The Lonely Heart

The lonely heart episode 5

◼️ STORY_BY Halicia Rose💖


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I walks not looking back at her and I could hear her crying silently but I get no strength to looks back or comfort her as I move to the street and walk aimlessly again looking right and left
I feel my heavy burden lifted immediately I talks to her about me but feel so sad that I only tell her I’m son of man instead of my name that I sees on my necklace which is Chris and that’s all I knew about me and it so funny though that I feel my loneliness always wear off anytime I thinks about her
“She’s just so pretty and funny too!”I said and smiles brightly

I look up to see the shinning red sun and wonder about the mad man words to me
“Behind that dark sky there’s always a silver lining”he says

Maybe he’s right or not but I’m very sure he’s talking about Tracy who will wipe my loneliness away now cos I feel not alone again anytime I think of her or reminiscent about our funny encounter
“Hope she won’t give up on we the lonely hearts there cos we needs her song and her too in this outside world!”I thought
I move to a corner and looks up
“But why will she be singing about lonely hearts too and even be in an orphanage, does it mean…it can’t be!”I thought thinking maybe she’s just like me

I feel my heart groans in pain as the thought hit me and even,it might be a reality that she’s lonely too

I gonna go back and ask her so her heart can be lighting and free just like me
“I must comfort her too,I must heal her lonely heart!”I said running back to the orphanage with full speed when a girl run pass me and like three or four guys running after her

I just look at them and scoffs
“They can’t even say sorry,heish”I said when I hear the tiny voice of the girl
“Please help me!”I heard him

Without thinking twice,I follow the path they take and run with my full might
“She might be a lonely heart too and those jerks wanna takes advantage of her!”I thought and run speedily there

I arrives there and the girl is moving back while the jerks are smirking happily
“We won’t hurt you dear so just let enjoy the rich girl body!”one says
“She’s so fresh huh!”another says
“Why are you running from us?”another said rubbing her bald head
“She gonna enjoy it!”another said blowing chewing gum

I look around and find a big stick then inhale and moves toward them slowly
“Let her go!”I said and they face me
They laugh hysterically seeing me
“Is that John Cena?”one said checking me out and they burst out laughing
“Maybe agent James Bond!”another said
“Shush handsome kid cos we will beat you to pulp!”another said
That’s get me angry
“A kid!”I exclaims and scoffs
“Yes cos we be the captain!”one said
“Oh captain America huh!”I said and move close to them

I raised the club up and hit it on his bald head and he screams
“Oh freaking gosh!”he said slumping on the ground
I laugh now and move to the second one and hit him on his groin and he kneel down immediately
The remaining two rush out at me but I move away quickly and one hit his head on the tree nearby and the girl use her purse to hit the last one and he smirks
“That’s not gonna hurt me!”he said raising his hand to slap her
Boom,I hit the stick on his head and he collapse immediately to the floor
“Let’s run!”I said
Holding the grip hand,we run with our might out of the bushy place
“You’re going down, kid!”the bald one said and faints

We run to the road and stops
Looking at each other,we burst out laughing and then inhale deeply
“That’s a nice one,kid!”she said looking at me and I chuckles
“Is that my thanks?”I asks trying to be angry and she smiles
“Thanks much,Hans!”she said smiling
I look at her and then boom,her face come to realisation to me
“Wait,you’re among the T’Babes right?”I asks her nd she giggles
“Yes and in fact,am Tessy!”she said
I look at her and smiles
“Why am I meeting the T’Babes today?”I asks and chuckles
“What you mean?”she asks me
I look at her and release her hand
“Don’t mind me!”I said thinking about Tracy again and blush happily
She looks at me and snap her finger making me come out of my thoughts
“Thanks much!”she said bowing
“You’re welcome!”I said about to go
She looks at me and pull me back
“What wrong?”I asks her

She should just let me go cos I wanna see Tracy immediately
“What again?”I asks her
“Please accompany me to the car!”she said pouting cutely
I nod yes and she try to hold my hand while I move back
“Are you gay?”she asks me
I look at her feeling so angry
“What you mean?”I asks irritated
“I’m sorry,just asking when you don’t wanna make body contact with me!”she said feeling sad
“Don’t worry,let’s go!”I said ignoring the question and we walk side by side

We walk for few minutes and arrives at a big mini van🚐,black one for those celebrities in the world and she enter
I look at her and she beckon to me while I move to her reluctantly
“What wrong with this girl for God’s sake,is it wrong to save someone?”I thought gritting my teeth

I move close to the van and gasp seeing all the T’Babes there except Tracy
“Hi Singers!”I manage to say
They all looks at me drooling

Yes I know that ME, Chris is an hot handsome guy despite not having anything or status but I’m so handsome among my peers or should I say stands out so well and I’m very sure,Athena is the one who gives me the quality just as she gave Jason in the Argonauts story

“He’s so handsome!”they all chorus
I smiles seductively at them
“He’s hot too even more hot than our guys”one say and I think she’s Tonia
“I wish he’s mine!”Teni said
I look at her and scoffs
“Did I look like someone belonging?”I said looking away
“Thanks that lonely girl not here with us to see this handsome work of God!”Tessy said looking at me
I feel so furious hearing her say that and faces her glaring so fierce
“You mean Tracy?”I asks her
They all nod yes to me
“If not for her lonely heart and disappearance at home,she would have cook and do all other works and I won’t be attack by those jerks!”she said again
“Hey common!”Teni said
“Thanks to that,we sees the most handsome guy ever!”Tonia said blushing so red and smacks me gently
“Please follow us home!”Teni said
“Tracy lonely is not home so thanks Jah!”Tessy said

With that hearing her name again,I take to my heels not looking back as they call me repeatedly and Tessy come down to follow me but I’ve run out of sight already with my mind on Tracy

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Oh Lord, what could be tags as loneliness if not you’re among multitude of people but none is yours and even make you suffer among them always

“So that what my Tracy being going through and I add my own worries to her”I said screaming

I remember that silly words
“She always sing about boring lonely hearts and it kinda frustrating!”she says

I hurry to the orphanage and meet the small girl called Clara and she runs to me quickly while I stops breathing hard
“What’s wrong,handsome?”she asks rubbing my hair
She is just too cute
“Please where’s that your weird sis?”I asks squatting down
She looks around and gasps
“She feel so emotional and moody so she says she wanna take a stroll round here cos it been long she come here and she wanna feel fresh air!”she said
“Oh!”I says short of word

I pecks her cheek and runs off
“Oh yes,she says her heart is so lonely and heavy too!”Clara said as I’m running away and I look back blowing her kiss and she did same too
I run looking around and didn’t see her and it getting so late in the night
“Where are you, my Tracy?”I asks no one in particular and tears drop from my eyes as I sit on the bare floor

I stay like that putting my head on my lap when I hear footsteps approaching me
“So here you are huh?”I hear the voice and looks up
I looks up and gasp seeing……

🌺#Tracy’s #POV🌺

I looks back at him and he’s gone already so I stands up holding my diary close to my heart with tears dropping every second and dust my clothes,I walks zigzag to my room and sign
“I thought I’m the only lonely heart not knowing they’re plenty out there!”I said putting my diary on top my bed

I sit down on the edge of the bed and looks up to the ceiling the to window
“He’s so lonely and even have no place to stay, food to eat or anything he can call his own!”I said crying more

I open my diary📕 and on the front page,he has writes ‘❤CHRIS CARES💖’ and I smiles so brightly
“So Chris is his name huh,so cool!”I said smiling sadly

I remember his word saying he knows nothing about himself then he would have told me everything about him
“But how come he knows his name,is he like me?”I thought and looks up

I remember Martins Luther King words

He’s truly right cos no word can be fit describing loneliness of the heart and how it could leads to suicide

I stand up and change my slippers to a sneaker and tie the shoelace
“I gotta go find him and knows why he only knows his name just like me too!”I said and wear a hoodie sweater and use it to cover my face so people won’t recognise me at all

I walks out as the air blow so cold and its kinda chilling so much
“Did we offend Iceland cos this cold is too much❄⛄!”I thought and walks out
“Where are you going,lady?”Clara asks me standing right in front of me and spread her arms blocking me
“I wanna cool down my emotional heart which is so heavy and maybe find a new songs!”I said looking at her
She smiles and release her hand then moves away from the way
“Be careful sweetie cos there’s so many bad guy out there!”she said winking
I look at him and scoffs
“Bad guy!”I said smirking
“Yes they’re so plenty now,think they just drop from Jupiter so be careful much!”she said smiling
“Don’t you trust our sweetie that she’s a bold and a fighter?”Jason said coming toward us
I look at him and giggles then high five him ✋ while Clara just giggles
“She fit break the bone I know but still,be careful Milady!”she said and pull him away from me while I just shrugs
“Okay ma’am and sir!”I said blushing

I walk away from them out to the road and take the slopping way down the river which goes across the bridge and looks to left and right with no sight of him

I have walks like ever but still never see him so I sit down under the tree and brings out my diary and pen
“Oh yes!”I said closing my eyes,inhale deeply and open it back
“Let’s the inspiration flows!”I said chuckling and close it again

I reminiscent about my encounter with the Chris or should I say son of man and smiles so brightly then starts writing
🎶🎶When I thought the life is over
When I thought I am letting go
I see him standing right there
Smiling so bright and handsome
He whisper to me softly
“You’re beautiful and amazing
Let’s go to the end of this road
Cos I’m always waiting for you
I’ll always be there at your side
Never letting you go ever ever
Cos you’re my life

You’re my life
You’re the life I always wish for
Just come close and hugs me
Cos I’ve been waiting for this love
All the days of my life
Never know it could mean so much
Oh oh ooooh oh ooooh

(Standing up and starts dancing)

It gonna be bright day always now
The sky is shinning brightly at me
The moon is smiling at me
Cos it a new beginning
Bye bye bye to loneliness
Cos I’ve get you and need nothing more
Just come and cuddles me
Cos you’re what I’ve been waiting for
Oh yea oh yea oooh oooh yea
I writes it and start dancing round the tree with happy heart and sign deeply
“I’m now so not alone again,ever again!”I said smiling

I sit down again and check the lyrics over and over again then gasps as it dawn on me and I flip the dairy over
“Did I just writes a love songs?”I said looking at the lyrics and smiles

Wow,so there’s no where inspiration can’t come from as long as you hold the direction that it came from dearly close to your heart and I think he,CHRIS is my own inspiration

“He’s truly my inspiration!”I thought standing up quickly and looks at the sky
I smiles seeing the shinning bright sun🌞🌞 and dust my clothes
“Gotta find my inspiration!”I said putting my diary back in the hoodies cloth and cover my face and starts running
“Where are you, Chris?”I asks looking every direction but still no sight of him

It late in the night so I decided to go home and come searching maybe later in tomorrow morning
I walk so tired to the long slopes and sign deeply feeling sad for not seeing him when I hear someone screaming
“It couldn’t be those bad guys that the children told me right?”I said feeling so angry as steam comes out of my nose

I run speedily there and gasps so loud seeing like four guys beating another guy and I shout so angrily
“What the hell are you guys doing?”I said pointing to them
“Oh it another baby girl huh!”a guy said among them and he’s so,oh gosh,bald
“Ganging up on an helpless guy!”I said and removes my cap
They all gasps seeing me
“Another girl from the T’Babes”they all said checking me out
“What!”I exclaim folding my hands
“But to be sincere,she’s the most beautiful!”another said chewing gum
I look at them and scoffs when the guy they’re beating raises his head up and looks in my direction
“Don’t dare hurt her!”he said snarly trying to stand up
“Think our kid needs more beating!”the third guy says
“Let’s give it to him then!”the fourth guy said and they starts moving close to him again and raises him up

Wait a minute,that voice sound so familiar like I’ve heard it somewhere before and not even not long ago.Oh yea,to be precise it today
“It can’t definitely be….”I thought as my eyes drifted quickly to the guy as they raises him up and we make eye contact
“Run away,My Tracy!”he said pleading with his eyes
I bit my lips so angrily and blood gush out from it and rush at them

Yes that’s me for you, I always bit my lips to the extent of blood gushing out from it anytime I’m so feeling angry and I did it always when I’m angry

“You’re so dead,bad guys!”I said angrily
I first catch the guy chewing gum and kick him so hard,squeeze his mouth and the gum fell out then use it to pitch his eyes together and he screams
“Go home young lady!”the second one says coming to me
I turn my head sideway and rush at him too giving him an uppercut and blood gush out of his mouth to my head
I do a back kick and hit it on the head as he faints straight away
I turn swiftly to the bald one and catch him with his dirty cloth and flip him up then kick him down and face the fourth one when Chris stands up
“Let’s me do this!”he said holding me
“But you’re weak!”I said and he chuckles
“I’m so weak for myself but not for my Tracy!”he said and I feel butterfly in my belly as he push me to the sideway and face the guys who have no stand up
“You’re so going down now cos you mess with the wrong girl!”he said gritting his teeth angrily
He moves to them and punch them from one person to another
“Wow that’s cool!”I said jumping up happily and claps like I’m watching an action film in a cinema
“Watch this!”he said winking at me
He jump on the bald one and twist his neck softly not hitting the live joint and he fell down to the ground fainting completely and he kicks him again
“Sooooo coooool!”I said clapping
He moves to the remaining two guys and hit their heads together then give them an uppercut and kick them repeatedly
“You rocks,Chris!”I said jumping up
He smiles toward me and give a final punch landing it on their neck joints and they too faints straight away
“How is that,dear?”he said facing me
“That’s wow ooo!”I said running to him

One of the guy wakes up and raise a knife rushing to his side
“Watch out”I said and he carry me up then twirl me round making my legs hit the knife away and then kick him with his left legs so hard and the guy fell backward while I sign deeply
“That’s so close and dangerous!”I said sniffing and moves to him
“Not as close and dangerous as you!”he said looking straight to my eyes

Our eyes lock together and we could hear each other heart going thump thump thump in a beat every seconds

He moves quickly toward me and carry me up so high and I looks down at him
“Where went you before?”I asks him
He looks up at me and smiles
“Looking for my Tracy!”he said and looks straight inside my eyes and I blush

I looks down at him and he looks up at me when the force pulls us to each other and we finds our lips on each other as we kiss with all our might

We kiss for non stops when the old woman we’re standing in front of her house come out and shouts
“Why can’t you reach home you this silly children and do the rubbish there instead of my house front huh,just wait!”she said snarly and goes inside
I look at Chris and he chuckles
“That woman is mad and hot temper!”he said looking at me still carrying me up
“She’s always acting weird!”I said laughing and he chuckles more

We were still chatting when she come out carrying a bowl of water ready to splash it on us and we gasps
“RUN!”I said shouting

Chris flip me to his back and I hold his neck tight as he run with me on his back speedily away just as the woman is about to pour the water on us

He run to the orphanages home and put me down then faces me
We looks at each other and burst out laughing
“You fit run pass Usain Bolt huh!”I said and he laugh so loud
“You think so?”he asks me
We laugh so loud again and chuckles

We looks at each other and he smiles
“Good night,my Tracy!”he said going away and I run towards him
“Spend the night here since you’ve no place to stay!”I said and he smiles

Without no argument,we both walk to the house and I show him to Jason place and he turn to face me
“Good night, dear!”he said and pecks me
“Good night,Chris!”I said and rush inside the house slamming my door shut and I hear his chuckling..


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