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The Mafia Lord Episode 14 – 15

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The Mafia Lord Episode 14

Punishment .

June POV continues

I walked into my room and scoffed when I saw Steph seated on Sara’s bed
“ what is she doing here?”. I wondered
I went over to my bed completely ignoring her
“ I can see you are finally Troy b***h”.she remarked
I sat down on my bed and brought out my phone not minding her
“Are you deaf?”. She asked standing up
“ please I don’t want any problem Steph”.i pleaded
“Where are you coming from?”. She asked, I guess Troy had a nice time damaging your cunt”. She mocked
“Not everyone is a b***h like you”, I replied
“ what?”. She asked moving closer to me
“Just Let me be”. I pleaded
“ I Warned you not to get close to my Troy but you refused”.she said dragging me up by my hair
“ please leave me alone”.I pleaded
“Steph please leave her alone”. Sara yelled coming out from the bathroom with foam all over her body but before she could reach us Steph gave me two thunderous slap and I winced in pain
“ leave her alone”. Sara yelled pulling her away from me
I fell on the bed crying…..
“Are you siding her?”. Steph asked Sara
“ why did you hurt her?”. Sara asked
“ she stole Troy away from me”. She replied
“ she didn’t steal Troy from you but Troy chose her over you”. Sara defended me
“ what!!”. Steph exclaimed
“ yes, he chose her because he loves her “. Sara replied
“ Are you…….”
“Get out”. Sara yelled cutting her short
“ really?”. She asked in surprise
“Get out”. Sara repeated pushing her out, and don’t ever come here again “. She shouted closing the door behind her

“June I am sorry”. She apologised walking towards me
“ it is not your fault”. I replied in between sobs
“Steph is a b***h”. She cursed ,she need to be taught a lesson
My phone suddenly rang . I checked the caller, it was Troy and I banged the call
“ why did you do that?”. Sara asked
“ I don’t want him to know I am crying”. I replied
“ why?”. She asked
“ nothing”. I replied
The phone rang again and Sara quickly received it and placed it on my ear
“Are you trying to avoid me?”, He asked teasingly
“No”. I replied
“ what is wrong with you?”. he asked
“ nothing”.I replied sniffing
“June”. he called, are you crying?”.he asked
“No”. I lied
“Don’t try and lie to me , what happened ?”.he asked
“ it is Steph”.i replied bursting into tears
“ what did she do to you?”.he asked
“ she dragged my hair and slapped me”. I replied
“Alright”.he said
“Troy please don’t…:…”. I stopped when I noticed the call was no longer connected
“ what did he say?”. Sara asked
“ he just banged the call”. I replied
“Cheer up June, i am sure Troy will warn her”. She assured me
I looked at her and smiled .
“She really doesn’t know who Troy is”
She went over to the bathroom to continue with her bath and soon returned to the room with a towel wrapped around her
“Why didn’t you come home last night?”. She asked walking to her bed
“ Troy asked me not to”. I lied
“ really?”. She asked in excitement, did you finally do it?”. She asked
“Do what?”, I asked confused
“ have s£x dummy”. She replied
“hell no”. I replied, I will do that on my wedding night
“Let see about that”. She smirked
“ what do you mean?”. I asked her
“Nothing”. She replied. Are you going out today?
“ I don’t think so”. I replied, but I will be travelling with Troy tomorrow
“Travel?Where?”. she asked
“Russia”. I replied grinning
“June”. She called with a funny face
“What is that look on your face?”. I asked laughing
“ you are so lucky”. She remarked …..

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Troy PoV

I sat down in the sitting room helping Tricia with her hair
“I am done”. I said to her
She picked up the mirror beside her and stared at herself
“Thanks Dad”. She muttered
“ it is nothing baby”.i replied
My phone suddenly rang and I received it immediately
“How did it go?”. I asked Andy who was on the other end
“Done boss”. he replied, we are on our way”
“Don’t bring her to the mansion,take her over to my penthouse at Ontario”. I instructed and ended the call
“ is it June?”. Tricia asked innocently
“Baby you need to go upstairs”. I said ignoring her question
“I don’t want to”. She replied, I will be very lonely
“Don’t worry I will let you spend few days with your mother?”.I promised
“ I don’t want to go there Dad”. She pleaded, I want to stay with you
“ why?”. I asked her
“ Mother is mean”. She replied looking scared
“Does she beat you?”. I asked her
“Yes”. She replied , and she also pull my hair
“What!!”. I exclaimed,don’t worry you won’t go back there “. I promised her
“ really Dad?”. She asked jumping in excitement ,
“ Daddy need to go somewhere“.i told her
“Damn”.she cursed
I looked at her in surprise
“Tricia promise me you won’t use that word again”.I said holding her hands
“What is wrong with it?”. She asked innocently, you use it all the time
“ it is bad to curse so please promise me you won’t use it again”.I pleaded
“ I promise dad”. She replied
I pulled her to me and hugged her…..
“ don’t be long Dad”. She whispered into my ears
“ I won’t baby”. I promised


drove over to the penthouse and parked inside the compound
I stepped out of the car and walked into the house. I met five of my boys seated on the sofa
“Boss”. they hailed
“ where is she?”.i asked
“ The first room upstair”. One of them replied
I climbed up the stairs and they all followed behind me . I pushed the door to the first room opened and walked in
I met Andy tying the b***h up
“ Troy please don’t kill me”. She pleaded immediately she saw me
“ untie her”.i instructed Andy ,
He nodded and started loosening the ropes

“Thanks so much Troy”.she appreciated
“ why did you hurt June?”. I asked her
“She stole you from me”. She replied
“Pathetic”. I scoffed ,
“Do you know how much she cried”. I yelled
“Troy”. She called
“Guys”. I called , she is all yours
“Really Boss”. they chorused jumping in excitement
“Troy please don’t do this to me”. She pleaded
“Drop her off where everyone can see her when you are done with her”. I instructed
“Yes sir”. The replied moving closer to her
“Troy I was once your personal b***h”. She pleaded crying
“ that is the reason I am letting you live”. I told her , if you dare hurt June again I will burn you alive”. I warned her
“Troy”. She screamed
I watched the boys pin her down getting ready to devour her and I left the room with Andy following behind me
“Are you doing all this because she hurt June?”. he asked
“Yes”.i replied, no one dares hurt her
“ why?”. he asked
“ because she belongs to me”. I replied…..


drove over to Tania’s house and met an old man screwing the b***h right in the sitting room
“I can see you don’t have an iota of shame”. I said and they immediately froze in shock
“ when did you get here Troy?”. She asked
“ you could have least lock your doors”. I replied ignoring her questions
I stared at the man and laughed
“ do you screw old men now?”. I asked her
“ I em no em”. She stammered
“ is that why you hurt your own daughter?”. I asked her
“Is that what she told you?”.she asked, you never cared about her so why do you care now..
“Because She is my daughter”.I replied
“She has always been a burden to you”. She accused
“That was then but now I know better”. I replied, I plan to take full custody of our child
“ really?”. She asked
“ My lawyer will contact you Tania , so continue with your fun…..
“ I nodded at the old man who was watching us quietly and took my leave

June PoV

“ can we go now?”.i asked Sara who was still applying her make up
“ almost done”. She replied
“ you don’t need all this , it is already evening”. I drawled
“I am done”. She said with an eye roll,can we go now?”.

We headed to the gardens to get something to eat when we saw a lot of students gathered in front of a boys hostel
“ what is going on there?”. I asked
“ I don’t know “. Sara replied, Let us go take a look
We moved closer and i gasps at what I saw
“Steph”.Sara called in shock
“ how did she get here?”. Sara asked a lady beside us
“She was dropped off by some guys in red car”. She replied
“What exactly happened?”. Sara asked me
I just stared on at Steph who sat down at a corner recoiled in shame.her clothes were torn as she had bruises all over her body.She appeared to have been raped
“ Troy what did you do?”. I muttered………

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Poor Steph
Troy hmmmmmmh

Episode 15

Kiss/ confession

June PoV continues

Poor Steph”. Sara muttered as we walked into the room, she must have been raped .
“June”. She called me, I am taking to you
“ I am sorry”.I apologised
“ what is wrong with you?”.she asked ,you seem worried
“Nothing”.i lied
“June”. She called ,talk to me
“ I just feel bad seeing Steph that way”.i lied
“Or you are worried Troy did that to her”. She corrected
I looked at her in surprise
“ how did you know ?”. I asked her
“ I know you June”. She replied and Steph deserved what she got, so don’t be angry with him he did it because of you
“Thanks”.i muttered
“For what?”. She asked
“For being a good friend”.i replied
She flashed me a smile
I dialled Troy number and he picked it on the third ring
“Troy”. I called
“June how are you?”. he asked
“fine”.i replied, what happened to Steph?”.i asked him
“ I will come over to pick you by 7am tomorrow, no need for any luggage”. He said and ended the call
“ did he just ignore me?”, I thought
“ what did he say?”.Sara asked me
“He just told me to get ready?”: I replied
“ June is going to Russia”. She screamed in excitement
“ really?”, i asked laughing
“ you are so lucky June”.she remarked, I wish to go to Russia also
“ who is going to Russia?”.Mary asked walking into the room
“ can’t you at least knock ?”.Sara asked her
“ it is not my fault you left your door wide opened”.she replied
“Are you really going to Russia?”. She asked me
“ yes”. I replied ,
“ with Troy?”. She asked
I nodded
“ stay away from him”. She warned
“ I can’t”. I replied
“ really?”.she asked, then I will report you to Dad”. She threatened
“ why?”. I asked her
“Because that is the only way you will listen”. She replied
“Then go ahead”. I told her, I don’t care
She glared at me before storming out of the room
“ what is wrong with her?”. Sara asked
“ I don’t know and I really don’t care”, I replied…..

Troy PoV

“ what do you mean you are going alone with her?. Andy asked
“Is any thing wrong with that?”. I asked him
“ what about me?”. he asked
“You will stay and take care of the deals”.I replied him
“Alright”.he sighed
I headed upstairs to Tricia room to check on her, she was still awake
“ why aren’t you sleeping?”. I asked her
“I can’t sleep”. She replied , can you please sleep here with me?”.she asked
“ sure”. I replied and laid beside her
She moved closer to me and hugged me
“Good night Dad”.
“ Good night baby”……

I woke very early the next morning .I pecked Tricia who was still sleeping soundly before leaving her room
I put on an all black outfit after bathing and headed downstairs .
“Good morning Troy”. Andy greeted
“Morning”, I replied, were you waiting for me?
“ yes”. he replied
“Please take care of Tricia”. I pleaded, ensure she bath , eat and sleep on time
“ I will”. he promised
“ Thanks
“ I headed to the garage, got into my car and zoomed off

June POV

Sara gave me the mirror to stare at myself after applying makeup to my face
“Do I really need it?”.i asked staring at my face, I looked funny
“You look beautiful June”. She remarked
I looked at her and smirked . I can’t believe she woke up early just to paint my face
My phone suddenly rang and I received it
“Troy”. I called
“I am in front of your hostel”. he informed and ended the call
“ what is wrong with him”. I wondered
“ what did he say?”.Sara asked
“ he is already here”. I replied
“ Alright baby have fun”. She said blowing me a kiss, I will miss you
“ I will miss you too”.i waved and walked out of the room


“I spotted Troy standing beside his black sport car as I briskly walk towards him
“Good morning”. I greeted
“Morning”. he replied staring at my face
“Why are you staring?”. I asked him
“Why did you wear much makeup?”. he asked
“Really, how will I clean it off”. I asked
“Get in”. he said ignoring my question
He opened the car door while I hopped in, he got into the driver seat and zoomed……

I opened my bag and brought out a small mirror as i cleaned off the makeup
“Make use of this “. he said handing me a pack of wipes he pulled out from the back seat
“Thanks”. I muttered
“ why did you apply that much?”. he asked
“ Sara helped me with it”. I replied
“ guess she wants you to look beautiful”. he replied chuckling
“ Thought you were angry with me”.i said
“ why did you say so?”.he asked glancing at me
“You have been so cold to me”. I replied
“ I am sorry”. he apologised
“Troy”. I called, what happened to Steph?”. I asked
“She deserved it”.he replied, she tried to hurt you
“ but the punishment was too much”. I queried
He looked and me and scoffed
“ she was lucky I was in a good mood”. he muttered


We soon arrived at the airport .we got down from the car and walked in
“Mr Daniels”. a lady called running to us, we have all been waiting for you. The pilot is on his seat and everything is well arranged
“Fine”. Troy grunted
“Hi”. She greeted me
“Hi”. I greeted back
“This way please “. She said as she led us through an entrance to the private Jet
“Daniels private Jet. I read the inscription on it “
“Is this yours?”. I asked Troy
he nodded
“ he must be really rich”.i thought
We got into the plane and I gasped in surprise, The interior of the jet was like a sitting room
“ wow I love this”. I exclaimed sitting down beside him and the jet immediately took off
“Did you inform your parent about it?”. Troy asked
“No”. I didn’t “. I replied,
“Fine”.He muttered
I thought about Mary threat, will she really tell my parent? What will be their reaction? Why was Mary insisting Troy would use and dump me?. I looked at him and decided to question him about it
“What do you want from me?”. I asked him
He looked at me obviously surprised with the question
“ what do you mean?”. he asked
“Are you interested in my body?”. I asked
He looked at me and scoffed
“ where are you getting all this ideas from?”.he asked
“I just want to know Troy”,i replied
“Really?”.he asked scoffing, is that what you think about me?
“No”. I replied
“ then why the sudden question?”. he asked
“I don’t want to get hurt Troy”. I replied tearing up a little
he stared at me without saying anything
“Say something “. I said urging him, please say something
He placed his lips on mine and kissed me briefly
“That is my answer”.he said
“Do you love me?”. I asked him because I love you…
“ I love you Troy”.i repeated
“ I know”. he replied
“ how ?”. I asked
“You told me yesterday morning”. he replied
“What!!”. I exclaimed, I thought you were asleep
“ I heard you June”. he replied pulling me into a hug
“I love you Troy”. I whispered into his ears and he held me tightly


What is wrong with Mary? She should leave June alone ooo

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