The Last Blood

THE LAST BLOOD (episode 2)

© Bright Daniel
Rita started freaking out due to the way everybody stared at her all because she was a green horn in the classroom. She wore a jean trouser with two books held very closely to her wa-ist in a way it covered the zip of the trouser. On her feet were flat shoes while short-sleeve top became a cover-up from her shoulder down to the abdomen. Already, Stanley and Tercy had gone back to their seats and Danny couldn’t wait to start talking. Therefore he tapped Stanley and said with a low voice, “Is she the new girl you saw through the window?”
“Yeah” he replied absentmindedly.
“Mhen, she’s hot!” Danny raised his head to take a very good look at her again.
On the other hand, Julie could be seen whispering to the next girl beside her. No doubt to Rita that she was talking about her. Nevertheless, she found the nearest vacant seat to sit, but before she did, Mr Ruben called up her.
“Young girl, I guess you are the butt and senses of that young man” he pointed at Stanley.
“I don’t understand sir” Rita said calmly glancing at Stanley whom she found looking at her as if they had known each other before. Due to she barely associate with men, she became cuddly uncomfortable.
“Never mind” Mr Ruben replied looking at the wh0le class. “We have a new student. Of course I know before now because her details has been sent to my system, but I’ll allow her to introduce herself” he signalled her to come up to the stage which she did boldly.
“Humm.. I’m Rita Hocain by name..”
Hearing that, students began to murmur which interrupted her. Some people like Stanley didn’t understand why, while some like Danny tried to explain why.
“What’s happening?”
“Are you the only one that doesn’t know about the Hocain family?”
“What about them?”
Before Danny could answer, Rita’s voice over shadowed the murmuring. So all be became quiet listening to her again.
“I know what you guys are soliloquising about, but I assure you, I may be of Hocain but different. We only have to relate peaceful and friendly and there will be no cause for alarm. Thank you” she went straight to her seat. Some students liked her already but Tercy didn’t just like her if not for any reason, but for taking Stanley’s attention earlier which indicated that she had an atom of love for him. Stanley was too blind to see it.
“Alright, you’ve heard what she said” Mr Ruben concluded.
The class ended dramatically for the day but no one met Rita privately except that she participated on several scenes that was practiced or acted in the classroom. Stanely met her sitting alone then gradually dragged a seat closer to her and sat down. Already, Danny had explained to him about how magical, diabolical and spiritually powerful her family is. Rita glanced at him but didn’t say a word.
“Hi, I’m Stanley”
“Hi” she replied without looking at him.
“I… I have been.. you know, watching you from behind. Is something bothering you?”
“But I can see it in your eyes. Is written all over you”
Rita took a close look at him, she stood up instantly to leave the place but Stanley stood up too in a way he prevented her from going, yet, she turned to another direction to leave. When he wanted to hold her back, his hand couldn’t reach her even though she was close to him. Therefore he withdrew his hand amazingly.
“What was that?”
“That’s why you shouldn’t touch me or come close to me” She replied then finally left.
Stanley couldn’t believe his experience. He stood there dumbfounded still staring at his hand. He thought it was one of her powers she exhibited without knowing it’s the handwork of her parents; They banned the body of their daughter in a way no man with emotional intentions can get hold of her. Already, with what just happened, Rita understood his intentions, that’s why she had to leave.
Stanley walked out of the classroom surprisingly to see a male student shaking her by the hand. He looked at his own hand then looked at the male student’s to know if he had a different hand. Just as he wallowed in the state of querulous qualm, Rita turned to him and smiled before leaving.
“This is insane!” he rushed out.
The weather had become a bit dark. Students had returned to their hostels. Stanley was still in the state of dynamic confusion in,side his room with Danny who sat on the bed watching how restless his roommate was.
“You should have seen this” Stanley began. “I tried to touch her but couldn’t feel her body in my hand! Whileas others were touching and shaking her!”
“I have told you, that girl’s family is spiritually powerful. Who knows if she’s not a ghost? Is high time you let her be and run from her before is too late”
“No, I must find out the reason for this”
“Are you crazy?!” Danny’s voice became high. “You should know that you are dealing with devil. These people don’t know God, they are not Christians, they are dibolical and hazardous!”
Stanley ignored him and looked through the window again to see Rita sitting at the basketball court alone. The more he looks at her the more he feels a strong connection with her. Danny also drew closer to see her.
“No, there is something about her” Stanley left the window to the door.
“Where do you think you are going to?” Danny asked him.
“To meet her”
“Don’t go out there, Stanley. I don’t think is a good idea”
The two boys stared at each other silently. Stanley hesitated then clutched the doorknob and went out.
As Danny watched what would happen through the window, so as Tercy watched as Stanley met Rita at the basketball court. Also, Mrs Kate, the female warden watched them too.
Stanley finally met her but couldn’t believe she was shedding tears. He sat beside her again and said, “Now the evidence is clear”
“What evidence?” Rita dried her tears immediately.
“Why are you shedding tears”
“And why are you showing much concern about that?”
Stanley remained quiet without knowing what to tell her as the answer to the question. Just then, Rita stood up to walk away again.
“Hey, you don’t just walk away like that!” Stanley also stood up to hold her back but couldn’t reach or feel her hand. “You need to explain this to me! Why me?! Why can’t I get to hold you like every other students!”
Rita hastened her steps in tears, she began to run when she couldn’t bear to hear his voice and remembering the consequences of what would happen if she allows his intentions to be fulfilled. Tercy became not only surprise but also jealous after seeing what happened. Therefore she angrily left the window..
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