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The Law And Order batch 5



RUBY::I’m so happy brainy. am graduating from high school next week.

BRAINY: I’m so proud of you Ruby.

RUBY: ( takes her parents photo) mom, dad.I know that you two are proud of me wherever you.all thanks to your son, my brother brainy. and am sure that you two are proud of brainy.

BRAINY: yes mom, dad.Ruby and I are so happy and we miss you two( looks at Ruby, Ruby smiles with tears)

RUBY: yes..we love you mom and dad.I miss the way we do play( remembers when she was younger playing with her parents ) mom, dad I love you.( hugs brainy). the following day, brainy and Ruby goes to emmanuelle’s grave .the kept some flowers and light candles.

BRAINY: aunt, how are you? look Ruby and I are here to visit you.do you know that your little Ruby is done with high school already. she is ready to become a lawyer you’ve wanted her to be.it’s am because of your love towards us.

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RUBY: thank you so much aunt emmanuelle.I wish you were here to witness all these. but you are gone aunt.it hurts a lot. ( tears flows)it hurt.I love you so much aunt and I will always love you . BRAINY: I love you aunt emmanuelle( smiles at her grave)

AT HOME BRAINY: here RUBY: what’s this?

BRAINY: I purchased your admission already. immediately after graduation.. you go into college RUBY: what? but..how did you get the money to purchase this?

BRAINY: I have been saving some money for you. RUBY: really? thank you so much brother. I am proud of you( hugs him) thank you

BRAINY:( smiles) I want you to be the lawyer you’ve always wanted to be. RUBY: I promise to get back everything from uncle Fred.I promise. AT THE WAREHOUSE NICO: hey dude, I do admire your little sis BRAINY: what are you saying? NICO: you know what I mean( winks at him) BRAINY:( smiles and Punch him at his face) you are crazy

NICO: stop it brainy BRAINY: how dare you? listen carefully. I won’t let anybody touch my sis especially someone like you. my sister is a decent girl, so stop dreaming. NICO: hey I was only joking BRAINY: I dare you to come near my sis.I dare you.I will kill you( goes) NICO:( cleans the blood on his lips) I was only joking. hey brainy wait for me..( goes after brainy)…..

________________ Jake asked Mira out on a date JAKE: so tell me about yourself MIRA: like what? JAKE; like..( phone rings) hello mom, how are you doing?

TESSA: am fine Jake.I hope you are alright. how is your studies going? JAKE: cool TESSA: I don’t like the way you left, I will be coming to the state next week. JAKE: but why? TESSA: because I missed you and I want to see you but I won’t stay there long.. just for a week.

JAKE: okay mom TESSA: okay.. I will hang up now. take care son. JAKE: you too mom TESSA: I love you JAKE: I love you mom( hangs up) that was my mom..she was just checking on me

MIRA: you miss your mom right? JAKE: yes but not that much..so let’s go back to where we were. MIRA: okay from then on jake took Mira when he didn’t have classes. Mira got fond of Jake and then Jake made her his girlfriend. MIRA: come in Jake JAKE: okay ( enters in) SUSAN: Mira!

MIRA: mommy ( hugs her) SUSAN: how are you dear? MIRA: am fine mommy. hi dad( pecks her dad) dad..mom. I want you to meet Jake max.Jake my parents Anthony Kelly and Susan Kelly. JAKE: hi sir, hi ma’am. it’s nice meeting you ANTHONY: it’s nice meeting you too Jake, Mira have told us so much about you. MIRA:( smiles)

SUSAN: hey come on dinner is set already. you can’t miss my delicious meal MIRA: wow! mom .you always amazing .come on Jake ( Jakes follows them) two days later

MIRA: am graduating next tomorrow Jake JAKE:( smiles) that’s nice Mira.so you are going into business right? MIRA: that’s what they want

JAKE:( held her hands) am sure you can handle this Mira. and know this I will always be by your side

MIRA: ( smiles and touches his cheeks ) thank you very much Jake.. I don’t know what I would have done without you.you are my everything and I promise to love you forever.

JAKE: I promise to love you too.forever is too small Mira( smiles) MIRA: promise that you won’t leave me JAKE: I promise ( kisses her and hugs her) the following day, Jake takes Mira to the mall to get her a dress for her graduation. she tested a lot of dresses and comes out with the best. MIRA: I love that gown Jake

JAKE: it’s really pretty on you MIRA: am going to look pretty tomorrow. I hope you are going to be there

JAKE: yes I will be there, I can’t miss the graduation and awarding ceremony of my beautiful girlfriend MIRA: am flattered JAKE: hey don’t be.( raises her face up) you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I love you so much

MIRA:( hugs him) on the day of the graduation, Mira and her family and other relations were at the graduation ground. the graduation ceremony was about to start. Mira stands outside waiting for Jake MIRA: ( waits and worried)

SUSAN: Mira, come in the ceremony is about to start MIRA: mommy, its Jake , he isn’t here already

SUSAN: Jake promised to be here.so trust him, he will be here, so let’s go in MIRA: are you sure mom? SUSAN: yes dear, so shall we?( they go in) Jake on the other side had a lot of assignment piled up and he wasn’t allowed to leave the lecture hall. JAKE:( checks the time)

MATTHEW: hey dude.what’s up? JAKE: today is Mira’s graduation and awarding ceremony. I have to be there MATTHEW: but you can’t leave because of her JAKE: she’s my girlfriend for goodness sake. I have to leave

MATTHEW: hmm the ceremony began, Mira waited for Jake but couldn’t see him MIRA: mom, he isn’t here SUSAN: hmm

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PRINCIPAL: now let’s get into the awarding ceremony. this is the moment we have been waiting for. okay..the third award goes to miss Muse stone.. second award goes to Master Ben Dalton.. and now the first award goes to miss Mira Kelly( all claps, Mira climbs the stage unhappy.. her parents puts the medal on her , the school principal and other personnels did same.) after the lectures , Jake runs out, he drove out of the school as fast as he could..when he got to Mira’s school.. the graduation was already over.

DAVE: congratulations Mira MIRA:( forces a smile) SUSAN: hey honey. let’s go okay ( Mira nods and goes with her mom, she enters the car when Jake calls out her name) JAKE: MIRA! MIRA! MIRA:( looks at him with tears ) it’s over.the ceremony is over already..thank you for not keeping to your promise JAKE: let me.. MIRA: let’s go mom( enters the car and it drives off) JAKE: ( stands there confused)….

CHAPTER 19 &20 it was the night of Sabrina’s school prome. Olivia sew a beautiful gown which she wore and it was pretty on her.

OLIVIA: ( they all wait for Sabrina to come out with her new gown) SARAH: where is she aunt? OLIVIA: here she comes( Sabrina comes out looking pretty) oh my God! JASMINE: I can’t believe this SABRINA: how do I look mother? SARAH: you look like a princess SABRINA: thank you very much.thanks for the gown mom

OLIVIA: I want the best for you dear. SARAH: you are surely going to be the prome queen Sabrina. SABRINA: ( smiles ) am blushing already. come on Sarah let’s go..am sure that our excort will be waiting for us. SARAH: yes that’s true

JASMINE: wait a sec…who is your excort Sabrina? SARAH: it’s den SABRINA: what den? SARAH: yes SABRINA: but how.. SARAH: he was the only one available OLIVIA: it doesn’t matter who your excort it , just go and prove to us that this beauty isn’t in vain

SABRINA: ( smiles) thanks mother. let’s go Sarah AT THE PROME kiki , Gabby and Qwyneth sees Sabrina KIKI: oh my goodness! is that Sabrina?

QWYNETH: unbelievable.. she’s so pretty ( Sabrina comes close) SABRINA: hi kiki, hi qwyneth, hi Gabby GABBY: you are so pretty Sabrina

SABRINA: ( smiles) KIKI: I love your make up SABRINA: thanks to you all( den comes) DEN: hi sab SABRINA: hi DEN: you are pretty tonight. am sure we are going to be the prone royals tonight SABRINA; uhm..maybe

DEN: so shall we( takes her arm and leads her) after an hour, the prone began, the graduating students danced with their dates and excorts.

DEN: ( whispers to Sabrina) I love your gown SABRINA: ( smiles) DEN: and you look pretty SABRINA: you’ve told me that before DEN: ( steps on her feet while dancing) am sorry, I don’t know how to dance SABRINA: ( smiles) me too DEN: I think there is a chemistry

SABRINA: huh ..chemistry? I don’t think so DEN: am serious Sab SABRINA: hey..don’t ruin the night okay? ( smiles) DEN: I won’t .I have for a day like this right from our first year in high school

SABRINA: you are crazy huh DEN:( smiles) crazy for you I guess. SABRINA: uhm..( stops dancing) I have to go to the ladies room( leaves) in the rest room SABRINA: ( adjust her make up) goodness! that boy is so annoying. I’m really tired of dancing with him

SARAH: ( enters) oh! Sabrina. what are you doing here? SABRINA: that den is annoying. he was busy talking of chemistry instead of the prome.he irritates me

SARAH:( laughs) he had a crush on u since first year.. so this is his chance to tell u SABRINA: ( laughs) what? I don’t care because I don’t like him.he isn’t my type and not even handsome. oh my Sabrina! what a mess back to the prome the dance was over and a lot of activities took place and the prone was almost over

DEN: hi pretty. you look pale SABRINA: gosh! DEN: what! SABRINA: nothing..I meant I feel sleepy DEN: okay PROME

CHIEF: hello.. now we’ve come to the end of the program. it is time to crown our prome king and queen.there were a lot of votes thrown to different dates and excort and now the highest vote goes to Dennis Paul and Sabrina Anderson SARAH: oh my God( all hail them..Sabrina and den climbs the stage and were crowned the royalty of the night ) at home OLIVIA: am so proud of you dear SABRINA: thank you mother, thank you jasmine

JASMINE: I never doubted that you would win this because I know I have a pretty sister SABRINA: ( smiles) mm..jasmine! that’s flattering JASMINE: hey it’s not

OLIVIA: yes Sabrina ..you and your sister are beautiful.. very beautiful and I love you two JASMINE: my mother is so sweet SABRINA: I love you very much mom

______________ The following day, Jake comes to Mira’s house MAID: ma’am you have a visitor( Jake enters) MIRA: what are you doing here?, and what to you want from me? JAKE: am sorry Mira, am sorry for not attending your awarding ceremony MIRA: apology accepted. so you can leave

JAKE: are you still mad at me? MIRA: listen Jake , am not desperate for you okay? so I don’t care if you attended it or not. just leave me alone JAKE: Mira why don’t you understand me? I had classes yesterday , I never expected it. professor ken was there and we don’t leave the lecture hall whenever he around. so he took a lot of time in class.I promise Mira , I really wanted to be there. I hate myself for not keeping to my promise.

MIRA:( stares at him) really? JAKE: yes MIRA: you really have to make it up JAKE: yes I will.am ready to make it up

MIRA: so how? JAKE: what you have to do is to go upstairs. change your clothes, make sure you put on your best dress MIRA:( smiles) okay I will ( goes up and changes) Mira dresses up and Jake takes her to a garden full of flowers MIRA:( feels bad) what is this Jake? what are we doing in a garden?

JAKE:( smiles) MIRA: it isn’t funny Jake.is this how you are going to make it up to me? unbelievable JAKE:( smiles) MIRA: look he is smiling. I gotta go( tries going and Jake held her back, she turns) Jake ! JAKE: congratulations Mira Kelly. am proud of you

MIRA:( couldn’t believe) oh my God! this isn’t good at all.you are crazy Jake, what’s the meaning of all these? JAKE: I don’t know how to make it up to you MIRA: ( laughs). so stupid, so this is the reason I wore my best dress ..for this…this is nonsense Jake. JAKE:( silent) MIRA: you aren’t romantic at all JAKE: I know that..I know am not

MIRA: I hate this. this is the worst day of my life ( tries leaving, Jake pulls her back , he kissed her and then laid with her) At night Jake returns with Mira , Mira’s parents had been waiting for her MIRA: mom( pecks her)dad ( pecks him) JAKE: hi uncle, hi auntie ANTHONY: Jake max , I feel bad that you had to take my daughter our without my permission. MIRA: dad. Jake is my boyfriend and you know that

ANTHONY: yes..but look at the time he brought you home.. this is 11: 30 pm JAKE: am sorry sir but.. ANTHONY: listen Jake, if you ever hurt my daughter, I promise you , you will hate me. JAKE: am not.. ANTHONY: it is easy to say but I hope you respect Mira.I hope you don’t take advantage of her JAKE: yes uncle ANTHONY: you can leave JAKE: okay goodnight ( leaves)

SUSAN: I need to talk to you Mira ( takes Mira upstairs) Mira I never taught you to go out with any man, and return anytime you like MIRA: mom! SUSAN: I don’t trust that Jake. I feel that he is going to disappoint you. MIRA: mom, Jake isn’t like that.he loves me and he proved it today SUSAN: what do you mean? ( Mira is mute) tell me Mira what happened between you two today?

MIRA: uhm..nothing SUSAN: ( slaps her) how dare you? how dare you Mira? you disappoint me.you are going to regret given your whole being to that man.I promise you that.I am so ashamed of you.( Mira cries) MIRA: am sorry mom.. ( tries touching Susan) SUSAN: don’t touch me( leaves) MIRA: mom! mom


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