The Last Blood

THE LAST BLOOD (episode 1)

© Bright Daniel
Eastwood is a movie academy that has several talented students who are still learning on how to act. It is a three storey building -the first floor is for beginners known as grade1 students while the second floor for grade2 and the third for grade3 which is the final grade. After the final grade, a student automatically becomes an actor or actress. There is a high rate of competition in the school especially in the final grade because every student wants to be the best among the rest. Behind the building are two other buildings -one is a female hostel while another for male.
However, Stanley stood by the window of his room from the male hostel looking through it to see the beauty of the environment. There were flowers at the both side of the entrance to the hostels, basketball court and the school compound at large. Suddenly, he saw a Range Rover car driving to the female hostel until it pulled to a stop. A young man on a driver uniform came down, turned round and opened the back door of the car. At the very sight of Stanley, a young beautiful girl came out. She wore a black plain trouser and a white handless top. On her feet were cover shoes with high heels too. She was a bit fair in complexion.
“Wow, is she a new student or a boss?” Stanley soliloquised.
The young lady began to walk into the female hostel dragging her box on the floor while the driver took off immediately until both became invisible to the eyes of Stanley. Therefore he turned to see his roommate, Danny, staring at him. Both were on boxers alone.
“Do you know how long I have been standing here staring at you? What really took the real part of you?” Danny quickly moved to the window, looked through it but didn’t see anybody.
“I guess we have a new student and I can’t wait to meet her” Stanley began to dress up.
“A new student? Where is she?”
“She just entered into the girls’ hostel”
“You should know why you are here” Danny also began to dress up. “We are in grade3, so we shouldn’t entertain any form of distraction or.. ”
“Are you saying that meeting a girl is a distraction?” Stanley interrupted him.
“Meeting a girl is an understatement. Girls alone are distractions!!” he explained with all enthusiasm while Stanley smiled as he continued, “How sure are you that this new girl is in grade3 because I won’t allow you stip so low dating a grade1 or 2 student all in the name of love”
“I never told you I love her”
“But you always love any girl you met. So is better you don’t meet her”
Hearing that, Stanley laughed out hærd and went out, yet, Danny never stopped talking. Mehn, he talks a lot.
Just at the entrance of girls hostel, the young girl met a warden who behaved in a familiar manner. She rushed her and said, “Welcome Rita Hocain, we have been expecting you” she wanted to take her box from her but she hesitated.
“How do you know my full name?” Rita, the young girl asked.
“Sorry for my manners. I’m a friend of your mother. She told me you were coming, so.. ”
“I get it” she interrupted harshly looking around the vicinity. She could see girls moving up and down the staircase while others were on their way out for lectures. Sooner did she feel a paper in her hand then looked down to see the warden putting it there.
“53, is your room number” she said.
Rita walked straight to her room using the paper in her hand. Before she climbed upstairs, she turned to see the warden staring at her pitifully. “What!!” she shrieked coz she understood the reason why she was staring at her in that manner since she was a friend of her mother.
For all her life, Rita had not come in contact with a male gender. She had always been restricted from having anything to do with them right from childhood. Therefore both her primary, secondary and part of her tertiary level of education revolved around same s€×. She was banned from having an emotional afair with men. It was more like a curse in her diabolical and magical family. That explains why the warden stared at her in that manner. Rita hated herself for that. If actually she wanted to turn into a l-sbian, it would have been so easy for her coz she had seen and met a lot of them. But that wasn’t her destiny. She was destined to be with a man which is absolutely impossible in the family of Hocain otherwise a dark power will take over her and she will have the man killed unknowingly and at the same time put her own life at risk. Such incident happened twice in her final year in secondary school where she killed two men who tried to have an emotional intimacy with her. She had never forgiven herself for what she did. She shed tears any day she remembers it.
Nevertheless, she opened room 53 without knocking to see two girls practising l-sbianism. She wasn’t surprise, rather the girls were the one who jumped up covering themselves. Rita looked at the paper in her hand then moved to her corner and dropped her box without saying anything or even looking at the frightened l-sbians which one of them left the room instantly coz she wasn’t a legal occup-nt. The other one looked at her and said, “I guess you are a new student but that doesn’t warrant you to come into a room without knocking”
“Why should I knock when I know the room is mine too?” Rita asked bringing out clothes from her box.
“Are you insane!”
“I’m not, but trust me, if I am, you’ll be dead by now” she suspended what she was doing and looked at the young l-sbian. “Listen, I have seen and met a lot of people like you, so there is nothing there to hide from me”
The young girl became speechless. She really wanted to know the person speaking to her in such a manner then forcefully dragged the paper which was given to Rita by the warden. She saw her details there then became surprise.
“You are Rita Hocain? As in you are from the family of Hocain?”
“Yes” Rita replied.
“Oh my God!”
The young girl kept mute as she gently dropped back the paper then began to dress up. Fear grip her because she knew the family to be magically powerful. When Rita noticed it, she exhaled with a smile and walked to her.
“Please, don’t hurt me!” the girl cried.
“Calm down, I know what you are thinking and I’m not gonna hurt you” Rita smiled the more to calm her down. “May I know your name?”
“I’m Julie”
“Nice to meet you, Julie” she returned to her corner, yet, Julie couldn’t be herself until she left the room.
Rita became emotional afterwards. Her life wasn’t just complete without a man like every other normal girl. She wanted to live a free life where she does what she feels like doing, but reverse was the case; people get scared of her when they discover her identity, they think she’s a freak and the worst part of it is that she can’t fall in love or tell a man how she feels.
Dramatically, Rita slowly moved to the window, looked down from it to see Stanley and Danny walking to lecture. To her surprise, Stanley remotely stopped, turned and looked straight to the window as if there was an invisible connection between both of them. Seeing that, Rita moved away from there instantly with increase in heartbeat, even a nearby person could hear her breathing. She slowly sat on the floor and began to shed tears.
Up on the third floor of Eastwood, all the students settled down in the classroom with Mr Ruben standing on a stage. He was an old man with gray hair, flat stomach and black skin. The tranquility of the classroom made his voice sweet and audible. Stanley’s eyes occasionally went to the door hoping that the very young beautiful girl he saw comes in, thus, making him pay less attention to the lecture. Danny noticed it even Mr Ruben who said, “Stanley, if you don’t pay attention, you’ll tell me of you left your butt behind in the hostel”
Hearing that, all the students wired their attention to him until Danny spoke up.
“Yes sir, he did not only leave his butt behind, he also left his senses there in the hostel”
The students giggled.
“Please, can somebody help him get his butt and senses back?” Mr Ruben requested then left the stage. He wanted to use that as a movie scene. Therefore, he said, “Stanley, over to the stage. Tercy, go help him get his butt and senses back”
Stanley reluctantly walked up to the stage while Tercy briskly met him. She was a slim beautiful girl wearing a jean trouser and colourful top. She has a charming open-teeth and footsteps.
“Ready? Action!!” Mr Ruben shouted.
“Oh my love” Tercy began by touching Stanley rom-ntically. “Your butt and senses cannot be in the hostel while I’m here for you. If you want, I can lend you my sense even my butt. Please, come back to your senses” she k-ssed him. Just then, Rita s₱0tted them from the door. Though nobody saw her.
“My senses and butt are with me baby” Stanley said. “Just that… ” he added with a pause then looked at the door to see Rita staring at him.
“Just what?” Tercy asked following the direction of his eyes. All the class also turned to the same direction before Rita slowly began walk in.
“Cut!!” Mr Ruben shouted. “You all are bunch of butts” he walked back to the stage also staring at Rita strangely…
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