November 29, 2021

The Mafia Lord Episode 34


The Mafia Lord Episode 34

Changing Troy .

Troy Daniels

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing..

“Who could be calling me ?

I picked up the phone from the table beside me with sleepy eyes and received it without looking at the caller

“Who is this?”, I grunted

“Troy are you still sleeping?”, June voice chimed in

“Oh June “. I called, how are you?. Why are you calling by this time?

“What do you mean?”, she asked , it is already morning

“Really?. I asked opening my eyes wider and the rays of the morning sun shone through the window brightening up the room

“Don’t tell me you are still sleeping?”, she asked , you promised to attend lectures today

“Lectures? I don’t think that would be possible today”, I informed, i have lot of things to do

“No way have been saying that for the past two weeks , it is either today or never”. She informed and ended the call….

“Did she Just end the call on me? Why is she taking this change of a thing so serious? Fine, I promised to change but I never meant it to be this way ..

I dragged myself out of the bed and went over to the bathroom to freshen up and soon returned to the room when i was done..

I went over to the wardrobe for a change of clothing and headed downstairs …

“Good morning Daddy”. Tricia greeted with her tiny voice , she was sitting on her high chair eating in the dinning

“Morning baby”.i responded, who taught you to greet?


mommy”. She replied and my mom who was seated beside her laughed

I smiled at her and sat down on a seat beside her

“What of Trent?”,I asked

“school”. My mom replied. Are you going somewhere?”. She asked

“School”; I replied

“Really?”. She asked in surprise, i have never seen you go to school

“That is because I hardly go”. I replied and she gave me a curious stare

“What is up for breakfast?”. I asked

“Bread and scrambled egg”. She replied dishing it out to a plate

I ate my food silently and stood up from the table when I was done

“Daddy”. Tricia called , I want to go to school also

“You will “.I assured her , very soon….::

I drove into the school building and parked in front of my department

I alighted from the car and all eyes were on me.

I headed to the class ignoring the stares and Murmurs from the students around..


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lecturer stopped teaching immediately I walked into the class

“Gooood mooooorning Troy”. he greeted stammering

“Treat me like other student”. I said and walked toward a seat ignoring the stares of the students in the class…..

“Continue with your teaching “. I instructed the lecturer and he nodded before he continued

“What a boring class”

I looked around the class and scoffed when I met the gaze of the last person I ever wanted to see… Miguel..


I stared at the account book and threw it at Carl in anger

“Does it mean I am getting getting bankrupt”

“I am sorry Yakusa but”……

“Get out”. I barked


“I said get out”. I yelled puffing out smoke and he scampered out of the room …..

“How did it get to this?

I was known as the richest drug lord but everything changed when Troy betrayed me..

I always knew him to be so smart but I never expected him to turn against me

he called it revenge but I call it backstabbing……..

It is time for me to act, I need him out of the way……..

Troy Daniels

. I sighed in relief when the lecturer walked out of the class.

I stood up and was about leaving the class when I heard my name

I turned back and met the gaze of Miguel

“hey buddy. he greeted smiling, it has really been long

“Don’t act like we are cool”.I replied and walked out on him

“Crazy”. I muttered..

I headed to my car and was surprised to see June leaning on it.


studied her ,she was looking kind of pale

“babe. I called moving closer , you look pale

“I am having a fever but i will be alright”. she assured me

” Are you sure?”. I asked

“Yes”. she replied smiling, I saw your car parked here on my way back from class and decided to wait for you. How was lectures?

“Boring. I replied and she smiled

“Here”. She said handing me a paper

“What is this?”. I asked looking into the paper

“What I need you to do”. She replied grinning

“What!!!. I exclaimed, what do you mean by all this ? I asked reading it out

You must stop smoking and drugs

You must stop cursing

You must stop drinking

And you must quit the Mafia. This is too much June

“No it isn’t, you asked me to teach you to change so this is it

“You must be kidding?”. I asked laughing, are you trying to turn me to a zombie ?

“No I am just trying to change you for the better”. She replied

“Oh yeah”. I drawled, will you be following me home?. I asked

“No. She replied

“Why?”. I asked

“Mum asked me to come over”. She replied

“Alright. I replied , call me when you get home

“I will. She promised

I kissed her before getting into my car and zoomed ….

I glanced at the lists and scoffed

“She really wants to turn me to a zombie”….

June Kansas

I watched Troy drove off and smiled, I was very happy he was trying to change

It took me two weeks to convince him to attend lectures and he did…

I walked to my room happily and was surprised to see Mary already waiting for me

“Didn’t you attend lectures?”. I asked her

“I did but the lecturer rounded up the class earlier. How was lectures?

“Fine, the lec……..I stopped when I felt the urge to puke and ran into the bathroom…..

I returned to the room feeling weak and met Mary curious gaze

“What is wrong with you?”. She asked

“I don’t know”. I replied with a shrug, can we go now?

“Sure “. She said still looking at me weirdly…

We paid the driver and alighted when we got to the front of our home …

We walked into the sitting room and met my mum seated on the sofa

“Mary June “. She called standing up to hug us

“Mother”. We called hugging her back, we really miss you

“how is dad?”. I asked

“he is not back from work? . She replied studying me , What is wrong with you? She asked, you look pale

“I feel feverish”. I replied

“I am sorry baby. she said checking my temperature, you need to go see the doctor…

We walked into the Doctor office when we got to the hospital

“Good morning Sam”. My mom greeted the doctor as we walked in

“Ophelia”. how are you doing?”. he asked my mom and flashed me a smile,how are you June?

“I am fine sir”. I replied shyly

“Did you come for a general checkup?”.he asked as we took our seat

“No. my mom replied,June is sick

“What exactly is wrong with you?”. The doctor asked me

“I feel weak most of the time”. I replied

“Is that all?”. he asked

“Yes. I lied

“I will need to carry out a test to find out exactly what is wrong with you”. he informed….

“Oooouch!. I exclaimed as he drew out blood from me

“Sorry baby”. My mom said patting me

The doctor soon left with the blood sample…..

” you will be alright”. My mom assured me and I gave her a small smile….

We waited for about 20 mins before the doctor walked in , he was looking gloomy


need to see you privately Ophelia”. he informed

“Is anything wrong?”My mum asked in alarm

“No. he replied, I just don’t know how to break the news

“What news?”. My mother asked, please tell me

he looked and me and sighed

“About June pregnancy”. he replied…..

“What!!”. I exclaimed in shock, it can’t be, I am not pregnant

“Please be gentle with her”.The Doctor advised and left the room

“Who is responsible?”. My mom asked as soon as we were alone

“I am not pregnant mom”. I replied and she gave me a thunderous slap

Mom”. I called sobbing

“Who are you sleeping with June?”. She yelled

“No one”.i lied

“Don’t lie to me June, is it Troy ?”

I stared at her without answering

Why have you chose to disgrace me and your father?”. She asked sobbing, Why?. I trusted you June that was why I supported your relationship with Troy but you forgot about the principle I taught you and opened your legs wide for him

“Mum”. I called softly

“Can’t you wait till he marries you?”. She asked

“I am sorry mom”

” She looked at me with disgust and stood up. Get ready for your wedding, you are getting married to Troy………..

Pregnancy palaver


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