The lonely heart episode 9

STORY_BY Halicia Rose๐Ÿ’–

๐ŸŒบ#Tracy’s #POV๐ŸŒบ

Its early Saturday morning and today is the seventh day which makes total week that I asks permission from boss so I quickly wakes up and tiptoe to the kitchen to cooks for everyone
“Since today is the last day here,I should entertain everybody cos by 12,I’ll be by the company!”I mutter to myself

I quickly put the pot on fire and wash the rice,slice the onions,grind the pepper since there’s no light to use the electricity grinder so I quickly prepare everything and soon,sweet aroma fills the air and I even inhale it well
“This gonna be super delicious!”I said giggling

I open the drawer and brings out a soap and sponge then washes all the plate and check the food on fire every seconds
“Remain small!”I said jumping up

I slow the gas cooker down and proceed to the toilet and wash it that its so shinning white and clean it

Then to the playground where I sweep and arrange all the playing stuffs so well

I stretch so well and hangs the clothes that I’ve wash and looks high in the sky when someone hugs me so tight from the back and tiredness all melts away at his touch

I turn to face him and smiles
“Morning dear!”I said
He smiles moving close to me then pecks me on the cheeks and hugs me
“Why don’t you wake me to help you?”he asks me and I giggles
“It just I wanna do everything today since today is the last day I’ll spend here!”I said
He looks at me and there’s sadness in his eyes as be releases me and move toward the hanger
“I’m gonna miss you terribly!”he said

I move toward him and turn him to face me then kiss him hotly
“I’ll always visit!”I said smiling
“It not gonna still catch up”he said
“I’ll always visits everyday”I said

He looks at me and smiles then hugs me

We are still hugging tightly when Clara and Jason peeps out
“We gonna miss you too,Tracy!”they said
I looks at them and squat to their level
“I’ll miss you too”I said and hugs them

I’m still hugging them when we starts coughing
“It seems like something is burning!”I said looking at them
“Maybe they’re burning wastes nearby!”Chris said looking around
“But this seems like food burning!”I said sniffing
“Who’s cooking then?”Jason said
“Oh my gosh”I said as it dawn on me and without wasting time,I dash into the kitchen almost falling down
“What a pity!”I hear Clara says and giggles while others laugh

Soon we are sitting round the table and I dish out๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿœ๐Ÿš๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿด๐Ÿน the jollof rice to everyone at the table
“Thanks God it not that burnt!”I said and smiles widely
“What a cook!”Chris said smirking
“Almost burn everything!”Jason said
“Thanks the food is still smelling nice aroma!”grandma said

I looks at Clara and smiles
“Pray for us,miss Clara!”I said
She looks at me and chuckles
“Thanks Almighty God that’s make us see today and even gives us our daily bread,thanks for not allowing miss singer to burn the food much especially the orphanage house down,for this we’re so grateful in Jesus Name I pray!”she said closing her eyes

We all burst out laughing hearing her
“Are you not going to say Amen to that?”she asks angrily
We all close our eyes and folds our hands together๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
“Amen and Amen!”we all said

We open our eyes and burst out laughing again and open the food
“Is it not enough to be thankful that you didn’t burnt the food much?”Chris said looking away
“Hey!”I said and pinch him
“Especially our dear house”Jason said holding his chest so tight

We all laugh and starts eating

Soon it 11,o clock so I quickly get inside and dress so beautifully and comb my hair making it fall to my waist then pick up my bag about to go out when Chris walks in with a frowning face
“What’s wrong again,dear?”I asks him
“I’ll miss you!”he said looking at me

I looks at him too and hugs him
“I be back soon and that I promised!”I said and he smiles
“You look so breathtaking!”he said looking at me and I blush

We are still looking at each other and he moves close and close about to kiss me when the door open and we turn to see Clara looking at us
“About to do something again?”she asks
“I’m still thinking why you are not here yet!”Chris said gritting his teeth

I look at the two of them and chuckles
“The time is gone already!”Jason said coming in and together we match happily to my car with grandma follows
“Don’t be long, my daughter!”she said hugging me so tight
“We’ll miss you, mom!”Clara and Jason said tearing up
“Especially dad!”Chris said smiling

Behind those smiling eyes,I see total sadness in it but I just shrugs it off
“I’ll miss you all too and bye!”I said and enter my car waving at them
All of them and the other children waves at me still I couldn’t see than again

At The T’Babes mansion๐Ÿฏ๐Ÿฐ
I arrives outside and park then goes inside feeling so damn happy
“Hello house!”I said going in

I enter and see all of them already dressed up and looking so beautiful but it not that I’m being proud here or exaggerating,none of them is as beautiful as Tracy which is ME

“Welcome back,stupid”they said
I look at them and chuckles happily
“I miss you all”I said hugging them one by one but they pushes me away
“So you’re back,lonely heart!”Drake said
“She’s looking more Beautiful!”Dave said checking me all over
“More like so beautiful!”Daniel said

All the girls looks at me and hiss
“Beautiful my foot!”they all says
“I’m no longer lonely but awesome now and it gonna be new dimension from now on!”I said looking at them and winks
They all looks at me and scoffs
“Lonely Days Is Over!”I said and peck the girls while they just looks at me like I’ve grow two head

The van๐Ÿš carrying us arrives and it two:one for the T’Babes and the other for the D’Guys as we all walks so beautifully and handsomely majestically to the door and to the vans๐Ÿš„๐Ÿš and enter then slam the door shut going straight to Stalling TV Station..

๐ŸŒบ#Dave’s #POV๐ŸŒบ

We all drives silently to the TV station but my mind is so occupy with the thoughts of Tracy
“She’s so beautiful and looking dashing, it like I’m just seeing her for the first time:a curly hair,a pink lips,smart body and oh my,a round ass!”I thought

I looks at the window and their van is passing beside us as we made eye contacts๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€ and she smiles beautifully toward me on the window and my heart skips a beat
“What a perfect Creation of the Creator!”I said and quickly looks away
“What Creation?”Daniel asks me

Oh my gosh,did I says that out
“Huh?”I said halfway
“What creation are you talking about?”Drake asks me again

I looks out at the window and chuckles
“Just looking at myself and praise Jah!”I said not looking at them
“Are you kidding me?”Drake asks me
“What you mean?”I asks him

They both looks at me and chuckles
“I know you’re not talking about yourself!”Drake said smirking
“And even if it you, we all know Drake is the most handsome among us,you’re just the boss of D’Guys!”Daniel said and they laugh

I looks at them and nods in agreement

Drake is truly the most handsome among us but I’m the richest and the eldest maybe that’s why boss makes me their leader and I can’t ignore that

“Thanks for making me know that but I gotta appreciates myself!”I said
“Yes right even though you know he’s hot than you”Daniel said chuckling

I face him angrily and wanted to punch him not knowing the van has stop and the driver open the door

I quickly change my action and dust his clothes seeing the reporters flashing their cameras๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿ“ท๐Ÿ“น on us
“This is dusty!”I said feigning smiling
“Oh thanks!”he said gritting his teeth

We all come down and the girls walks in front while we guys walks in their back

My eyes never leave scanning Tracy’s body for any second and every minutes, my heart goes thump thump thump

We all enter the TV station and they usher us right to the front of the camera
“Now let’s start!”a guy said
“1 2 3๐ŸŽฌ,click!”another said

The girl reporting faces us
๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿ“€”On this our TV station which is Stalling,we’ve the most popular singers in the whole world and best in this our Shelley city and they’re the T’Babes which all compose of their names:Tracy as the leader which she’s the most beautiful also,(she smiles and waves),Tessy,Teni and Tonia!”she said
“Hi dear fans and viewers!”they all chorus smiling and she’s just wow

“Oh my,I’m going crazy!”I thought rubbing my hair together as I looks at Tracy who’s smiling brightly

“And then the D’Guys which is Dave as the leader(I wave even though deep down, I’m so angry she didn’t add most handsome to it),Drake the handsome and Daniel”she said and we too waves
“Holla fans and viewers!”we said together and smiles then waves

She turn to the TV again
“Its so surprising to me and I’m very sure too our viewers that this group all have their names starting with ‘T&D’ respectively like it destiny so can Miss Tracy engliten us on that if it just coincidence or planned?”she asks and a mic is given to her๐ŸŽค

She smiles and collects it
“Hi dear viewers both at Shelley and any other cities you’re watching us,its so surprising to me too cos when we just form the group and the initiation names is all T and the guys is D,I’ll say it destiny which happen not by coincidence of anything but by God’s will so I’ll say it all planned but by God!”she said smiling

Oh,I’m dying inside

“Oh that’s a nice answer and what brings you together like is it love or music or having same path in life?”the reporter girl asks and then faces me

Tracy hands me the mic and our hands touch which I feel uncountable needles๐Ÿ“Ž๐Ÿ“Œ๐Ÿ“ prickles into me

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I quickly collects it and smiles
“I’ll first say that having the same path as a singer makes us find ourselves in same place but as time goes on,(I looks at Tracy direction),I’ll say it LOVE that’s now keeping us going cos we’re from different places and different life but love is what been keeping us together and together since!”I said smiling
“Oh that’s true and I wanna asks a silly question which is have you guys fought before?”she asks me

We all looks at each other frowning and chuckles remembering the one the girls have not long ago and pauses
“Is something wrong?”she asks again

We looks at each other with no one ready to answer the question cos we all fights and not small one but an enormous fighting which results into pulling hair and punching faces

Tracy smiles and collect the mics from me then faces the TV with smiling faces
“Just as dear Dave said,we’re all from different places and life so there’s no way we won’t fight cos even the twins born on the same day do fight but ours is always but it comes suddenly and flow away just as it comes so we do fight!”she said looking at us and we winks at her and chuckles

The girl reporting looks at us and smiles
“Wow I love that answer much,beautiful Tracy and it true,we all fight always in our daily life but I love how it goes quickly as it came in your midsts!”she said looking at us and we all holds each other hands

She stands up and we too
“So should we been expecting new songs and albums from you, our dear stars๐Ÿ“€๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽป๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽง?”she asks us
“Of course cause we all have a cool music coming out soon and it gonna be mind blowing”Teni said
“Its gonna be awesome for we gonna have songs together as one and even our own different songs!”Tonia said
“I’m even thinking of the T’Babes and D’Guys featuring each other soon right?”she asks us
“Wow this pretty reporter is a witch cos that’s what we gonna do soon!”Daniel said and we all laugh hearing him
“Its gonna be superb but I hope our dear leader won’t have lonely songs to messes it up?”Tessy said looking at Tracy and we all frown at her

Tracy smiles and pecks her
“That’s my Darling Tessy always praying I find my own love too and inspiration which I did so don’t worry,girls and guys with our dear fans cos I’ve a lots of mind blowing songs store for us all!”she said

“Wow so no more lonely songs from the lonely hearts?”Teni asks her
“Is she for real?”Tonia asks
“Hey!”we guys shout looking at them

Tracy quickly moves in between us and smiles then smiles brightly
“That’s part of our fighting at home but see,we’re together always!”she said and winks at we guys

We guys quickly moves to our girlfriends and hugs them so tight
“Oh my,they’re hugging and aren’t you jealous,dear Tracy?”the reporter asks her
“I’m not at all jealous cos my love is handsome more than any of the D’Guys and even sure my girls will be drooling over him!”she said standing akimbo and raises her head so high

We all looks at her and her reaction and burst out laughing so hard and it all together thanks to us guys who tickles the girls to laugh

The girl faces us and bow
“Thanks for finding time in your busy schedule to honour us all your dear fans and Stalling TV station, we’re so grateful!”she said bowing

We too bows for her and smiles then shakes each other

“Cut cut!”๐ŸŽฌthe guy said and the instruments went off as we come down the stage and bow again

“Thanks much,dears!”the manager said handing us a beautiful wraps gift๐ŸŽ
“Thanks much too!”we said bowing

Soon a call comes in and they call us again back to the stages

“Hi dear fans and viewers,our dear singers and dear beautiful Tracy to be precise with dear Dave wanna sing for us before they go”she said giving us a mic and Tracy gives me a go ahead

I collects the mic and smiles
๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถIts a beautiful day
A beautiful day and its shinning
When the life is so bright
The day will be so good
When the hearts is beating
Then the body will be living
When the love is around
Then life will be so good
Cos its a beautiful day
Oh oh oh
Its a beautiful day
Oh oh yea๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต

I sings and others clap then I finish it
“Wow wow wow,oh my,I’m not an ambulance๐Ÿš‘ or police car๐Ÿš“ siren for God sake huh(we all laugh) but that was awesome!”she said and claps

The girls faces Tracy
“Don’t dare sing lonely songs here!”Tessy said pinching her and she smiles
“Sing one of our album”Teni said
“Don’t disappoint us,silly!”Tonia said

I hear all their whispering and feel anger burning in me but I keep calm

“So our dear Tracy!”she said handing her a mic and she stands up

She holds the mic and winks at us
๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽตIf I can wish for one thing
I’ll wish to see your handsome face
I’ll wish for a lifetime with you
Cos my heart yearn and calls for you
You’re my love
You’re my love
You’re my inspiration
And its so great being with you
I feel my worry melts away
I feel my heart singing beautifully
Then I realise it cos of you
I’m in love oooo
Yes this is love
Wow oooo
I’m not letting go
Cos you’re mine
Mine mine mine eee
Yes you’re mine
Mine mine mine๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ

She sings so sonorous and I feel like I’m the one she’s singing for
“Oh that’s awesome!”the girl said
I looks at the girl and others as they open their eyes and mouth wide cos its so unbelievable that Tracy will sing any other song apart from lonely hearts

The girl looks at her and hugs her
“I’m very sure you’re singing your heart to someone out there right?”the girl asks her and she blushes happily
“You’re so right,my damsel!”she said and winks at her
“Oh wow and thanks again!”she said

Soon we’re out home and everyone in both in and out of Shelley City is hearing the interview of us at the Stalling TV station and we enter the house

We all moves quickly to Tracy’s front with different questions running through us and she just blush every seconds
“What happen?”we chorus together

She looks at us and smiles so brightly then run inside her room and slam the door shut while we just looks on still dazed and not believing what happen back there at the TV station…