The Last Blood

THE LAST BLOOD (episode 3)

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Rita ran into her hostel with tears in her eyes. She locked the door and sat behind it with hands on her forehead. Her roommate, Julie, who sat half unclad on the bed cutting her fingernails never talked to her but occasionally glanced at her. Not that she hated her but was just taking precautions due to the type of family she came out from. Few minutes later, she felt pity for her then stood up. She wore only a white p-nt and a pare of b-ra looking charming. Softly did she drag her up from the floor then led her to the bed in a way they sat on its edge.
“I don’t know why you are crying, what I do know is that it’s not a good idea to sit on the floor while crying” she said then stood up to her own bed as Rita began to dry her tears. She wanted to resume cutting her fingernails but asked in a concern charisma, “Do you want to talk about it? I mean why are you crying?”
Rita ignored the question as she stood up to the window just to see Stanley still standing at the basketball court. Julie also saw him then proceed with the inquisition, “Is he the reason why you are crying?”
“No, why should he be?” Rita retired to her bed.
“Maybe because he said or did something bad to you. You know men are good at that. They are annoying, selfish especially in bed, unsatisfactory, sarcastic and less rom-ntic”
“No, you are only saying that because you are a l-sbian. So many men aren’t like that”
“So why are you crying?” Julie began to cut her fingernails again.
“I guess he is in love with me” Rita replied.
“Who?” Julie asked surprisingly. “You mean Stanley? and how is that a reason why you are crying?”
“You don’t get it, Julie” Rita stood up. “He can’t love me otherwise he dies. I was born with a curse that any man who loves me would also be killed by me. My parents has tried to break the curse but ended up losing me on the quest” she faced her roommate with much enthusiasm. “Julie, I wonna be normal like every other girls. I wonna know how it feels to be with a man, I wonna get married!” she broke down in tears again going back to her bed.
“This is serious” Julie met her in a close rom-ntic way. She held her across the shoulder admiring her br-asts through the lose top she wore. She placed the other hand on her cheek like a mother trying to cuddle a broken hearted child. “You don’t need a man my dear, and you shouldn’t cry because of a man. A woman can give all that you need; be it love, care, name it.. ” she brought her face closer to k-ss her as she cares her cheek rom-ntically but Rita disengaged from her immediately.
“You are hopeless” she stood up. “I’m not a l-sbian, Julie, and I don’t want to be one. My destiny is with a man not a woman!” she shrieked going back to the window. “And that man is Stanley, I can feel it” she concluded with a very low voice.
On the other hand, Stanley hopelessly went back to his hostel then was unable to sleep that night. He kept contemplating on what he has done to Rita or what connection both of them had for not being able to touch her just like other students. As he wallowed in a deep thought, Danny was busy snoring in his sleep. Suddenly, a knock came from the door. He first glanced at his wristwatch before standing to open the door. The time was 12: 05a.m in the night. “Who could this be?” he thought behind the door before asking aloud, “Who’s that?”
“Warden” a female voice replied.
Stanley opened the door to see Mrs Kate standing like an escaped goat. She quickly entered into the room then locked the door by herself. Stanley couldn’t ask or tell what was happening. At first, a female warden shouldn’t be in the male hostel, but here, Mrs Kate was not only in the male hostel but in,side the room of a male student. Before he knew it, she closed the window curtains and sat on the edge of his bed like a woman who wants the perfom a blow job on a man.
“Mrs Kate, I don’t understand. What’s going on?” Stanley asked with his hands spread in the air.
“Get seated” she tapped a place beside her on the bed. The expression of seriousness lingered on her face which got Stanley not only worried but also curious. As he fearfully wanted to sit beside her, Danny woke up to see them in a juxtapose position. He rubbed his eyes to be sure of whom he saw with his roommate.
“Mrs Kate!” he exclaimed.
“Ssshhh” she silent him with a finger across her l-ips then turned to Stanley. “You are digging your grave young man”
Hearing that, the two boys looked at each other then averted their eyes back to the woman who continued wh0le heartedly. “Rita is cursed, no man can love her. From the incident that happened earlier it seems like you have feelings for her. That’s the reason why you can’t get to touch or hold her because she’s banned by her parents”
“Is that it?” Stanley began. “Because I have feelings for her, I can’t get to hold her, is that it?”
“No, you don’t get, pip squick! You gonna die! And the painful part is that she’ll be the one to kill you. She gonna be possessed with a dark power then kill you unknowingly”
Stanley thought for a while, “So that’s the reason why she’s always moody, cries and avoid my presence?” he murmured then look at Mrs Kate. “Can’t the curse be broken?”
“Only your head can break it! Idiot!” Danny interfered disdainfully while the poor woman stood up briskly.
“I have told you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you” she concluded and went out.
Days turned to weeks and Stanley never went close to Rita again but they had been exchanging eye contact feeling the connection more and more. Stanley had always wanted to approach her but Danny prevented him each time he tried to.
Both were on their way to lecture when Tercy came around with a smiling face. She wore a jean skirt over a pare of black leggings, and a white sleeveless top.
“Hi guys” she said.
“Hi, pretty girl. You look charming” Danny complimented.
“Hi, Tercy” Stanley smiled at her.
She returned the smile then went closer to him, stretched on her toes and whispered into his ear. Stanley stood still watching how she ran away. He couldn’t help it but smiled happily.
“What did she say, guy?” Danny became curious.< /div>

“You don’t wonna hear it, trust me” Stanley ran after her.
“Hey, wait for me!” Danny took on his heels too.
The three students could be seen running through the staircase and dodging from other students who were too lazy to walk until they finally rushed into the classroom were lecture was already going on. Three of them stood still at the door breathing hastily. Rita turned to see her eyes clashing with Stanley’s, so she averted them instantly. Mr Ruben looked at them just like every other student in the classroom.
“Can any of you explain why you ran to this place like mad dogs?”
“Sir, I don’t know. I saw Stanley running so I followed him” Danny clarified himself.
“Okay, Stanley, tell us why you started running before your friend stupidly joined you for a reason he doesn’t know?”
“Sir, I ran off because of what Tercy whispered to me” he answered.
“Fine, Tercy, what did you whisper to this young man that he stupidly ran after you just like his stupid friend?”
Tercy became quiet for a while before speaking up. All the students had already paid much attention to hear from her especially Rita who had noticed that she had an eye on Stanley.
“Sir,” she began. “I told him that if he can get to the classroom before me, I’ll k-ss him. But it was a joke”
Hearing that, students giggled.
“Okay, the joke gonna be a movie scene now” Mr Ruben left the stage. “Stanley and Tercy, up to the stage. Rita, join them. Assuming Stanley made it to the classroom before Tercy and expected her to k-ss him, I want you, Rita, who is a secret admirer to prevent that from happening” he instructed.
The three students stood on the stage waiting for a command to start. Already other students like Julie and Danny knew that the scene might cause a very big problem because the two girls were truly in love with the boy. Nevertheless, all watched on how it gonna happen.
“Ready? Action!!” Mr Ruben exclaimed Prostrating his hand forward.
Stanley made the first move to Tercy, “Hey, I made it to the classroom before you”
“Okay? now what?” Tercy asked spreading her hands.
“You have to fulfil your promise by k-ssing me”
“Oh, Mr man, you of all people should know that I was only joking”
“Spare me that, woman. You should also know that an unfufil promise is a sin against God. So fulfil your promise”
“Fine” Tercy approached to k-ss him but Rita appeared on the scene dramatically. “What’s going on here?” she stood before both of them with a surprise look at Stanley. “I can’t believe you wanted her to k-ss you without minding how I’m gonna feel about that. Please, let’s get out of here” she added.
Everybody expected her to take Stanley by the hand or wa-ist but she never did because she knew what would happen. Seeing that, Mr Ruben shouted, “Freez!” All stood still then he said, “Rita, take an action. Take your lover boy by the hand or wa-ist then leave the stage. Tercy, we wanna see your reaction. Action!!”
Stanley and Rita kept staring at each other as everybody expected Rita to do as their lecturer said. Only Danny, Stanley and Rita herself knew what would happen if she carry out the instruction. Nevertheless, she slowly stretched her hand feeling her heartbeat and staring into his eyes until tears began to drop from her eyes. Stanley himself could feel the connection, so the rate of his heartbeat also changed. Tercy and other students even Mr Ruben noticed that the thing had gone out of acting to something else but all kept quiet to witness the outcome. To their surprise, Rita tried to hold his hand but couldn’t get hold of them. Also, Stanley made further move to touch her cheeks rom-ntically but couldn’t hold them too. Just then, Rita ran out.
“Rita!!” Stanley ran after her.
The wh0le class, even Mr Ruben became amaze while Tercy drowned in the pool of jealousy. All rushed out to further witness on what would happen next. Only the lecturer stood by the window also watching the two lovers. He decided to let them be not because he loved what happened but because in grade3 students are allowed to express themselves. They believe that everything is acting.
However, Rita Kept running as Stanley ran after her. Just before she ran into the hostel, she heard him saying, “You don’t need to explain to me anymore coz I know why all this is happening”
Hearing that, she stopped without looking back while he continued, “Yes, I admit the fact that I love you. It’s a feeling I can’t stop having and a dream I don’t wish to wake up from. I know the consequences is death but I’m ready to die loving you if only I can touch your beautiful skin. I love you, Rita Hocain and nothing gonna stop me from doing that!”
Rita gradually turned with tears in her eyes. She could see almost all the students in the school both outside and at the window staring at them. From what Stanley said, she realized she can break the banned by her parents, (not the curse). Therefore she raised her hands up, brought them down and rubbed them together until a powerful force hit her down.
“Rita!” Stanley rushed her to see her eyes close, but she gradually opened them with a smile.
“Now, you can touch me, Stanley” she said.
He slowly touched her hand feeling the wormness and solftness until he pulled her up.
“Who told you about me?” she asked.
“Mrs Kate did” he replied touching her cheek.
“I love you too Stanley?” she said forgetting her worries then both began to k-ss each other passionately. Just then, thunder stroke and a heavy rain began to pour down, yet, they never stopped k-ssing.
Seeing that, Tercy ran into the hostel heartbroken…
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