The Last Blood

THE LAST BLOOD (episode 7)

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Mrs Jessica and Lena had to go outside totally to see if their children would be found but the result proved negative. Just as they were returning to others at the door, Latisha said, “Can I have a word with you Mr Hocain?” she moved in,side. The black eyeglasses never departed from her eyes and the Hocains never knew she was blind. Others also drew closer to know what the old woman had to say.
“Mr and Mrs Hocain” she began. “Explain to me why both of you were able to get married. Or wasn’t the curse applicable to you too?”
That was a very interesting topic which attracted the attention of all in the room.
“I can explain” Mr Hocain began. “Right from the time of my ancestors, it only attack the female children. That’s why I was able to get married out of love”
“That’s to say your wife doesn’t have powers like you do”
“Exactly, I am the only descendant of Hocain” He clarified.
“So, how are we gonna erase Stanley’s memories without him knowing?” Mrs Lena changed the topic.
“I guess Rita will do it herself. I will make sure of that. No one should tell him about this” the husband replied while others agreed except Latisha who walked out without a word.
Stanley and Rita rested at the base of a tall tree in,side the woods (forest) in a way she laid her head on his thighs looking into his eyes. Trees of different species could be seen dropping weathered leaves. Many fresh canopy leaves partially prevented the ray of sunlight to the ground but one could be seen shining directly to the two lovers. Though the intensity of the light sometimes reduced due to shaky leaves that covers the source of the radiation.
“I can’t believe you left school because of me” Rita said. “Don’t you think people might say I charmed you?” she added.
“What people say doesn’t matter. What matters is that I love you” he replied sliding her hair sideways.
“You are so amazing”
“You are much more amazing” they smiled at each other while Stanley lowered his head and gave her a quick k-ss, thus generating silence. They heard nothing but the sound of wind. Stanley placed a hand on her stomach then rubbed it gently. She placed her own hand on the hand in a way their fingers crossed in between each one. She k-ssed and placed them on her chest.
“I have six days left to turn dark”
“I don’t care”
“Stanley, I don’t want anything to happen to you. I will rather kill myself than to watch you die” she paused and took a deep breath. “If I turn dark and have you killed, I’ll kill myself afterward. Do you want me to die?”
“No, nothing gonna happen to you” he replied.
“We need to depart from each other”
“But it’s so difficult!” he looked up in the sky blinking his eyes . “You don’t get it, I can’t stay away from you more than I am now”
Rita gently brought down his head, placed his hand on her br-ast then k-ssed him. She knew it was difficult, she knew it was impossible, but she made up her mind never to see him again after that day. Though she never told him.
A day passed, Mr and Mrs Winston opened Stanley’s door to see him drawing Rita’s image as he laid face down on the bed wearing a short and a singlet. The room was small but filled with lovely and classic stuffes like a Golden boot which he won from high school days. It was a moment he will never forget coz it made his parents proud. He was very skillful in football game which won him the golden boot. He was not only loved by students but tutors too. He wanted to be an actor, that was why he didn’t pursue the dream of becoming a footballer rather enrolled in a movie academy.
Nevertheless, he looked up to see his parents staring at him then concentrated on the drawing.
“Son, who’s that you’re drawing?” the mother asked.
“It’s Rita, mum. Isn’t she beautiful?” he smiled showing her the image vividly while the father exhaled heavily, shook his head and went out. Mrs Jessica, having the motherly love in her totally entered in,side, closed the door and sat down opposite the bed.
“She’s very beautiful, son” she smiled back.
Stanley sat up in a way he faced his mother. “I love her so much mum” he began with dropping tears. “What I don’t understand is why we can’t be together. She mean the wh0le world to me, I mean.. ” he sniffed in then raised his head up. “I mean, why must I die in the quest of loving her. It’s so painful, mum. Please, help us in any way you can and break the curse. Please, I beg you, mum”
The mother didn’t know when tears fell off from her eyes. She could feel the gravity of the emotional situation and understood very well how much the son loves Rita. What could she do? Nothing, therefore, she hugged him tightly rubbing her hand on his back. That was the only thing she could do at the moment. As time went on, she began to have a change of mind of not erasing her son’s memory because that’s the worst thing that can ever happen to anybody in that situation seeing how in love he was. Sonner did the husband also understand, yet, they couldn’t do anything.
Meanwhile, Rita had been told to erase the memory of the one she loves in order to save him. She concord with the idea not because her parents wanted to but because she wanted Stanley to live.
Just a day before she would turn dark, she took Stanley back to the woods playing loves happily with him as if it would forever remain like that. She suddenly held his two hands looking into his eyes.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” Stanley asked smiling.
“Nothing, I just wonna ask you few questions” she factitiously smiled back.
“Okay, shoot it?”
She drew closer to him in a way her body touched his. “When is your birthday?”
“17th December”
“And what would you wish for when blowing off your candle-light?”
He smiled. “I have always wanted a falling snow with melody music when I’m with the girl I love”
Rita k-ssed him. “I love you, Stanley, and let your wish be granted” she soliloquised with closed eyes. Instantly, snow began to fall alongs
ide with melody music from nowhere.
He became surprised feeling the moment like no other. “What would I have done without you” he embraced her.
Magically, Rita used that opportunity to erase part of his memory that has to do with her.
Stanley woke up the next day feeling a slight headache. He looked at himself on the mirror, dressed up then went out to the dinning room where his parents waited for him. He greeted them and opened a big refrigerator to pick up some juice.
“I guess you are ready to go back to school, son” the father said.
“Sure, I don’t even know why I came back at the first place” he replied taking a seat beside the mother.
The parents looked at each other then kept quiet. The mother wanted to become emotional feeling the pains of forgetting everything about someone you love unconditionally. When Stanley noticed it, he asked, “What? Why are you both mute ?”
“Nothing, we’re just happy you came back to see us?” the father replied.
“That’s no big deal” he smiled at them. “I’m happy to see you guys too” he added and bit a slice of bread. “I’ll see grandma on my way back to school”
“Good idea” the mother concluded.
At the resident of Latisha, Rita could be seen coming out of it wearing a jean trouser and a black voluminous jacket. She had gone to tell Latisha about how she had planned to travel out of the state. As she walked through the lonely road leading to the exit, he sighted Stanley coming. He wore a shortleeves shirt which he tucked in-in a plain trouser. On his face was a pere of transparent eyeglasses that reflected any ray of sunlight. They drew closer.
“Hi” Stanley said looking at her and at the same time passing without any interest on her.
“Hi” she replied walking without looking back too, but when Stanley entered into the house, she looked back with tears in her eyes. That was the last time she would set her eyes on him coz she was traveling out of the state.
Stanley met the grandmother on the dinning table then greeted her happily.
“How are you feeling my boy?” she asked handling a cup of tea to him.
“I’m fine, granny, and I don’t wonna drink your tea”
“And you think I gonna beg you? In your dreams” she said jokingly and they laughed before tranquility took over. Latisha read his mind at that moment, she noticed that he must have seen Rita on his way coming and would ask about her, so she got ready for the question.
“Granny,” Stanley began. “I saw a girl coming out from here. Who’s she?”
“Oh, she’s just a girl that came to tell me she’s travelling” Latisha replied then drank her tea.
“Okay, and I have come to tell you too that I’m going back to school” he stood up and pegged her. “Bye granny!” he walked out.
“Bye my son” she replied sadly and silently.
Danny was the first to see Stanley coming through the gate of Eastwood, so he ran to him immediately looking excited. “I’m so happy to see you bro!”
“Me too, dude” they shook hands.
“So, what about Rita?”
“Who is Rita? Is like you’ve smoked weed this morning, right?” he ignored him walking towards the male hostel while Danny became dumbfounded staring at him.
Tercy also met Stanley on the way and said, “Stanley, please, can I talk to you?”
“Sure, how are you, Tercy?” he smiled.
“Fine, I just want you to forgive me”
“About what?”
“About reporting you and Rita”
“Rita again? Who’s she?” he smiled. “What’s wrong with you and Danny?” he left her dumbfounded too….
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