The Mafia Lord

The Mafia Lord Episode 18 – 19


The Mafia Lord Episode 18


June POV

I returned from the bathroom and met Troy surfing the internet .
I went over to the wardrobe and pulled out a blue nighty , I put it on and joined Troy on the bed..
“What are you doing?”. I asked him
“Chatting”. he replied
“With who?”. I asked
“Andy”. he replied.
“Fine”. I muttered, placing my head on his bare chest
“ why do you love me?”. I asked him
“I don’t know”. he replied
“Why did you help me the day I was drunk?”. I asked him
“Because you look innocent”. he replied
“Am I ?”. I asked him
“Sure”. he replied…
“ when are we leaving Russia?”. I asked him

“Tomorrow”. he replied
“Why?”. I asked whining
“I don’t want you to miss any more lectures”. he replied, and also your parent will be worried
“Oh right”. I said with an eye roll, I bet they would.
“ sure”. he nodded still chatting
“Is that chat more important than me?”. I asked him
He looked at me in surprise
“What do you mean?”. He asked
“You are giving Andy more attention than me”. I replied pouting
“Are you this jealous?”. he asked laughing
“ I am not jealous”. I replied , I just feel lonely
“I am sorry”. he apologised pulling me closer to him, what should we talk about?
“Anything”. I replied
“Really?”, he asked
“Yes I just………..”. He placed his lips on mine and kissed me hungrily ,he soon started kissing all over my body and I felt a kind of tingling sensation …
he pulled down the strap of my nighties and my b00bs were soon exposed.
“Troy”. I called covering my b00bs with my hands
“Really?”. he smirked , he removed my two hands from my b00bs and started playing with my n!poles
“Trooooooy please “. I m0aned, a huge part of me wanted him to continue while a little part wanted him to stop
He took my n!poles his mouth and suckled on it and I m0aned in pleasure
“Is this what s£x feels like “. I wondered.he pulled off the gown and threw it to floor and smiled when he noticed I wore no panties…..
“ were you planning on sleeping like this ?”.he asked
“It is………….. I stopped when I felt his two of his fingers
“ what are you trying to do?”. I asked him
“ what does it look like to you ?”. . he grunted,
He started fingering me as I kept on screaming in pleasure ……
“ I will wait till you ready”.he said removing his fingers from inside me
“ I nodded sheepishly
“I really wanted him deep inside me but I was scared of how my parent will react”.
Troy what have you done to me?
He picked my night gown from the floor and gave it to me
“Put it on”. he instructed and I quickly wore it
I placed my head on his chest thinking about what we just had and soon drifted off to sleep…

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I woke up the next morning and was surprised to see Troy already dressed up
“Good morning “. I greeted
“Morning”. he replied turning to look at me , how was your night?
“ fine”. I replied
he moved closer to me and kissed my forehead
“I will be downstairs waiting for you”.he said ,take your time
“Alright”, I replied
I said my morning prayers before dragging myself to the bathroom, I brushed and shower before returning to the room
I changed into a pink gown and packed my used clothes inside a fancy bag and walked out of the room holding the bag…..
I headed downstairs and met Troy and Montes smoking…
“Why does he love smoking?”. I wondered
“I am ready?”.i announced
“fine”. he drawled and continued puffing out smoke
“Can we go?”. I asked frowning
He looked at me and sighed
“Fine”. he muttered ………..
We all walked out of the house and headed to the garage. We both got into back seat while Montes got into the driver seat and drove off…..

Troy PoV

We soon go to the airport and we got down from the car
“I will miss you bro”. Montes said embracing me
“I will miss you also……
“Good bye Miss”. he said waving at June, take good care of my brother
“Sure I will”. She replied flashing him a smile

We walked towards to the Jet and was about stepping into it when a car pulled up in front of us ..
I scoffed when Diego stepped out of the car
“Troy”. he called walking towards me
“What do you want?”. I ask him
“Stop all transactions with Russians”. he warned
“The stop them from coming to me”. I replied him, because I will keep on making deals with them if they keep on coming
“Really?”. he asked . he pulled a gun from his pocket and pointed it at me,
“I dare you to do it”. I barked
“Troy”. June called softly
He looked at me and laughed out loud.
“I am not here to fight, I came here to warn you”.he replied lowering his gun .
“Coward”. I muttered
“You have got a pretty girl here”. he said staring at June
“I know”.I replied
“Safe trip”.he waved with his eyes still fixed on her
“bas***d”. I cursed…….

what is he talking about?”, June asked as we made our self comfortable inside the Jet
“Nothing”, I replied
“Troy “. She called , you promised to tell me everything
“Fine”. I muttered,he sees me as a rival
“Oh Troy, she called, I am afraid you will get hurt..
“ I won’t”. I assured her
I made her lean on my chest as I stroke her long black hair……
I remembered the look on Diego face when he stared at June, it was that of lust…..
“ what is he trying to do?”. I wondered, i would kill him and burn down his syndicate is he dares me….

June PoV

We alighted from the Jet and I smiled when I saw Tricia and Andy waiting for us in front of the airport
“Daddy”.She called running towards us
“Baby”. Troy called carrying her up in his arms
“I miss you dad”. She pouted
“I miss you too”. he replied placing her gently on the floor
“June”.she called hugging me, I miss you also
“I miss you too”. I said ruffling her hair
I held her hands as we went over to the car
“Troy”. Andy greeted holding the car door open
“How is the syndicate?”, Troy asked him
“Fine”. he replied glaring at me
“It is obvious this guy doesn’t like me”. I mumbled glaring at him back
I sat down at the back seat with Tricia as Andy drove off…..


/> We soon got to my hostel and Andy parked in front
“Will you come and play with me tomorrow?”. Tricia asked
“Yes I will”. I promised her
“Good night babe”. Troy said smiling
“Good night”. I replied ,see you tomorrow
“Sure”. he nodded
I got out of the car and waved as they drove off

I pushed the door to my room opened and gasp in surprise when I saw my mom seated on the bed with Mary beside her
“What are you doing here?”. I asked them
“How dare you ask me that kind of question”. My mom barked, where are you coming from?
“Mum , why are you asking her?”. Mary asked, I told you she went to Russia with a guy
I looked at Mary in surprise
“Are you already sleeping with boys?”.My mom asked
“No”. I replied
“Liar”. She yelled and gave me a thunderous slap
“Mum”. I called in shock, why?
“You are so shameless “. She said in disgust,you are worst than your sister
“mum”. I called again
“I want you to severe all ties with that boy”. She instructed
“I am sorry i can’t”, I replied her
“What!!! She exclaimed, then get ready to leave college
“Whatever”. I said turning to leave
“ where are you going?”. She asked
“Troy’s place”, I replied
“So he can f**k You again”. Mary said glaring at me
“Not everyone is as cheap as you”, I replied her and she immediately became mute
“How dare you walk out on your family”. My mom yelled, are you choosing him over us?”. She asked
“Let me ask you a question Mother”, I said , if you were to choose between happiness and frustration, what will be your answer? I asked
“June”. She called softly
I smiled at both of them before walking out of the room …….
Happiness or frustration?




I got to Troy’s mansion and met those scary faces boys of his in the sitting room..
“hi”. I greeted and climbed up the stairs to his room ignoring their cold stares….
I pushed the door to his room opened and met Andy sniffing some white stuff…..
“Can’t you knock?”. he barked
his gaze was deadly
“I am sorry”. I apologised ,what of Troy?
“ in the bathroom”. he replied
“Thanks”. I muttered
I smiled when Troy returned to the room with only a towel.
“June”. he called in surprise,why are you here?. he asked moving closer to me
“My mother”.I replied
“What happened to your mother?”. he replied
“Nothing”. I replied glancing at Andy
“Andy”. he called, can you please excuse us?
“Sure”.he replied dragging his feet as he left the room
“What happened?”. Troy asked
“My mother threatened to withdraw me out of college”. I replied sniffing
“Why?”. he asked softly
“She found out I went to Russia with you “.i replied
“So?”: he asked still looking confused
“My parent forbade me from seeing a man till I get married”.i explained
“Then how will you get married ?”. he asked

“ I don’t know”, I replied, they probably plan on getting me a husband
“Really?”. he asked laughing
“Is it funny?”. I asked
“Of course it is?”. he replied, It is also absurd
“Where is your mother?”. he asked
“I left her in the room with my sister”. I replied
“That is not the best thing to do June”. he said playing with my hair
“What is the best thing then?”.I asked him
“You could have tried to explain things to her”. he replied
“I tried that but I got slapped”. I said
“ she is still your mother June”. he said softly , what if I go with you to your house?”. he asked
“Why will you want to do that?”. I asked
“To introduce myself to your parent”. he replied sitting down on the bed
“Are you kidding?”, I asked him
“Do I look like a clown?”. he replied, I am damn serious June. I believe they might have a change of heart if they get to know who you are going out with…
“Are you willing to do it?”, I asked him
“Sure”. he replied, if that will make you happy.
“We will have to leave in the morning because I have afternoon lectures to attend”.I said
“It is alright”. he replied

I went over to the bathroom to shower and returned to the room with Troy towel around me……
“What can I change into?”. I asked him
“Do you need to put on clothes?”, He asked
“You are a bad boy”.I replied glaring at him playfully. I went over to his wardrobe and pulled out one of his harmless shirts. I put it on and joined him on the bed
“Good night”.i said placing my head on his chest
“Good night”. he replied stroking my hair
I placed my lips on his and kissed him, i was expecting him to kiss me back but he didn’t
“Troy”, I called
“Yes”. he replied
“Why didn’t you kiss me back?”. I asked
“I won’t be able to control myself if I do”. he replied
“What!”. I swallowed hard
“ Don’t make me wait for too long” he whispered into my ears…………

Yakusa PoV

“What do you mean?”. I asked throwing a vase to the wall
“I am sorry Yakusa but we didn’t make any transactions since you left for Russia”.he replied
“What happened?”. I asked clenching my fist in anger
“We lost most of our important clients to Troy”.he explained
“Troy”,I grunted . Why can’t you be like Troy?”. I barked at him
“he bent his head in shame without saying anything
“ what can I do about this?”. I asked him
“Why can’t we just eliminate Troy?”. he asked
“It will not be that easy”. I replied
“What should we do then?”. he asked
“ we need to know his weak point before we strike”. I replied grinning
“How do you intend on doing that?”. I asked
“I have a perfect idea”, I replied
That little boy humiliated me, I need to let him know I am still Yakusa”. I said aloud

Troy PoV

I woke up the next morning and smiled seeing June still asleep
I stared at her , she is so beautiful even while sleeping
“I really wanted her…….damn, what is she doing to me?
I went over to the bathroom to shower and returned to the room to change my clothes . I pecked her before leaving the room….

I headed downstairs and was surprised to see Tricia playing with the boys
“Dad”. She called running to hug me
“Baby”. I called ruffling her hair, you woke up pretty early…
“Yes dad”. She replied frowning
“What is wrong?”. I asked her
“I am tired of my teacher”. She replied
“Why? Did she hurt you?”, I asked her
“No daddy”. She replied, I want to go to school
“You will have to wait for a little while”. I told her
“Why?”. she asked
“Just trust daddy and do what daddy says”. I replied her
“Alright dad”. She said
“Good girl”. I muttered
“Mia”. I called one of my maids, take her to the room and get her ready, her teacher will soon be here”. I instructed
“Yes sir”. She replied bowing down …….
She carried Tricia and they both headed to her room……

“What will you do about Tricia?”. Andy asked
“She will be homeschooled until it is safer for her to go to school”. I replied
“I wonder how a child so tiny knows this much “.Andy remarked, she is smarter than her age
“Sure”. I replied
“Are you going out today?”. he asked
“Yes”. I replied , to June’s home
“What?”.he asked, this is unlike you. Do you love her?
“Yes I do”. I replied
“Really?”. he asked
“Sure”. I replied
“It is risky Troy”. he said, you already have a weak point, don’t add another
“I don’t care”. I replied, if anyone dares to hurt Tricia or June, I will destroy them..
“ but yo……..”. he stopped when he saw June headed downstairs , she was dressed in the pink gown she wore yesterday
“Good morning baby”, I greeted her
“Morning Troy”. She greeted back ,I am hungry….
I signalled a maid to get her food and she was soon eating…..

“Can we go?”. I asked her when she was done eating
“ Sure”. She replied …….

“I am scared of how my parent will react”. She said on our way to her home
“They won’t kill you”. I replied
“Thanks Troy”. She muttered
“For?”. I asked her
“Proving your love for me”. She replied …..

We parked in front of her parent mansion and we walked into the compound
“Your house is beautiful”. I remarked
“Thanks”. She replied ……

We walked into the sitting room and met a girl watching Television
“Mary”. She called
“ what are you……she stopped when she saw me
“Troy”.she called
“ is this your sister?”. I asked June and she nodded
“ I thought your family believes in holiness?”. I asked her
“Yes”. She replied , why did you ask?
“Nothing”. I replied staring at the girl
“Nice to meet you Mary”. I said
“ ssssaamee here Troooooy”. She stammered and I smiled
“June”. a woman called heading down the stairs with a man
“That must be her parent”, I thought
The woman walked towards June and hugged her
Who are you?”. her dad asked
“I am Troy Daniels”. I replied
“ he is my boyfriend Dad”. June chipped in
“boyfriend. her mom muttered staring at me
“Why is she staring intently at me?”, I wondered
“I came let you…..
“Troy”.her mother called moving closer to me
“Do you know him?”. June father asked
“Troy”. She called again, is your mother Ciara?”. She asked
“How did you know?”. I asked her, who are you?

“Honey.she said facing her husband , he is Ciara son
“ which of the Ciara?”. He asked
“My best friend whose husband was murdered years ago”. She replied
“What are you talking about?”. I asked in confusion
“ I looked everywhere for you Troy”. She said , I am sorry for not being there for you
“I don’t know what you are talking about”. I barked
“I am your mother best friend Ophelia”. She explained, do you remember that name?”. She asked
“Yes”. I replied, I remember my mum always talking about Ophelia
“Good”. She said , I am that Ophelia
“Really?”. I asked scoffing
“What of your mom?”. She asked
“Are you kidding me?”. I asked her.if you are really her friend , you ought to know she is dead
“really?”. She asked breaking down in tears. When did she die?”. She asked
“They must be really close”. I thought
“The day I went missing”. I replied
She looked at me confusedly
“She did not die then”. She said
“ what do you mean?”. I asked her
“ your mum didn’t die on the day you went missing…she replied
“ how did you know?”. I asked her
“ because i was the one who took her over to the hospital on that day”. She replied………..
“ oh my gawd………..

Han Han
What a small world

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