The Last Wedding

The Last Wedding – Episode 3


Episode 3

Written by Bright Daniel
The five girls became quiet after discovering that Abigail’s phone number had switched off. They turned to see the huge gateman standing with his hands folded like a bouncer ready to murder any person who looks for his trouble. They also surveyed the environment once again to see nothing but men drinking, swimming and eating at their various departments.
“I’m becoming scared” one of them said sliding her beautiful hair backward.
“Let me ask the gateman, maybe we are at the wrong place” Chrisom walked down to the gate. She stood before the man only to discover he was far taller than her unlike she had in mind. Her height limited on the the man’s chest.
“Hi, I guess you work here. We actually came down here from Anambra for our friend’s wedding.. so.. we are.. umm.. kind of thinking if we are at the write place”
The man remained mute, he didn’t smile neither did he look at her face. He just stood there like a lifeless iroko tree.
“Hello” Chisom tried to call on his attention but didn’t get a response, only then she understood that there is fire on the mountain. The speed in which she returned to her friends got them more scared than initial. “I think we have to call my Daddy” her voice began to break. Before she dialled Mr Desmond’s number, a lady came out from the restaurant department. She was at the same age averaged with some of the girls added to her complexity and locomotive posture. Her presence got the girls relieved.
“Hello girls, I guess you’re our guests from Anambra. My name is Cynthia, Please, follow me” she said smiling at them and wanted to lead the way but noticed that the girls didn’t make a move to follow her, so she turned to them. “What’s wrong? Are you not here for Abigail’s wedding?”
“We are” the girls replied simultaneously.
“Then follow me. Don’t be scared”
“We want to see Abigail” Chisom requested.
“Abigail will be here shortly. She instructed me to welcome you girls because she’s presently not around but will be with you soon” Cynthia clarified before the girls followed her with a little hope that things were fine. They entered into the restaurant, it was bigger than they thought. They saw their fellow girls dancing, serving food and drinking with some men too. That alone strengthened their mind because they noticed that they weren’t the only feminines in the building and the compound at large. Cynthia led them to another part of the restaurant which had several rooms like in a hotel. She opened one of them and they all entered happily admiring the beauty of the room; there were white energy bulbs at each angle glowing light to the peak. A large circular bed rested at the centre, it was covered with white bedsheet and opposite it was a large mirror too. A plasma television hung on the wall broadcasting African Magic channel.
“Girls, this gonna be your resting place till tomorrow for the wedding ceremony” Cynthia smiled again as she said that.
“Thank you” the girls responded.
Already, Kate had laid on the bed feeling the irresistible comfort it gives.
“So what do you girls wonna eat before Abigail arrives?”
Hearing that, Kate jumped up. She was the dramatic type who doesn’t hide her feelings. “I wonna eat fried rice and chicken with small vegetable mixed with fried egg on it. Never forget to add champagne on the tray” she ordered flinging her hands, rolling her eyes and shaking her body.
“Kate!” Chisom shrieked glaring at her while others giggled, even Cynthia herself.
“What!” Kate retaliated. “Didn’t you hear her when she asked what we wonna eat?”
“Is that the reason why…”
“Is okay” Cynthia interrupted Chisom. “Just make your order too” she added. The remaining girls made their order before she left the room smiling. Who would have thought that the smiling face wasn’t real? Who would have thought Cynthia was a heartless slaughter herself.
After she left, all the girls noticed something; there was no single network or signal in the sanctum..
Meanwhile, Ubiji occasionally glanced at his wristwatch and the glass of the moving bus which he was into to know the time and weather changes. He never bothered to call Chisom but strongly believed in himself that she was going to die. “If at all you will die, die in my arms and know that I love you that much” he thought and glanced at his wristwatch again. “Driver, move this bus!” he shouted for the hearing of all passengers.
“Oga, no dey rush me. You should know that this is a bus not an airplane” the young driver responded but topped the gear. Time was fast moving!
Back to the unknown compound, the day had become a bit dark and the girls had finished eating to their satisfaction and were at the swimming pool having fun. There were restricted to go out there with their cell phone for a flimsy reasons given to them. Only one of the girls wasn’t swimming, she sat beside the pool watching the gateman critically. He neither moved nor smiled. She averted her eyes from him to the man who just approached.
“Hi, I’m Bernard” he said.
“Hi, I’m Loveth” she replied. “I guess you came for the same purpose”
“Yes, I guess you’re talking about Abigail’s wedding”
“Yes” she replied then both remained quiet for some time.
“May I sit down?” Bernard broke the silence. She was an agent of the slaughters but Luckily for Loveth, he began to develop feelings for her. Even if he does, when the time comes, he won’t be able to save her. He was a young black guy with afro hairstyle. He looked gentle and humble but deadly. As he was chatting with her, all the light in the voluminous compound went off. When such thing happens, someone will be taken to the slaughter room and killed.
After five minutes, the light came back.
“Why that?” Loveth asked Bernard.
“They must have been a change-over power” he replied. “You look beautiful” he added to change the topic instantly.
“Thanks” she said smiling, she was also falling for his handsomeness and love as well. Suddenly, someone called on Bernard.
“Excuse me” he left the pool walking into the restaurant. He could be seen still walking into the innermost part of the building opening and closing several doors until he found himself in the slaughter room. In the room, human body parts such as hands, legs and heads hung at several places. Bernard moved further to see a young boy lying dead on a table: he had just been killed when the light went off. Cynthia and two more guys stood beside the table with hand gloves.
“Take over from here” Cynthia told Bernard as she took off her hand gloves. “You guys should slaughter this body, cook the main parts and package the essential parts while I prepare the girls for slaughter too” she instructed. Bernard began to put on his gloves….

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