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The Mafia Lord Episode 10 – 11

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The Mafia Lord Episode 10


June PoV

I sat down on my bed watching film on my laptop .
My Phone suddenly rang and I smiled when I saw the caller, it was my mom
“hello Mom “, I greeted
“ how are you baby”.she asked
“ I am fine mum”. I replied
“I want you and to come home for the weekend”. She commanded
“ I don’t want to”. I replied, I love it here
“ Are you going against my word?”. She asked
“No mom”. I replied
“Then come back home now”. She commanded
“ what of Mary?”. I asked
“ she called to inform us she had weekend classes” . She replied
“ fine”, I drawled and ended the call
I dragged myself out of the bed and headed to the bathroom, I returned to the room with a towel wrapped around me
I went through my bag and brought out the red slanted gown Sara gifted me, this will be perfect…
I immediately called Sara to inform her I will be spending the weekend at home….

I got home and met my mom in the sitting room
“ hi”. I greeted
“ June”. My mom called , what are you wearing?”. She asked
“ clothes”. I replied
“ I know young lady but this is not the cloth I bought for you”. She queried
“ I hate those sacs clothes”. I replied
“ what!!”. She exclaimed
“ yes mom”. I replied, can you please get me better clothes next time? Or you can give me the money so I can get my choice of clothes
“June what is wrong with you?”. My mom asked
“Nothing mum”. I replied, you want me home and now I am home. What of Dad?”. I asked
“He is in the room”. She replied still looking shocked
“ fine”. I replied and headed upstair to my room

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I pushed the door to my room opened and walked in closing the door behind me
“ can’t they let me have my freedom”. I muttered laying on the bed , I had plans with Sara and mom ruined everything
I sighed when my mom suddenly walked in
“ baby”. She called , did I do anything wrong?”. She asked
“No mom”. I replied
“Then why did you behave like that downstairs?”. She asked
“How did I behave?”. I asked her
“ you were kind of rude”. She replied
“ I am sorry”. I muttered
“ it is alright baby”. She said flashing me a smile , I just want us to spend the weekend together
“It is alright mom”. I replied
“ your dad wants to see you”. She informed and left

I headed downstairs and met my parent in the sitting room
“June”. My dad called , how are you?
“ fine dad”. I replied sitting down beside my mom
“How is college?”.he asked
“ fine”. I replied
“What of Mary? Is there any complaint about her?
“No”. I replied shaking my head
My phone suddenly rang and I busied it immediately
“ who was that?”. My dad asked standing up
“Aaa friend?”. I stammered
“ who called you ?”. he barked
“ he is just a friend”. I replied
“ he?”.he scoffed
The phone rang again and my dad moved closer to me dragging the phone from me
“ who is Troy?”. he asked and received the call
“Who is this? Don’t ever call my daughter again”. He barked and ended the call
“Are you already dating boys?”. He asked me
“ No dad”. I replied
“ better”. he said and stormed out of the sitting room still holding my phone
“ is this why you called me here?”. I asked my mom
“No baby”.she defended
“What did I do wrong?”. I asked sobbing , tell me what I did wrong . I am tired of all this .
I climbed up the stairs heading to my room.I walked in ,picked up my bags and headed back downstairs
“ where are you going?”. My mom asked me
“I am going back to school “. I replied
“ your dad was just trying to protect you”.she explained
“ This is not protection mom, this is bondage”. I replied
“ go back upstairs June”.she commanded
“ I have made up my mind mother, I am going back to school”. I said walking towards the door
“ what of your phone?”. She asked
“ Dad can keep it”. I replied storming out of the house
I flagged a taxi and headed back to school
I walked into my room and was surprised to see Troy talking to Sara
“ what are you doing here?”. I asked him in surprise
“He came over to ask me for your home address”. Sara explained
“ were you planning on coming to my home?” I asked him
“ yes”. he nodded, were you arguing with your dad?”. he asked
“No”. I replied
“Then why was he angry?”. He asked
“He was angry you called”. I replied sobbing
“Did I do any wrong by calling?”.he asked
“No”. I replied. My parent just want to control my life, they forbade me from keeping male friends , they forbade me from doing so many things
“ how old are you?”. he asked
“ 18”. I replied
He sighed . I think they just want to protect you
“ really?”. I asked, but I am not comfortable with it
“Then try and set boundaries”. He advised
“ how can I do that?”. I asked
“By talking to them”. he replied
I kept on crying and he pulled me into a hug
“ it will be alright”. he assured me
Troy PoV


really don’t understand what I am feeling right now
I just wanted to make sure she was alright
I held her tight as she cried and I felt bad seeing her cry
“ what exactly am I feeling? I wondered …

Episode 11

Decision .

June PoV

“ what can I do to make you happy?”. Troy asked hugging me
I disengaged from the hug and looked at him.
“ what can I do?”. he asked again wiping my tears
“ I just want to be happy”. I replied
“ do you want to come over to my place and play with Tricia?”. he asked
“ really?”. I asked, can I really do that?
“ sure”. he replied, you made a promise to her
“That will cool”.i said
“ can we go now?”. He asked
“ sure”. I replied and nodded at Sara who was watching us quietly with a surprised look before leaving the room with Troy


was silent throughout the drive , it was obvious he was lost in thought
“ what are you thinking of?”. I asked
“ nothing”.he replied
“ are you sure”.he asked
Sure”.he nodded flashing me a smile
He parked in front of his mansion and we got down from the car
We Walked Into the mansion and met a guy injecting himself ,he was shirtless as has lot of tattoos on his body
“What is he doing “. I thought
“Andy you can’t do that stuff here”. Troy queried him
he mumbled an apology and glared at me
“ hi”. I greeted
“ hi”.he grunted
“ what is wrong with him?”. I wondered, it was obvious he does not like him
“ you can go over to Tricia”.Troy instructed
“ can you take me to her room?”.I asked
“ sure”. he replied
He climbed up the stairs and I followed behind him
He stopped in front of a room next to his and pushed it opened
“Dad June”. Tricia called standing from the bed. She hugged Troy before hugging me
“ how are you Tricia?”. I asked ruffling her hair
“ I am fine”. She replied. I thought you won’t come, I was very lonely. Thanks for keeping to your promise
“ I will leave you two to have fun”.Troy grunted and turned to leave
“Dad”. Tricia called
He turned to look at her
“ can you take me to the fun park? She asked,I want to ride on the rollar coaster
“ I can’t”. he replied , I don’t have the time
“June, help me plead with my dad”. She pleaded looking at me
I looked at Troy and he scoffed
“Please Troy”.I pleaded, I also love the rollar coaster
“I don’t ……..”
“ pleeeeaaaassse”. I pleaded cutting him short
“ fine”. he replied, meet me downstairs



“ what are you saying Troy?”.Andy asked, you are going to ride the rollar coaster with your daughter
“ yes”. I replied
“ you know that is too dangerous”. He warned, you have too much enemies and I am sure they are watching your every move. What if they find out you have a little daughter?what if they threaten her life?he asked
“ quit worrying Andy, it is just for today”. I replied
“But why? You have never done that before?”. He asked
“ she asked for it?”. I replied shrugging
“ she always ask for it but you don’t listen to her, is it because of June?”. he asked
“ what are you talking about?”. I asked
“ you doing it because you like her”. He replied
“ hell no, she is just a friend”. I defended
“ I know you well Troy………”
He stopped when he saw June and Tricia heading down the stairs
“ Dad can we go now”.Tricia asked in excitement
“ sure”. I replied

I drove over to the fun park and Tricia kept screaming in excitement
I looked at her and smiled, I have never seen her this happy
“Daddy”. I love you”. She said with her tiny voice
“ I love you too baby”. I replied, this was my first time telling my daughter I loved her
I glanced at June and she was grinning


“Dad Let us go ride together”.Tricia said urging me to join her
“No baby”. I will just watch and June from here”. I replied
“ please June hold her tight”.i pleaded
I watched them as they went over to the smaller roller coaster for a ride
“Troy”. a familiar voice called behind me
I turned and met the gaze of Steph
“Are you stalking me?”. I asked her
“No. She replied, I came over here to relax and I saw you seated here”. She explained. You came here because it them right?”. She asked staring at Tricia and June
“ it is none of your business”. I replied her
“But Troy……,,”
“Just get lost”.i barked

“Daddy let me ride one more time”.Tricia pleaded
“ we have to go now baby”. I replied carrying her
“ why?”. She asked squeezing her face
“It is getting late and i need to take June home”. I explained
“ will you bring me here again?”. She asked
“ I will”. I promised
“ what is wrong?”. I asked June, she looked gloomy
“ nothing”. She replied , can you take me home now?”. She asked
“ sure”. I replied as we all headed to the car ……….

Yakusa pov

“ what do you mean we lost our top client to Troy?”. I asked Carl
“I am sorry”. he apologised, what are we going to do about him?”. he asked
“ nothing”, I replied
“ why can’t we just kill him?”. he asked
I looked at him and laughed
“ why Boss?”. he asked again
“ because I like him”. I replied
“ really?”. he asked, he betrayed you , he betrayed the syndicate and now he is competing with you
“ That is more reason why I like him”. I replied ,
“Yakusa”. he called
“ I will give him one more chance, I will make a deal with him”, I suggested
“ what deal?”. he asked
“he has to choose either to be my friend or enemy”. I replied laughing

June PoV

June will you come over tomorrow?”. Tricia asked on our way home
“ I will”. I replied and smiled when she screamed in excitement
I looked at Troy and met his gaze
“ what?”. I asked him
“ what is wrong with you?”. He asked
“ nothing”. I replied
“Then why are you cold?”. he asked
“ I saw you talking to Steph”. I blurted,are you still together?
He looked at me and laughed
“ how did you see that? I thought you were having fun? Are you Jealous?”. he asked
“I am not just that my heart felt heavy when I saw you with her”. I replied innocently
He looked at me and smiled
“ why are you smiling?”. I asked him
“ because you are so innocent”. he replied
“ how?”. I asked
“ you just confessed your feelings without you knowing”. he replied
“ what feelings?”. I asked
“Never Mind “.he replied parking in front of the hostel
“ I will come over tomorrow”. I said
“ you are always welcomed”. He replied
I got down from the car and waved him good night
He nodded and drove off…..

I walked into my room smiling sheepishly and was surprised to see My parent and Mary …………
“Dad Mum”. I called in surprise,what are you doing here?”. I asked
“ where are you coming from young lady?”. My dad asked ignoring my question
“I went over to see a friend “.I replied boldly

“Which of your friend?”. he asked
“Troy”. I replied boldly and Mary gasped
“June what exactly are you doing to yourself?”. My mom asked, why will you come back from a guy room by this time
“ I am not doing anything bad”.i replied, why do you guys see the worst in your kids?”, i asked
“ we just want the best for you”.My Dad replied calmly
“ I know that and I love you both for that but you should have to trust us please”. I pleaded
“Fine”.he replied, but can you really take care of yourself?”.he asked
“ I can”. I replied, I am and adult
I glanced at Mary and she was smiling
“ fine”. he sighed , i will allow you make your decision but remember you must stay pure till marriage”. He warned
“Thanks Dad”. I replied hugging him
“Can we all stay here for the night?”. He asked
I looked at him in surprise
“ is he really asking me?”. I wondered
“ Sure Dad”. I replied glancing at Sara who was watching us quietly and she flashed me a smile


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