November 29, 2021

The Mafia Lord Episode 12 – 13


The Mafia Lord Episode 12

Caught up

June POV continues
My Dad apologised to me the Next morning before leaving with my mom, he also gave me back my phone..
“I can’t really believe you said all that to dad”.Mary started
“Did i say anything wrong?”, I asked her
“No”. She replied, you were so bold
I looked at her and smiled
“Are you really dating Troy?”. She asked
“I wish“, I replied
“ what do you mean?”. She asked , do you like him?
“Yes I do”, I replied, but I don’t think he can date someone like me
“You have to kill those feelings”. She advised,Troy doesn’t have the heart to love
“But what if I can change him?”, I asked her
“ you can’t June, he only know how to use girls”. She replied , he will make you his personal b***h and dump you after sleeping with you…
“But I……:.:”
“. No but dear”. She replied, just take my advice
“ fine”. I replied
“I will see you later”.she patted me and left the room
“Are you going to a avoid him?”. Sara suddenly asked
I looked at her in surprise.i thought she was asleep
“ When did you wake?”, I asked her
“Are you going to avoid Troy?”, she asked ignoring my question
“Never”.I replied ,
“Good”. She muttered

I went to the bathroom to freshen up , I returned [email protected] and went over to my bag to look for something to wear
“Are you going out?”. Sara asked
“ yes”.i replied
“ where are you going?”. She asked me
“Troy home”,. I replied
“ really?. She asked, you are so lucky
“ I promised Tricia I will come over today”, I replied
“ who is Tricia?”, she asked
“Troy daughter”. I replied,
“ I never knew he had a daughter Steph never told me.who Is her mother?”she asked
“I don’t know”. I replied with a shrug
I dialled Troy number , it was not going through
“I will just have to go with informing him. I muttered and waved at Sara before walking out of the room…..


/> I met two scary guards outside when I got to Troy mansion . One was tall while the second was short
“Good af………..”
“Troy is not around”.The short one replied rudely
“ I am here for Tricia”. I told him
“ Is he aware you are coming?”. he asked
“ yes”.i replied
“Let her in”. The tall one instructed him, she is Boss b***h
“What!!”. I exclaimed, I am his friend
“ whatever”.he replied opening the gate for me…


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walked into the sitting room and met no one
“Where did they all go to?”, I wondered
I climbed up the stairs and headed to Tricia room. I pushed the door opened and smiled when I saw her watching cartoon…
“June”. She called running to hug me
“How are you?”. I asked carrying her
“ fine”. She replied
I walked to her bed and placed her gently on it
“ I have been so bored”. She complained
“Where is your dad?”. I asked her
“ I don’t know”.she replied, he left this morning after instructing me to stay in my room
“Alright”. I replied
I sat beside her on the bed stroking her hair as I thought about Troy…….

Troy PoV

I smiled when I saw Andy arrive with the shipment.
“ what took you so long?”. I asked him immediately he stepped out of the bus
“ I am sorry”.he apologised, I was delayed by the cops
“ how many did you get rid off?” I asked him
“None”. he replied, I just settled them
“Good”.i muttered

I watched the boys arranged the box filled with drugs inside the warehouse
“The peace treat is going to two days from now”.Andy reminded me
“ really?”. I asked
“ yes”. he replied, will you be going?”. He asked me
“ of course”. I replied, that Is the only way I get to see my enemies ……


drove home with Andy after I instructed the boys on what to do..
I thought about June and pulled out my phone from my pocket to call her
damn”. I cursed
“ what is wrong?”. Andy asked
“ my battery is flat “. I replied , I wanted to call June, she must have been trying to reach me
“ you can call her when you get home “. Andy drawled
“Yeah right”. I replied

I drove into the compound and was surprised to see My guards beating up one of my underlings
“ what is wrong?”. I asked stepping out of the car
“he tried stealing from you Boss”. one of the guards replied, we caught trying to run away with this”. he explained pointing to a bag on the floor
“Open the bag”. I instructed Andy and when he did, I scoffed
“ really?”. I asked glaring at him
“ I am sorry Boss”. he replied whimpering
“Bring him in”. I commanded and walked into the house….
I walked into the sitting room and watched as the man was being dragged in
“ Please Boss”.the man pleaded as he was forced to his knees
“ why did you do it?”. I asked him
“ I am sorry Boss”. he pleaded, please don’t kill me
“ I don’t believe in forgiveness”. I replied pulling my gun out from my back pocket
“Pleassssse”.he screamed
I scoffed and was about pulling the trigger when I heard my name
I turned to look back and met the gaze of June……
June PoV

I sat down on the bed reading stories to Tricia when I heard voices ..
“ where is that coming from?”, I asked Tricia
“Dad is back and he is angry”.She replied
I tried to stand up but Tricia held me tightly
“ what baby?”. I asked her
“ don’t go please”. She pleaded
“ why?”, I asked her
“ anytime Daddy is angry he is always mean”. She replied, I am so scared
“ don’t worry baby I won’t be long”. I assured her
“ promise”. She asked
“ promise”. I replied
I climbed down the stairs and gasped in shock when I saw Troy pointing a gun at a man covered in blood while the others watched
“ Troy”.i called in fear and he turned to look at me
“ what are you doing?”, I asked in surprise
“Nothing”. he replied keeping the gun in his back pocket
“Take him out of here”.he commanded the men and they left dragging the injured man along
“ when did you get here?”. he asked
“ what exactly were you doing?”. I asked ignoring his questions
“What exactly do you want to know?”, He asked
“Did you plan on killing him”. I asked
“ yes”.he replied
“ Why?”. I asked
“He made me angry”. he replied . I stared directly into his eyes, it was deadly
“ who exactly are you Troy?”, I asked
“ do you really want to know”. he asked me moving closer to me
“ yes”.i nodded
“Then attend a party with me”. he said
“ what kind of party?”, I asked
“A peace party”, I replied
“What is that?”. I asked in confusion
“ will you go?”. he asked ignoring my questions
“ To where exactly?”. I asked
“ Russia”. he replied
oh my gawd!

Feelings 2

June PoV continues

“Russia?”, I muttered
“Will you go with me?”. he asked
“How can you Kill a man because he made you angry?”.i asked
He looked at me and scoffed
“Go upstair June”. he commanded ignoring my question
“Troy”.I called
“Just go please”.he pleaded and turned to leave
“Why are you so heartless?”. I asked
he smiled and walked away ignoring my questions
“ what have I gotten myself into?”. I asked myself, what exactly is Troy into?
I gasp in shock when I heard a gunshot
“he killed him, Troy killed him”.i fell to the floor crying….



I drove over to the club with Andy after shooting the guy dead. He betrayed me so he deserved to die
“ what are you thinking about?”.Andy asked me
“Nothing”. I replied
“Troy”. he called
“I said Nothing”. I yelled
“Fine”. he sighed

We walked into the club and went over to the bar
“ Sir. what should I get you”. The Barman asked immediately I sat down
“Vodka”.i replied
“Troy are you trying to get drunk?”. Andy asked
“ yes”. I replied
“ what is wrong with you?”. he asked, getting drunk Is against our code
“I am the boss, I make the rule”
“Sir, here is the vodka”. The barman said holding a bottle of vodka and a glass
I dragged the bottle from him and started gulping it down
“Why exactly are you angry?”.Andy asked holding my hands to prevent me from taking More of fr vodka
“Just let me be Andy “.i replied
“Troy I am your best friend and you can tell me anything”. he assured me
“ fine”.i replied calmly
“Talk to me”. he urged me
“I feel bad”. I started
“ why?”. he asked
“She sees me as a beast”. I replied
“ you don’t seem to care about what people see you as ,so why care about that now?”. he asked
“ she is different”. I replied
“Do you like her?”.he asked
“ I think I do”.i replied and I plan on taking her along with me to Russia
“ what!!. he exclaimed, you can’t do that
“ why can’t I ?”. I asked
“It will be dangerous”. He replied , it is a Mafia party
I looked at him and laughed
“ it is a peace party Andy, no one dares use a gun”. I said
“Why can’t you just go alone like you always do?”. he asked
“I want her to understand me”. I replied
“ but……….”
“ I have made up my mind and that is final”…….

We got home late and I was surprised to see June sleeping on the bare floor
“ where is she here?”. I asked one of my underlings who was smoking in the sitting room
“ She cried till she fell asleep”. he replied
“ why didn’t you wake her?”. I asked him
“ she belongs to you Boss and I was scared of touching her”. he replied
“ really?”. I asked scoffing
I went over to June and bent down staring at her face, there were traces of tears on her face
“ why are you doing this to yourself?”. I said softly……

I carried her up in a bridal style and climbed up the stairs
I kicked the door opened and walked into the room placing her on the bed gently
She steered in her sleep and muttered my name
“ she must be hurting”.i thought
I walked out of the room and went over to Tricia room and I was surprised to see her still awake
“Baby”. I called walking over to her bed
“Dad what happened to June?”. She asked worriedly, she promised to come back to me but she didn’t
“She fell asleep”. I replied
She looked at me squeezing her face
“What is wrong?”. I asked her
“ nothing”. She replied with her tiny voice
“Tricia talk to me”. I said softly
“Did you make June cry?”. She asked
“ I guess I did”. I replied
“ why?”. She asked and started crying
I looked at her in surprise
“Why are you crying?”.i asked her
“You made June cried”.she replied
“ I am sorry”. I apologised, I won’t make her cry again
“ is that a promise?”. She asked
“ yes”. I replied wiping her tears
“ can you sing me a song daddy?” She asked
“ I can’t sing”. I replied
“ please stay with me till I fall asleep”.she pleaded
“ I will”. I promised
I played with hair and she soon drifted off to sleep…

I went over to to my room and laid beside June on the bed
I stared at her smiling
“ she is so innocent and pure, do I really deserve her?
I watched her sleep till I fell asleep…..

June PoV

I woke up feeling weak and smiled when I saw Troy sleeping beside me
I could not bring myself to hate him even when I found out he kills without feelings
“I love you Troy”.i said kissing him on his lips
“What is wrong with you June? behave yourself!!!. I cautioned myself
I went over to the bathroom to wash my face, I was feeling sore from crying.I returned to the room and was surprised to see Troy already awake
“Hey”.he greeted, how are you?
“ fine”. I replied
“Alright . he said standing up
“ when did you wake?”, I asked him
“ not quite long”. he replied , why did you ask?
“ nothing”. I replied, I just did
he nodded as he went into the bathroom
“Did he hear me say i love him”.I wondered
He soon returned to the room shirtless and I stared at his chest, it was full of tattoos
“ what are you looking at?”. he asked
“ nothing”.I replied swallowing hard
“Have you thought about it?”. he suddenly asked
“About What?”. I asked
“The party at Russia?”. he asked
“ what kind of party is that?”. I asked
“ you will know when you get there”. he replied
I stared at the pretty boy in front of me, I just wanted to be close to him and I was scared of loosing him because I love him
“ yes I will go with you”. I replied
He looked at me and smiled
“How are we going to get there?”. I asked
“ private jet”. he replied
“Oh”. I replied and when is the party?”. I asked
“Tuesday”. he replied………..
June is in love ?

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