The Mafia Lord

The Mafia Lord Episode 30 – 31


The Mafia Lord Episode 30

Leaving Russia

Troy PoV

“Are you alright man?”. Andy asked on our drive back home
“Yes”. I grunted
“What really happened in there?”.he asked, i bet Diego would be rotting in hell
“No”.i drawled
“What do you mean by no?”. he asked with an arched eyebrow
“The bas***d wasn’t in there “
“Damn”.he cursed , what will you do about it?
“I don’t know “
I glanced at June through the rear mirror, she looked dazed
“Are you alright?”. I asked her

I drove into the big compound and parked in front …
I alighted from the car and helped June with the car door
“Thank”. She muttered giving me a small smile
“Are you sure you are alright? I asked , did he hurt you?
“Did he touch you?”
“No”.she replied and I sighed in relief …

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I held her hands as we walked into the sitting room
“Troy”. Montes called , I am glad you are safe . How are you miss?”. he asked facing June
“Fine”. she replied , I just need to rest . Can we go to the room please?
“Sure”. I replied
I bade them goodnight before climbing up the stairs with June….

June Kansas

I fell on the bed immediately we got into the room, i was tired and at the same time scared.
“What could have happened if Troy had not come for me?
I thought about the explosion and shuddered in fright, it was really a terrible sight…
“What is going on in your mind?”. Troy asked joining me on the bed, he was shirtless and I swallowed hard staring at tattoo chest
“Nothing”. I replied
“Then why is your face gloomy?
“I am fine”
“June “. he called staring directly at me, what is wrong?
“I am scared Troy”. I replied sobbing, afraid that something bad with happen to us, afraid that Diego will want to kill you , afraid that……
“It is going be alright June”. he assured hugging me, I won’t let anything happen to you …

“ Troy. I called
“yes baby”
“Thanks for coming to save me”
“It is nothing”.he replied, i won’t let you get hurt..
“ when are we leaving?”. I asked
“When do you want us to?” he asked
“Tomorrow morning “. I replied and he nodded

Diego Salvador

I sat on the sofa reading a magazine and smoking
I glanced at the wall clock, it was already past midnight
“Why are they taking so long? Is Troy making a fuss over the docvment? Is he having a rethink?
I heard a knock on the door
“Come in” I drawled
I gasped in shock when my lawyer walked in covered in dirt….
“What is wrong?”. I asked in alarm
“I jjjjjjjjusssttttt”. he stammered
“Are you dumb?. I yelled , what happened to you? Where is Reid? Where is the girl? Did Troy sign the docvment? Is he dead?”. I rushed the questions
“Burnt”. he replied panting
“Burnt? What do you mean by that? Who got burnt?”. I asked confusedly
“The ware house exploded with every one in it?”. he replied, I just barely escaped
“What!!!”. I exclaimed standing on my feet, My warehouse got burnt? You mean my life got burnt
“What?”. he asked giving me a puzzled look, I said your ware house
“Shut up”. I barked at him . What of the girl?

“Troy escaped with her”. he replied
“What?”. I yelled in anger, did he sign the docvment?
“Yes he did”
“Then where is it?”. I asked
“It got burnt”. he replied
I looked at him and scoffed . Do you mean I lost everything
He bowed his head without saying anything
“Answer me?”. I yelled
“Yyyyeeews”. he stammered
“Arrrrrrrhh”. I screamed in rage . Troy played a fast one on me, that bas***d fooled me…
I will kill the bas***d before he leaves my country…

Troy Daniels

I headed downstairs the next morning after I freshened up
I met Andy smoking in the sitting room
“Morning Troy”. he greeted as soon as he saw me
“What of Montes ?”. I asked looking around
“he is fixing the car”. he replied..
“Good “. I muttered sitting on the sofa opposite him
“ Are we leaving this morning?”. he asked
“Yeah”. I replied, We will leave as soon as June comes down
“How is she ? he asked, did Diego hurt her?”
“No”. I replied,
“ what will you do about Diego?”. he asked
“ I will kill h…….:..I stopped when I saw June coming down the stairs
“What were you both talking about?”. She asked
“Nothing”. I replied
“But I saw ………


you ready?. I asked cutting her short
“Yes”. She drawled
“Fine. I muttered standing up
I held her hands as we walked out of the sitting room with Andy following behind…

“We got outside and met Montes warming the car
“Morning. he greeted smiling
“Montes “. I called , is the car ready?
“Yes boss”. he replied
We all got into the car as Montes who was on the wheel drove off .
“What is wrong?”. I asked June on our way to the airport, she looked worried
“I am worried about Sara”.she replied, I just hope she is fine
She will be fine”. I assured her

We got to the airport and alighted from the car
Montez bade us Bye before driving off

We walked into the airport and a lady ran to welcome us
“Come this way please”. She said leading us to the private Jet
“Is the pilot………… I stopped when a car pulled up in front of us and Diego stepped out
“Troy”. June called in fear
“I will handle it”. I assured pulling her behind me
“Troy”. Diego called laughing, how are you
“ what do you want?”. I asked
“ I want you dead”. he replied pulling out his gun
“You can’t do this here”.the lady said , keep your gun or I will call the cops”. She warned
“How dare you talk to me”. Diego said pointing the gun to lady
“Let us settle this somewhere else Diego”. I pleaded, this is a public place ..


the lady muttered and tried running when Diego pulled his trigger and shot her dead
The airport immediately became rowdy as people ran around in helter skelter
“ what did you just do?”. I yelled at him , are you crazy?
“ Crazy? he asked laughing. Of course I am, you made me crazy
“Troy. Andy called moving closer to me , should I shoot?
“No we can’t”. I replied
“What should we do?”.he asked
“Just safe June no matter what”. I replied
“Are you done discussing?”.Diego asked pointing the gun at me
“None of your business”. I replied,
“You ruined me Troy”. he yelled, I will kill you
“Then do it”. I yelled , kill me and let the others go
He pulled the trigger and Andy jumped from behind as the bullet hit him
“Annnddddddy”. I screamed as he fell to the ground bleeding..
“Andy”. I called bending to hold him, please stay with me
“he is just a loyal dog”. Diego teased laughing

“bas***d”.i cursed
“June”.i called looking at her, she was sobbing. You need to get out of here
“I can’t leave you”. She said clutching to my clothes
“Leave “.i yelled but she shook her head and fell to the floor crying
“Damn”. I cursed
I was about to pull out my gun when I heard gunshots and Diego dropped to the floor dead .
I looked behind me and saw two Russians police running towards us and I heard June sighed in relief
“Are you okay?”. one of them asked
“Call the ambulance. I yelled, please call the ambulance…..:

Episode 31

Feeling loved

June Kansas

I held tightly to Troy as we watched Andy being carried into an ambulance ..
“ what could have happened if the cops didn’t show up?
“Crazy bas***d”. I heard Troy cursed, he was staring at Diego lifeless body still on the ground
“He sure deserved it”
“Troy”. I called softly
he turned to look at me
“It will be alright”. I assured him and he smiled
“ will we still…….. i stopped when a pack of reporters crowded us
“Are you both alright?
“What really transpired between you and Diego?”.
“Why did Diego try to kill you?
They kept on asking questions and the cops tried pushing them away
“Please come this way”. a cop said leading us to somewhere less noisy
“We are sorry for the inconvenience”. he apologised flashing us a smile
“It is alright”. Troy assured him
“We never knew Diego was capable of Murder. he informed
“Really?”. Troy asked scoffing
“ what really transpired between you and Diego?”. he asked
“Business”. Troy replied
“What kind of business?”. he asked
“Contract deal”. he replied
“ we will love you to come over to the station to make a statement”. he said flashing a smile
“Sure I will”. Troy said, I will go on my own
“Did you come with your car?”. The cops asked looking around
“I have called my driver”. Troy replied, he will be here soon
“He is here already”.Troy informed as Montez drove in and parked beside us
“ what happened?”. Montes asked stepping out of the car
“Diego attacked”. Troy said in whispers
“Diego? Where is he?”. Montez asked
“Over there. Troy said looking over at Diego lifeless body being carried into an ambulance ..
“ what……..
“I will answer all your questions later, I need to get to the police station…..



Montez drove us over to the police station and he kept on asking questions
“What of Andy?”.
“He will be fine”. I replied
“ what do you mean he will be fine? Where is he?
“Silva hospital”. I drawled
“Silva? What is he doing there?
“Just drive Montez”. I instructed

We soon got to the police station and June insisted on following me in.
“Wait in the car”. I instructed her
“I don’t want to”. She replied pouting
“Listen to me Just this once “
“Fine”. She replied frowning…

I walked into the station and was directed to the chief office
“Mr Daniels”. he called immediately i walked in, have your seat?
“Thanks. I replied sitting
“ what really happened?” he asked
“He tried to kill me”. I replied calmly
“Why?”. he asked
“Can I write my statement?”. I asked ignoring his questions, if you need to question me you can do that through my lawyer
“I am sorry Mr Daniels”. he apologised, No offence please
He pushed a big book in front of me and I wrote down my statement
“Can I go now?”. I asked
“Sure”. he replied smiling, i apologise for any inconvenience and I assure you will be compensated
“I don’t need any compensation”. I said with a smile and walked out of the office …
“The cops here really sucks”

I headed out of the station to my car and met June leaning on the car
“how did it go?”.she asked me
“Fine. I replied
“Cool” she muttered getting into the car, I hopped in beside her as Montes drove off heading to the Silva hospital…..

I sighed in relief when the doctor told us Andy was stable
“ will he be alright?”. I asked
“Yes “. he replied, the bullet missed his vital point by an inch . he just need rest
“Can we see him?”. I asked
“ I am afraid only one person can go in”. he replied
“That is fine by me”

I walked into the ward and huffed when I saw Andy on the bed with bandage all over him.
“He took a bullet for me”
I moved closer to him and sat beside him
“Andy”. I called softly and smiled as his eyes flickered open
how are you feeling?
he nodded slowly
“Thanks for saving me
“he gave me a small smile
“ The bas***d is dead”. I informed, The Russian police shot him dead….
he tried to say something but could not
“It is alright”. I assured him , I will stay in Russia till you are better”
“Go”.he said
I looked at him confusedly . What do you mean?
“Go Tricia “. he managed to say
“You want me to go back because of Tricia”. I replied, my mom and brother will take care of her
“Business”.he said
“Really Andy are you thinking about that now? Who will take care of you?
“Mon”. he tried to say and I smiled
“Fine , but promise me you will come back when you are alright?
“he smiled”
I squeezed his hands before walking out of the room
“he was still trying to be strong despite his pain”

“how is he?”. June asked running to meet me
“Strong”. I replied and she smiled
“Montes”. I called , make sure you take very good care of Andy
he nodded. Are you going somewhere?
“ I am going back to the State…

June Kansas

The airport was back to normal when we got there
No more reporters , no more cops
“Welcome” another lady said running to meet us as she led us to the private Jet
Is the pilot on seat?”. Troy asked
“Yes”. She replied smiling
I thought about the lady Diego shot and felt pity for her
She just died for nothing.

We stepped into the Jet and I sat down comfortably beside Troy..
“ I am sorry for what happened”. he apologised
“It is nothing”. What would you have done if the cops hadn’t shown up?
“Kill the bas***d”. He replied
“I thought you were protecting your name”.i said
“Yes”. he replied, but I won’t stand there and let him hurt you .
I flashed him a smile and leaned on his chest
“June”. he called
“Why didn’t you run when I asked you too?
“Because my life will be incomplete with you”.I replied
“Do you love me that much?”. he asked
“With all my heart?”. I replied
I held him tightly as the Jet take off and he laughed
“ why are you laughing?”. I asked faking a smile
“Nothing”. he replied
“but you …….he shut me up with a kiss
“ why did you do that?”. I asked
“because I love you “
I smile placing my lips on his and he kissed me back hungrily as we made love in the Jet on our way back home……

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