The Last Blood

THE LAST BLOOD (episode 6)

© Bright Daniel

Expulsion by oneself is unheard of. That did not only drive Danny crazy when he heard it from his friend but also rendered him speechless. Already, Stanley had gathered his luggage and left the room scattered just like a teenage room.
“This is crazy” Danny ran after him and met him at the staircase. “Bro, you can’t leave! This is your final grade in school!”
Stanley said nothing until both came out from the hostel. “Bye Danny” he said moving forward while Danny stood at a s₱0t with hands on the wa-ist looking at him until he left the school compound. How can a man abandon his academic life because of a girl? He couldn’t believe it. Before he came out from that thought, Tercy arrived like a spy standing beside him. She wore a bomshort over a pinky top.
“Where is he going?”
“He’s leaving”
“Because Rita has left too”
“I guess I shouldn’t have done it”
“Done what?” Danny looked at her.
“I was the one who reported both of them to Mr Ruben”
“What!” he shrieked surprisingly.
“I’m sorry, I never knew it is this serious to the extent Stanley would leave school because of her. I mean, I love him too, right? I couldn’t just stand both of them while I die in silence” Tercy explained sincerely.
“Well, you’ve ruined their lives. Thanks to you” Danny walked out from her. Truly, she was sorry for her actions, jealousy took the best part of her. But the deed had been done.
Rita arrived home with her bag. She had a sad expression on her face which suddenly began to generate tears from her eyes. Already, Eastwood had called to tell the parents about her expulsion. Therefore the mother stood at the door waiting for her daughter. She understood the emotional torture the young girl was passing through that’s why she waited for her wearing a red loose gown. When Rita approached closer, she embraced her in tears too.
“Mother, does it mean I won’t have a normal relationsh¡p like normal human beings? Isn’t it better I die?”
“No, my child,” the mother began to cares her cheek as the tears rolled from both eyes. “Dying is not an option. Come in,side”
They embraced each other again before entering in,side to meet Mr Hocain himself. He faced the wall with two hands behind him in a way he backed both the wife and the daughter. The sitting room suddenly turned dark and candle light appeared on the walls. Thunder stroke the roof of the building, Rita fell down on the floor and became unconscious before the father turned.
“What have you done to her?” the wife asked him.
“I did what should be done. Take her to her room. Never will any man come close to her again” he replied.
“You banned her again?”
“Yes, even this house. I don’t want to see Latisha here too” he concluded then looked through the window while the wife carried Rita into her room.
On the other hand, Stanley arrived home just to meet her parents eating lunch in the dinning room where classic and breakable plates could be seen on the table. They were surprise to see him entering the house with his full luggage. Mrs Jessica, the mothe,r looked at the husband, Mr Winston, in a way that shows: ARE YOU SEEING THIS?
Before Stanley made it to his room, the father stood up with the wife. He had an eyeglasses on his eyes and dressed in a brown suit. The wife was on a milky gown.
“Stanley, are you on holiday?” the father asked.
“No, dad” he replied without even a gesture at them as he struggled with his luggage at the door of his room.
“Then why are you back, son?”
“I have been expelled”
“Expelled?” Mrs Jessica amazingly looked at the husband again then turned to her son. “Who expelled you and why? We have not received such information from the school”
“I never said the school expelled me, mum. I expelled myself by myself” he finally dragged the luggage in,side and locked the door before his parents approached.
“Have you heard of that? How can someone expel himself from a school?”
“Stanley, open this door!” the father banged on the door.
How would they had known that their only son was swimming in the pools of love? Instantly, Mr Winston called Eastwood Academy to know what was going on. They narrated the story to him in a nutshell then he hung up the call.
For five good days, Stanley neither came out from his room nor ate something. That got the parents worried then they summoned Latisha, the grandmother. All stood in the sitting room gazing at one another. Only Latisha appeared different: she was always on a robe. This time around she had a staff in her hand. Already, they have told her about Stanley refusal to eat or come out from the room.
“I guess the Hocains has charmed my son” Mrs Jessica added.
“Nobody charmed him” Latisha began. “The young boy 👦 is in love. He’s only trying to be with the one he loves. He came to my house with his girlfriend after which I made a research and found out she’s the woman meant for him. Nothing nobody can do about that”
“Then why can’t he be allowed to be with the girl?” Mrs Jessica asked.
“Because the girl is cursed and must not be with a man 👨 otherwise she’ll turn dark and kill him”
“Oh my God!” she rushed to Stanley’s door and began to bang on it for him to open.
“Allow me” Latisha approached with her staff, hit 🔥 it on the doorknob and it opened. To their greatest surprise, Stanley was nowhere to be found, so all gaze at one another again.
Meanwhile, Rita had also been in,side her room walking tro and fro in a bumshort. She was at the peak of committing another murder if care is not taken. She remembered the ones she killed on her final year in secondary school then began to shed tears. That was a memory she’ll never forget, so she began to scatter the room breaking mirrors and appliances until she got satisfied and laid on the floor crying 😢 .
Suddenly, Stanley appeared from the hallow gate through which one can enter into the house of the Hocain. He started runing 🏃 but since the house had been banned by Mr Hocain, he never reached the doorstep of the building. Though he could see it as he ran but never reached there. Suddenly, a strong wind activated a tornado which struck him down, engulfed his throat to strangle him. “Rita!!” he exclaimed in a high voice.
Hearing that, Rita stood up from the floor coz the voice sounded familiar. “Stanley?” she called gently.
“Rita!!” the voice came again.
“Stanley!” she rushed out downstairs, opened the door to see him struggling for his life then rubbed her two palms together. When she opened them, the tornado disappeared, thus, setting him free. That did not only break the banned to the house but also to her body. “Stanley!” she began to run to him.
“Rita!” he also stood up running to her until they met and hugged each other.
“Sorry, my father banned the house 🏡 that’s why you.. ”
“Forget it, I’m happy that I’m with you now” he interrupted trying to k-ss 😘 her but Mr Hocain and wife appeared at the doorstep thereby causing another wind and darkness of the sky.
“Don’t you dare get your filthy l-ips 💋 on my daughter’s otherwise face your death sooner than you expect it” Mr Hocain barked angrily then the lovers turned to them.
“You will do no such thing to my grandson!” Latisha’s voice came from the gate then the lovers also turned to see her standing with Mr and Mrs Winston, Stanley’s parents.
“Granny?” Stanley murmured.
Silence took over the arena as the two families glared at each other with their children in between them. The wind stopped and the sky brightened again. Weathered leaves continued falling from trees as Latisha unabashedly walked to the Hocains with Mr and Mrs Winston without saying anything to the two lovers who looked at each other rom-ntically.
“Have you seen how they are looking at each other? So the earlier we look for a solution, the better for us” Latisha broke the silence before they all went in,side the house except the two 💏 lovers.
in,side the house, no one agreed to sit down. The two families folded their hands looking at one another. Stanley’s parents could see strange images on the walls and other magical symbols. That alone convinced them the type of family they have come in contact with.
“Alright, I have had enough of this tranquility” Mr Winston broke the silence. “Obviously, our children are inseparable due to some destiny, curse or whatsoever! All I need now is a solution coz my son is losing his mind over this young girl 👧, and I can’t watch him die by the same girl”
“There is nothing that can be done about it” Mrs Lena said.
“Are you saying the curse cannot be broken?” Mrs Jessica asked.
“Yes, it has been in existence right from time. The last time we tried to break it using any magical book, we would have ended up losing her life” Mr Hocain explained.
“So, there is nothing that can be done, right?” Mr Winston turned angrily 😡 .
“The only way is to separate them before the next six days”
Silence took over again in the very sanctum. All expected Latisha to say something but she never did.
“I have a suggestion” Mrs Lena said. “What if we erase the memory of the boy so that he won’t know who Rita is or have any feelings for her again?”
The suggestion sounded interesting in the ears of all, so they walked to the door, opened it to call on the two lovers but there were nowhere to be found again..
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