
I went up to my room, freshened up and came back to eat.
After eating, I cleared the table and did the dishes.
I went out, locked the door, got on my bicycle and headed to the resto.

~ Lee ~

“what are we gonna do now ” Lisa asked, pacing back and forth.
I told her what that girl called Kim wanted to do and she’s been so worried.
“how do we stop her from revealing the truth now ” she asked.
“maybe I should just kill her ” I blurted out and one glare from Lisa swept away that thought from my head.
“if you’d not gone to the sea that day, this wouldn’t have happened ” she snapped angrily.
I sighed and sat on the couch.
We glanced at each other and arched our brows.
“Are you thinking what am thinking? ” she asked.
“prolly yeah ” I said and we giggled.
“then it’s all settled ” she blurted out and I scoffed.
“I doubt that cause that girl is senseless ” I said and Lisa blinked rapidly.
“Let’s just give it a try” she said and I nodded.
Get ready for us Kim.

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