The Lost Diary

The Lost Diary – Prologue


At times in a man’s life, there are moments that can appear so complex and completely out of place, that you might start checking out if those same actions wasn’t the same one, you were taken all this while, then why give me a different result?
This is the same case that goes with Stanley Davidson.
He is a young guy that had graduated from the University for three years now, with a first class honors in Massachusetts communication. But against his expectations, when compared to his result he had remained unemployed and jobless.
He had been on the job hunt for years but to no avail and that was really frustrated him and he took to crime, being a highway gentleman, yea for those who understand.
Stanley Davidson is a playboy to the core, who never believed in the word called “Love” as all he sees in a relationsh¡p was to have fun, have s€× and exploit the ladies financially and finally breaks their heart and goes in search of the next girl to be his victim
He loves toying with the heart of ladies, especially the rich ones. He only sees it as a game, every mature guy should play.
Being cute and handsome, coupled with his deep masculine features, ladies flocks around him carelessly and he in turn dumps them carelessly.
He laughs at that word called love, because he calls it non existent and rather should be replaced with the word called Lust.
With his watchword “Once a playboy Always a playboy”
In one of their gang operations, in the house of a popular chairman of a big and popular company known outside the confines of Africa.
They were on a mission to steal an important file from his house.
In the course of it, and out of coincidence he picked up the Diary and got shocked with the picture he saw on the front page of the diary.
And he took the Diary away, when they were set to leave.
In that diary lies the day to day secrets of a young and ignorant daughter of the chairman.
And Stanley getting this diary, was out to make full use of the diary to take advantage of the girl, who lay ignorant still nursing the pains of losing her diary to an unknown people.
Watch out in this intriguing piece.
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