The lonely heart episode 13

STORY_BY Halicia Rose๐Ÿ’–

๐ŸŒบLex’s POV๐ŸŒบ

I quickly carry Chris on my shoulder and tiptoe to the back door trying to open it
“Goodbye to you soon, kiddo!”I thought and laugh evilly

I carry him out and put him in the back seat of the car and drives off speedily to the sea smiles once in a while thinking of my disposal of him soon
“I’m smelling my success already!”I said and increase my speed

I was about to reach the sea when five cars cross me in the front suddenly
“What the hell is this?”I said angrily

I looks at the car and gasps
“That’s father’s cars with the guards!”I thought and close the door back

I try to move back when I see like three cars at the back too
“Oh my gosh!”I said hitting the wheel so hard with my knuckles turning red๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š

Two of the guards come down to my side and open my door
“Can you please step out?”one said
“Answer us or we rough handle you!”another said rubbing his bald head

I hiss angrily at him and he just shrugs

One bad thing about me is I don’t know how to fight at all cos I would have beat the hell out of the guards especially the bald one who always get on my nerves

I open the door and comes out
“Who send you?”I asks fiercely

They looks at me and chuckles
“We see you when you narrates everything and even put the drug inside his juice”one said
“And you allow me?”I asks
“Yes cos we’ve many things to unfold!”another said and push me to the back of the car placing Chris head on my laps while I hiss

They faces each other and smiles
“By the time we reach there,he would have wake up!”they said

Driving along the way we sees a mad man crossing the road carelessly
“Hey you!”the bald guy said pointing to him
“What did I do?”he asks coming to us
“Go away!”the guards said

He looks at them and smiles then run quickly to my side while I gasps
“What wrong with him?”I asks so scare

He open the back door where I’m and places his hands on Chris’s head and smiles
“You’re release now,son of man!”he said rubbing his hair and smiles

The guards come to our side and push him away from us and he smiles
“Work done,Jah!”he said and run away from our sight
“That’s scaring!”I said

I looks at Chris and it feel like his head and hair glowing like sun
“Am I seeing wrong?”I asks no one in particular

They all get inside the car and we drives to God’s knows where and stop

They moves to us and open the door
“Come down you”the bald guy said

I come down and one of them carry Chris carefully as we walks inside the big mansion with all the guards surrounding us and the door open automatically

I looks around and sign
“Where the hell is this place?”I asks facing them

None of them answer me as we walk inside and there’s everyone:my parents,sister,lawyer and a guy wearing white and I think he’s a doctor

Dad moves away from the big bed and Chris was place on it while the doctor check his pulse
“He’s doing okay,just weak from the drug!”the doctor said

Dad faces me and punch me so hard on the face with blood gushing out of my mouth and I fall down on the floor
“What kind of a son are you even brother?”he asks fiercely

He moves toward me again and mom comes in between us
“Stop it John!”she said crying

My sister stands up and slap me hard
“He’s your brother for God’s sake and you take him away for good four years away from everybody”she said angrily

I looks at her and smirks
“He deserve more than that but you stop me form doing so!”I said snarly

Dad makes signal to the guards
“They should kill me right?”I asks facing him and he chuckles

All the guards moves out and it remain only the family with the lawyer and doctor and they all sit down while me is standing with sis at my back

Chris moves on the bed and sniffs

Sis quickly run to him
“Are you okay,bro?”she asks him
“I’m and where I’m?”he asks her

She smiles and hugs her so tight
“It’s always him!”I said angrily and tears drop from my eyes

Dad looks at me and tears drop from his eyes too and it flows endlessly
“I’m sorry son for passing nothing to you except our generations sickness!”he said

He stands up and moves to my side
“You know in the Johns family,there’s a sickness passes to all the first son in the family!”he said crying

I just looks at him and shrugs
“Are you kidding me?”I asks him

He looks at me and smiles sadly
“I wish I’m!”he said

Chris stands up and come to our side
“What you mean,dad?”he asks

He faces him and rub his shoulder
“You know you said I’m behaving strangely this morning or should I say everybody?”he says
“Yes dad”he answer

He looks at us and sign deeply
“In the family of the Johns, all the first son have amnesia problem that’s why I forget that you’ve arrived the day before yesterday!”he said

I looks at him and I feel so weak seeing tears falling from his face and I move to him holding his hands
“What you mean,dad?”he asks me

He looks at me and bend his head down

My mom stands up and pet his back
“That’s the truth son cos he always have a time that he’ll forget everything and it takes a long day to remember back that’s why I always follow him to the company to help him remember everything that’s transpire always!”she said signing

I looks at him and holds my head
“Is that the reason why I always forget something sometimes?”I asks him

He looks at me and hugs me
“That’s why I said the company shouldn’t be giving to you is you’ve no wife yet and the workers might take chances on you by duping you and even publish it making you to be shameful of walking in the public”he says petting me

I feel all my body system weakened
“But why did I remember everything I did to Chris?”I asks him
“It cos you’ve such a strong will to do it”the doctor said

I looks at him and sign
“Which means if I’ve strong will to do something, it won’t be forget!”I said looking at him and he nods.

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Father looks at me
“I don’t know strong will could conquer generations sickness then I would have given you the company without thinking twice!”he said crying more
“We’re so sorry,son!”mom said and hugs me so close to his heart

I hugs her back and releases her
“I’m sorry,mom!”I said
“Said that to your brother!”mom said moving away from me

I tiptoe to brother side and he smiles
“I’m so sorry,little kiddo!”I said rubbing his hair and he chuckles
“I’m sorry too,big brother!”he said

We run to each other and hugs tightly
“Thanks for coming back home hale and healthy!”I said rubbing his back
“Thanks for being the one who brings me back home!”he said

I remember the incident and laugh
“If you know my intention that day then you won’t thanks me!”I said

I reminiscent that day cos I’ve decided to fake being his helper and drives him to the bush then kills him there since I’ve paid some guys to wait for me there

He looks at me and smiles
“At least,you didn’t do it!”he said
“Thanks to the accident!”I said

We hugs again and mom and dad smiles
“Hey what about me,kiddo brothers?”sis said spreading her arms
“Oh yes,she deserve one right?”I asks facing Chris
“Lets pity her!”he said

We all brust out laughing and goes to hugs her tight
“Thanks for coming back to me,brothers!”she said happily
“Thanks for being the best sis and elder one always”we chorus

Chris looks at us and smiles
“Why smiling?”dad asks him
“I remember everything when brother is driving me away,thanks to the flashback that he did”he said

Mom moves toward him and smiles
“Are you sincere?”she asks
“Yes mom and brother is not with me in the picture cos he hates the light flashing on the camera right?”he asks facing me

I looks at him and punch him lightly
“Why is that one you said out among all the things you remember huh?”I asks feigning anger
“It cos that’s the first thing that sadden my heart when I first comes home!”he said looking at me

I hugs him again
“Oh that’s my cutie kiddo!”he said

He pushes me away lightly
“I’m not kiddo again but big now!”he said

I looks at him checking him all over and nods to his word
“You’re right, big man”I said

He raises his head up and winks
“That’s me,big bro!”be said

The lawyer stands up and sign
“Hope the family is now intact?”he asks us and we faces him
“So much intact!”we all says

He smiles at us
“I think tomorrow will be party then so let keep the will reading for next time!”he said and moves out

We all hugs each other with the doctor
“I wish you two comes to the hospital soon to check your health and Chris too!”he said smiling
“Okay,Doc!”we reply him
“I want all the male in the family by next tomorrow!”he says
“Okay Doc”we repeat again
He smiles and walk out

Sis comes to our front and smiles
“Do you know another event happening tomorrow?”she asks facing us

We all looks at her and shakes our heads
“What about you, Chris?”she asks him

He looks up then down and smiles beautifully looking at us then blushes
“Its his birthday tomorrow!”we all chorus
“You get it”he said dancing round us

We smiles happily
“Its welcome back home plus happy family reunites and its his birthday too!”mom said
“Its gonna be awesome!”dad said
“I’ve a plan dad and hope you’ll help me?”sis said facing dad
“I can help too right?”I asks her
“Yes and mom too but I need dad’s own most!”she said and winks at him

Chris come to our middle signing
“Are you not telling me?”he asks
“Its your birthday so it gonna be surprise!”she said

We all smiles hearing her and hugs each other one by one as joy with love fills our hearts and I feel the lonely void in my heart closing up little by little and it full seeing everyone happy and hugging me

๐ŸŒบChris’s POV๐ŸŒบ

I stretch happily on the bed as I remember about yesterday
“Oh I’m glad now that’s all is going well!”I thought

I looks up and sign
“If only my Tracy could be there,then it’ll be perfect and be lovely days ever!”I thought and smiles sadly

The door to my room creaks open and they all rushes in
“Happy Birthday,Dear!”they choruses

I looks up to see mom,dad,brother and sister and I smiles brightly
“Oh thanks mch!”I said smiling

The door opens again and all the maid and guards rush in
“Happy birthday,dearie!”they said and pour lots of balloons on me๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

I looks at them and smiles
“Thanks much!”I said

Brother sits beside me happily
“Go get dress!”he said
“Let’s rock today!”sis said and winks
“It your day!”dad said smirking

Mom looks at us and smiles brightly
“I’m so happy you’re here with us at last to celebrates this birthday of yours with us!”she said and hugs me
“We’re all so happy”the guards said
“Welcome home”the maids said
“And happy birthday,son!”dad said

They all takes turn hugging me
“Is it hugging day?”I asks them

They all look at me and burst out laughing so loud
“Let’s celebrate then”I said smiling

They all moves out and I hurry to the bathroom,have my bath and brother comes on to give me my clothes
“You love this,big man?”he asks me
“Yes,thanks big bro!”I said hugging him

He went out and I quickly get dress

Soon,I’m walking downstairs when sis pull me to a seat
“Hello guys!”she said

Before I knew it,a tomgirl comes out
“I’m Jake and I’m a stylist!”he said bowing and blow me kiss

I looks at him and his physique then laugh looking at him
“Are you a boy or what?”I asks him

He looks at me and chuckles
“Call me any!”he said

He starts from changing my hairstyle, do my face and then put an earring on one of my hair and show me glass
“Check yourself out!”he says

I collects the glass and looks at myself
“Wow!”I said smiling
“My brother so handsome!”sis said
“He’s so hot and sexy”brother said

I looks at them and blushes
“Happy birthday”the stylist said

We all moves out to the door
“Where’s mom and dad?”I asks them
“At the event center”sis said

Brother pull me inside the car and sis drives speedily to the place

At the Sheridan’s Biggest Event Center๐Ÿฐ
We all get down and walks in
“Happy Birthday,Dear!”all the family and friends chorus on seeing me and I bow
“Thanks much!”I said

I gasps seeing the enormous cake๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚
“That’s a giant one!”I said
“So huge!”brother said
“That’s is not enough for you to finish!”sis said looking at brother

He shrugs and we laugh
“Maybe”he said winking

I walks to the chair prepared for me and sit down like a king
“Wish my Tracy is here!”I thought

So bad of me that I didn’t even try to contact her since she’s a celebrity but I wish to show myself to her instead

Everyone comes side and greets me with gladden hearts and I respond too with joyful face

Brother comes to my side
“Are you happy brother?”he asks me
“More than happy!”I said
“But you’re not completed right?”sis asks me and I looks down
“Maybe!”I said

They looks at me and smiles

I’m still wondering why they’re laughing when the light on the hall went off and a bubbling light like those singers come on
“Are we in a club?”I asks

The place become bubbling as sound of drums and guitars is heard๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽง๐ŸŽต

๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถYou that’s is born in the star
How are you doing
It is your birthday now
So how are you doing
You’re the best gift that is
Its a best gift that’s send to the world today
So how are you doing
You that’s born in the star
The stars is shinning brightly
Cos one of them is been born
So how are you shinning star๐ŸŒŒ๐ŸŒŒ๐ŸŒŒ๐ŸŒŒ
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Happy
Happy birthday to you uuuuu
Happy happy happy
Happy birthday to you
You that’s born in the star
Happy birthday to you
My handsome love๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽง๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽป

I quickly stands up from my seat and starts looking round
“That’s my Tracy voice!”I said and looks round even stand on my toes

I was still looking round when the light come on at the side of the hall and there’s my Tracy so looking beautiful and stunning and she winks at me with all the.members of her group both the girls and guys gasp seeing me

She get down from the stage and start walking to me and I quickly get down from where I’m and rush to her side

She hugs me immediately I reach her
“Is this you?”I manages to say

She looks at me and smiles brightly
“I miss you so damn much!”she said

I looks straight in her eyes
“I’m here now my love and I’m going nowhere ever again!”I said

Sis and brother starts clapping with all the guests too

They all starts cheering and say something looking at us
“What are they saying?”I asks her

She looks at me and cover her face while I listen again
“Kiss kiss kiss kisssss๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹!”they all shouted

I looks at her as she bow her head then moves more close to her like we should melt into one and raises her head up

She looks at me with tears in her eyes

I waste no time as I kiss her so hot and hot on the lips and everyone cheers

“Oh yeah!”they all said

I releases her and looks her straight in the eyes then says the word I’ve been dying to say all this while
“I LOVE YOU, MY TRACY!”I said finally

I move to her again and kiss and kiss and it feel like we’re the only world in the hall and even if not exaggerating,like we’re the only one in the whole world..