The lonely heart episode 6

STORY_BY Halicia Rose💖

🌺#Teni’s #POV🌺

We drives home silently when I decided to break the silents
“How did you meet that guy,Tessy?”I asks facing her
She looks at me and smiles brightly
“Since we all cook rubbish today at home(we all laugh remembering it) that’s why I decided that we should GI and buy food out but on getting there,I sees this guy looking at me and he makes advances to me which I rejects,and before I knew it,he start chasing me and three other guys follow and there’s how we run to the bush and I meet the guy who saves me and black bla bla”she said looking at us
“Wow so he’s the one that saves you?”Tonia asks her
“Yes maybe those guys would have find their way with me and that’s so gross!”she said rubbing her body
We looks at her and her reaction and laugh loud
“They might rock you so hard since they’re a badass!”I said looking at her
“Are you kidding me?”she said
“Yes dear cos such bad guys know how to rock!”Tonia said
We looks at each other and smiles
“But to be sincere that guy is so Hans!”I said looking at them
“More than Hans,he’s so cute!”Tonia said
“Just look at his pink lips,his curly hair and everything about him makes my heart flutter!”Tessy said smiling
We looks at her and chuckles
“Hey are you falling hard?”I asks her
“I think I’m!”she reply me
“You better don’t cos he’s nowhere to catch you, my dear!”Tonia said and giggles
“But talking about nowhere,why did he run away like that?”I asks facing them
“Especially at the mention of that lonely girl name!”Tonia said frowning
“She’s just nobody to him,just maybe he has a sister bearing that that he runs to!”Tessy said hissing
“Just stop pushing it girl,he might be running to his girlfriend bearing Tracy!”Tonia said and looks away
“He might have a connection with that Tracy name for him to just run away like that!”I said looking at the sad Tessy
To be sincere,I’m kinda sad too that we do not even know his name or number or even better still,his address cos I feel so whole seeing him walking to us with Tessy when she brings him to us but now,I feel so down

“Teni!”they both snaps me out of my thought and I face them
“What!”I said touching my heart
“Where are you, girl?”Tessy asks me
“Where even your soul cos we were saying something but you do not even give your opinion!”Tonia said
I looks away and ihnale deeply

We drives entering the compound and get down with our bags and food packs
“Should we go to the place tomorrow?”Tonia asks looking at us
I look at them and shrugs
“Yes we might see him”Tessy said
“You better don’t cos you remember the bad guys”I said looking away
“It true cos since they sees your face,they mght want to strike again”Tonia said supporting me
“But I wanna see him again!”she said pouting sadly and we chuckles
“We all wanna see him once again!”I said smiling and Tonia nods in agreement
“Let’s go together there and cover hiding!”I said looking at them
“Oh yeah!”Tonia said
“We might see him again”Tessy said

We smiles brightly and enter the house
“Holla here,dears!”I said as they guy turn to face us angrily
“Where did you go all this while huh?”Dave said angrily
They all stands up and face us
“We were attack by some jerks!”I said
“Jerks!”Drake said exclaiming
“Why don’t you find another lie?”Daniel said and scoffs
“We’re serious and thanks to a Hans guy who saves us!”Tonia said smiling
“So a Hans guy saves you three huh?”Dave said angrily

Talking about a hot temper someone then its Dave and thanks his girl Tessy is one hell of a hot temper too

Tessy rubs her hair and move to him
“Cool down guy cos we’re being truthful here but you’re misunderstanding us!”Tessy said hissing
“So I’m a guy now?”he said fiercely
“What are you before huh?”she said facing him so close
“I’m your boyfriend!”he said tapping her
“If you’re my boyfriend, then you should fucking believe me!”she said and push him out of the way
“Tessy!”we call after him
“Just all fuck off!”she said going in and slam the door

We faces the guys
“Why don’t you believe someone huh?”I said angrily too
“Why should we believe you?”Dave said snarly
“You’ve been gone like hours now coming late at night!”Daniel said
“So are you worry about us or should I say food instead?”Tonia said fiercely
“We’ve not eat since goddamn yesterday and you all go disappearing into thin air not looking back!”Drake said
I looks at Tonia and we scoffs
“So you’re not worried about us?”she asks them so about to tear up
“Let’s go cos they sucks!”I said angrily and pull Tonia away as we slam the door shut against them

They stay rooted wondering what wrong with us
“What could be wrong with them?”Dave asks looking at the guys
“We should have been worried about them not food?”Daniel said chuckling
“Who care about their stupid ass!”Drake said and they chuckle

They all pull the food to themselves and starts eating then chuckles silently looking at our room door

🌺#Chris’s #POV🌺

I wakes up so good and hale on the bed for the first time in forever and look around as tears drop from my eyes
“How long I have sleep last on a bed huh?”I said tearing up
I look at the bed:so soft and warm and rub it together then attach my head to the pillow again and smiles brightly
“Thanks so much,my Tracy”I said
The door creaks open and she peeps in
“Did you call my name?”she asks me
I look at her and smiles more
“Good morning!”I said and she come in

She squat in front of me and holds my hands clasping it together
“Why are you crying this early morning?”she asks looking straight to my eyes and I feel my worries melt away

I peck her and rub her hair smelling the hair cream and smiles
“Just so happy to say good morning to you this early morning”I said and she giggles then face me

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She raise her hands up and touch my cheeks then smiles
“Don’t worry,everything will be alright cos I use to tell myself that as long as the sky is still there,the moon and all work of nature especially as there’s always a new dawn,then all is well and we will succeed soon!”she said

I looks at him and feels so good
“Can I kiss you?”I asks her
She chuckles at me
“Did you ask last night before kissing me huh?”she asks punching my shoulder lightly while I blush
“You know morning breath and haven’t brush!”I said and she giggles
“Come here you!”she said pulling my head closer to kiss me when the door open and I pull back hitting my head on the wall while she too falls on her butt
“Ouch!”we both chorus

Sarah walks in and folds her arm
“Did you two wanna do something before I interrupted?”she asks looking suspiciously at us
Thanks you knew you interrupted!”I said gritting my teeth
“Did you say something, handsome?”she asks facing me
“Not at all!”I said and walks out

I walk through the garden and stop at the exact place I first sees Tracy and laugh
“She thought I’m mad that day cos of how I laugh!”I said and chuckles
“What you doing here?”I hear someone says to see Jason coming towards me

I look at him and squat to his level
“Hey you’ve something with miss cutie right?”I asks him
He looks at me and huffs
“Hey as young as I’m,I’m not for such cos I’ve a long way ahead of me huh!”he said
“Oh really!”I said and he push me to the ground and sit beside me
“You know for my age,what you elder says is face your future not thing like love coa it for older ones but as I come through life every seconds with Clara,I find out she gives me joy more than mouth could say but I always wonder about you elders word!”he said
“What word?”I asks facing him

He looks at the sky and smiles
“You see that sky is over both young and old and they say anything can happen under the sky but why will you elders says love is not for young ones?”he asks looking down and face me

I look at him and inhale deeply
“You know love could be your best dreams or your worst nightmares and if find in a true way,you’ll regret not finding it sooner no matter how early the love is and if you find the wrong one,you’ll curse the day you were born and regrets too in a mighty way”I said and he nods

I look at him and rub his hair
“Love is sweet and sad,hate and like, high and low,it has many feelings and most wonderful things about love is it makes the strongest man the weakest man and make a man in despair laugh,it can make a mighty man in battle fails,it can make a man who holds his dear life so precious takes his life within a second so I’ll say LOVE Carry’s so many feelings that’s why we say it the most powerful force in the whole world and match it to God!”I said looking at him

He looks at me and sign deeply
“Wow what you says makes me understand that love is truly not for young ones cos it a heavy burden and only you elders can truly carry it!”he said looking down while I chuckles
“So what you gonna do now especially about Clara?”I asks him
He looks at me and his eyes shone
“I’ll grow up quickly, make a life turn so well and come back to her when everything is so perfect!”he says standing up and look up high
“Wow that’s nice!”I said and he smiles

His eyes shone brightly as he run down the path with smiling face and joy
“But you know there’s no perfect time for love cos every time is right for love as long as it true”I hear someone says and I turn to see the mad man looking at me
I stands up and move far away from him while he looks at me and smirks
“Love is so right and perfect so why waiting for perfect time huh cos there’s a saying that do the right thing at the right time which means there’s no perfect time, son of man!”he said chewing a tree nearby him while I looks on
“What you mean?”I asks him

He face me swiftly and laugh
“Do you know that God is Love and he’s perfect so only Him is always on perfect time not human who He gives the feeling to so son of man,don’t wait for the love that’s perfect or on perfect time cos you mght regret it!”he said chewing
“So what should I do?”I asks him
Heish,can’t believe I’m talking to a mad man huh even for the second time

He looks at me and suddenly turn fierce as he uproots a tree and start coming to me and I do not wait a second before running down the slope quickle
“Silly son of man asking me what to do when the answer is right here in his front,so human so silly son of man!”he said and went his way

I run down the slope and enter the house
“Hey what’s wrong?”an old woman asks me while I just sit down on the floor breathing so up and down

Clara and Tracy runs toward me
“What’s wrong?”they asks
“Don’t mind me!”I said looking back
“Are you sure?”Tracy asks rubbing my hair and raises my head up
“I’m okay!”I said and stands up

I move to the kitchen and looks through the window but he’s not there anymore
“Hmmm!”Tracy sign at my back
“Hey what?”I asks him
She moves to me and look at the window too then faces me
“What you looking there?”she asks me
“I’m looking for perfect time!”I said

She looks at me and laugh
“Hey Chris,there’s no perfect time in human dictionary!”Clara said coming in
I looks at her and chuckles
“We just find the time and thinks later on if it right or not!”Jason said coming in too and they moves to wash the plates
“The term that fit human time is right not perfect,my dear!”the woman said leaning on the door with a stick

I looks at them all and smiles
“I’m so happy being in your midst,no longer a lonely heart!”I said smiling
“We’re all lonely hearts dear as long as we don’t find what makes us which is our essence!”she said looking at me
“And that essence is our parents and families!”Tracy said smiling sadly

I looks at them and sees their sad faces
“Hey common,we’re all here together so what essence again!”I said trying to change the sad moments

Jason looks at me and get what I’m trying to do as he moves forward
“This is dad(he points to me),this is mom(pointing to Tracy and she smiles) and that’s grandma while grandpa is dead!”he said chuckling
“And we are the cutest and handsome daughter and son!”Clara said pointing to herself and Jason
“Wow what a cute children!”Tracy said rubbing their heads and I smiles
“So what up for breakfast,grandma?”I asks facing the woman and she laugh
“Let’s eat rice with plantain!”she said

She moves towards us and hold our hands thereby forming a circle
“We’re standing on love and we’ll never be breaks down!”she said looking at each of us and we smiles

I looks at them as the void of my lonely heart closes up especially with my dear Tracy who fills it most….