The lonely heart episode 8

STORY_BY Halicia Rose๐Ÿ’–

๐ŸŒบ#Tracy’s #POV๐ŸŒบ

I wake up feeling so happy remembering yesterday with me and Chris and looks out through the window then inhale deeply as I smiles brightly
“Oh my,the lonely days is over!”I said and sit right on the bed

I quickly pick my phone and dials boss I Mean dad number and he picks immediately so happy to hear my voice
๐Ÿ“ฑ”Morning dad!”I said giggling
“This is so unfair huh,calling on the sixth days since you’re gone!”he said snarly
“I’m so sorry dad and hope you’re fine?”I asks him and he chuckles
“Just can’t get angry at you huh…I’m fine and hope you too?”he asks me
“Yes I’m fine too but I miss you dad so much!”I said and he scoffs
“I doubt that seeing you’re just calling me today all this while!”he said
I sniffs and smiles
“Sorry dad!”I said
“Ok Darling and oh yes,hope you’ll arrives tomorrow cos you all have an interview at the Stalling TV station tomorrow by 1 so arrives at the company by 12,o clock dear!”he said
“Ok dad,I’ll be there!”I said
“That’s my girl!”he said
“How everybody including my girls and guys with manager?”I asks him

I heard him laughing so hard
“What dad?”I asks him
“They’re working their asses out here and even sweating”he said laughing
“Oh why dad?”I asks suddenly growing worried on what happen
“Everywhere is so stinking bad but they’re still waiting for you to arrives and take care of it all for them”he said hissing
“Oh poor them!”I said chuckling
“Truly poor them cos I shouts angrily on them and they’re working now,all of them including silly manager!”he said

I pictures them working and couldn’t help but laugh so loud and Chris comes in
“What happen,dear?”he asks me

I looks at him and pull him to my side then rest my head on his shoulder
“Its so unbelievable, dad”I said giggling
“You suppose to see them sweating and sweating!”he said and we both burst out laughing so loud
“I just can’t picture it huh!”I said smiling
“Bye my dear and don’t forget tomorrow!”he said
“Bye dad and miss yaa!”I said happily
“Miss you too!”he said and I hangs up๐Ÿ“ฒ
I face Chris and kiss him
“Good morning,honey!”I said looking at him and his eyes shone happily
“Morning Darling!”he said happily
“I’m so happy waking up to see you always now!”I said smiling
“Let’s go out on a date,Darling!”he said
“Oh yeah!”I said jumping up happily

He looks at me and smiles
“Let me leave you to get ready!”he said ready to move out
“Chris!”I said looking at him and he face me back at the door
“What dear?”I he asks me
“Thanks for coming my way!”I said
He looks at me and pecks me on my cheeks then moves out

I look at him as he walks out
“He’s so cool in hiding his feelings!”I said holding my red cheeks together

I quickly wear my pink gown and goes out bonding my hair into ponytail

๐ŸŒบ#Chris’s #POV๐ŸŒบ

I quickly hurry out of her room cos hearing what she says make me wanna goes pass my boundary for I feel my heart leaping for joy as I hear her say that and I wanna say my own but..
“I feel like I’m losing my mind hearing her say that!”I said looking inside the river
“Just don’t regret it and go for your love, stupid cos your time is up now!”the mad man said looking so angrily at me
“What you mean my time is up?”I asks
He looks at me and walk away
“Just obey,son of man!”he said

I try to follow him when Tracy calls me
“Let’s go,Chris!”she said
I look at the direction the mad man take but do not see him again so I face her
“Let’s go”I said holding her hands
“You looks Hans!”she said

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Clara and Jason have went shopping for me unknowingly and gives me the clothes with shoes and I thanks them wholeheartedly

“You looks beautiful too,dear!”I said

We hold hands and walk happily to the amusement park where we play on different things๐ŸŽข๐ŸŽก๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽ ๐ŸŽข and smiles

We enter a rolling horse๐ŸŽ 
“I’m riding a horse”she said shouting
“I’m galloping!”I said and she chuckles
“This is awesome!”she said

She stretch her hands toward me and I hold it as we rides round and round

Soon it night already as we sit on the lawn of the amusement park with so many lovers and family and the fireworks started๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ†
“Look at that dear!”she said pointing to the fireworks
“So beautiful!”I said looking up

We take the camera and snap it
“Wow snap that dear”she said pointing to a comets lightโ˜€๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒ€๐ŸŒŒ๐ŸŒƒ
“Wow that’s cool”I said and snaps it

We looks so happily at it and I wrap my hands on her shoulder and Peck her
“Let’s take picture!”she said
We moves close to each other and I snap it as it looks so beautifully in the night
“That’s wow!”I said as we looks at the picture together
“I like it!”she said and smiles

It late in the night as we walks home together holding hand and smiles
“Today is the best day ever!”she said
“Truly the best!”I said and smiles

We walk happily and stops at the gate
“Can I sleep beside you today?”she asks me and I look away
“Can you?”I asks her
She suddenly pouts sadly
“If you Dont want,its okay!”she said trying to walk inside

I chuckles and carry her into my arms and run inside placing her on the bed and she smiles
“Good night,love!”I said and pecks her
“Good night,Darling!”she said smiling
We cuddles each other and soon snores off on the tiny bunker bed together

Somewhere outside the gate is a man in a hoodies sweater and he stares deep into the orpanages and sniffs
“So you’re still alive huh,brother!”he said and smirks then cover his face
He walks away and laugh evilly

๐ŸŒบ#Unknown’s #POV๐ŸŒบ

I walks so sadly and with heavy heart as I enter the church and sit in a far corner
“Oh Lord of mercy,its almost four years now that I’ve been coming always to seeks for your mercy over my son, I know he’s not dead but lost so help me fish him out and bring him back home to me!”I said crying

Suddenly,the light at the altar shone on my face and I quickly hurry there and bow my head down praying

Soon a hand touch me and I raises my head to see the priest looking down at me and he pulls me up
“Sorry my dear daughter but God has finally answer your prayer as the light shone on you so just don’t cease having faith in Him!”he says and I look up
“I do have faith and I’m sure He’ll do it but you too says an hope that’s too long do make the heart weary that’s why!”I said and sit down
“Its four years now priest and I just hope he do it quick!”a man said coming in and he’s my husband as he sit beside me

The priest looks at us and make a sign cross then face us holding a bible
“We never know what God is doing for us cos we have a blind eyes to see everything He did for us cos where your son is out there,there’s an angel guarding him and showing him which way to take!”the priest said sitting in our fronts

I inhale deeply and looks at my husband
“Is this true?”I said tearing up
My husband pull me to himself and pets me while the priest looks on
“I hope he’s on his way home?”my husband asks him
He looks at us and make a cross sign
“Oh ye with little faith,just go home and see God Mighty Hands today or tomorrow!”be said standing up and goes to the cross of Christ kneeling down
“Hope this is for real?”I asks looking up
“Today or tomorrow!”my husband exclaims and stand up going to the altar

The priest bow down and we too kneel at his back as we pray earnestly for like two to three hours and then stands up

He faces us and holds our hands
“As the senator and senator’s wife of Marnia City,you’ve so much burden and even so many enemies both out and in so when he arrives back,make sure you brings him here to pray for protection cos his coming back is more dangerous than his disappearance!”he said and pray for us quickly

Soon,we are out of the church with the bodyguards surrounding us and we goes inside the car and drives home

At our Mansion๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฏ
We enter with gladden heart when my first son rush to us and my first Bron which is a girl and help us to sit down
“Welcome back,dad and mom!”they said
My son sit with me and my daughter sit with my husband and hugs me

I looks at them and smiles
“What happen,mommy?”my daughter asks me and I smiles again
“Tell us mom!”my son says

I look at them and looks at my husband
“Your brother will be coming home soonest!”he said smiling
“For real?”my daughter jumps up coming to hugs me so tight
“Yes Darling!”I said hugging him

We all stands up and hug each other happily and jumps up
“Can’t believe young bro is coming home”son said smiling
“So the last born is coming home finally!”my daughter send happily

The guards and maids rush in quickly
“Sorry ma’am and sir with children,is it trust young master is coming home soon?”Jack said and he’s the boss of all the guards,very giant and heavily builts
“Tell us please!”Mara the head of the maids said too
“Yes dears cos the priest said we should have Faith!”I said chuckling
“Either today or tomorrow!”my husband said looking so happy

We all hugs each other happily and holds each other forming a circle
“This calls for celebration immediately he comes!”my daughter said jumping up
“Of course but let’s toast first๐Ÿป”I said
“Clink clink!”Jack said
“We’re cooking the best food ever!”Mara said looking at the maids and they nods yes in agreement to her

We all holds our wine cups up happily๐Ÿท and clink it with each other one by one๐Ÿป
“To young master coming soon!”my husband said looking happy
“To young master!”we all chorus

On each of our faces,there’s total happiness and it feel like we’re all gonna burst from happiness any moments now

“The Angel guarding my son I say thanks you!”I thought smiling happily
“I hope he arrives in peace!”my husband thoughts looking at us
“I miss you,kid brother!”my daughter thought and jumps heartily
“Welcome to hell soon,brother”the son thought and smirks evilly
“The house is gonna be peaceful again!”the guards thought
“No more pompous first son as young master arrives!”the maids thought

On the window is an Angel looking at them all and smiles
“Oh my,dear son of man don’t know he’s coming back home soon and still refuse to say his feeling out but waiting for perfect time while you’ve a battle to face here!”he said looking at them all happily but stares angrily at the first son of the house then flies away as quickly with no one seeing him as they continue jubilating and hugging each other then sips their wine with gladden hearts…