The Mafia Lord

The Mafia Lord Episode 35 – 36


The Mafia Lord Episode 35

Secret wedding .

June Kansas

I bowed my head in shame as my parent hurled hurtful words at me
“How will I face the church?”.my Father asked in anger , I do preach about staying pure till marriage but my own daughter went against my teaching and even got pregnant. June why did you choose to embarrass me?
“I am sorry dad”. I apologised sniffing
“Will sorry remove the child in your womb? Will sorry restore your virginity?”. he yelled
“Calm down honey”. My mom advised , yelling won’t bring a solution…
“What solution?”my dad asked glaring at her, the only solution I am know is to abort the bas***d in her womb
“Don’t ever call my child a bas***d “. I warned, it has a father
“Really?”. My dad asked in disbelief,I can see you really have no shame
“If killing my child will make me shameless, I choose to be shameless “. I yelled standing up
“June”. my mother called in tears , please sit let us look for a better solution
“What Solution Mother?”. I yelled , solution to kill my unborn child
“Please sit “. My mum pleaded
“Fine”. I sighed sitting, What do you have to say?
“honey. She called facing my dad, why can’t we let June get married to the father of her baby? . My mother suggested and my father became calm
“Do you think it is a good idea?”. he asked after clearing his throat
“It is the only way we can escape mockery”. My mom replied
I looked at both of them and sighed. They were after their reputations to the very end , they never really cared about my feelings….
I looked at my flat stomach and touched it
“Is there really a baby in here?
“June. My dad called , go upstairs and freshen up
“Why?”. I asked, are we going somewhere?
“Yes.he replied, To see Troy …
“But dad I……..
“Do as I say young lady”. he instructed and I sighed before climbing up the stairs grumbling…

I pushed the door to the opened and met Mary on the bed chatting probably with her Miguel.
“How did it go?”. She asked looking at me
“I am confused “. I replied falling on the bed, confused about everything
“Why?”. She asked
“I don’t know how Troy will react about the wedding”
“What wedding?”. She asked in surprise…. wait a minute! you mean our parent want you both to get married
“Yes”. I drawled and they are planning on going to his place right now…..

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The drive to Troy ‘s house was a very quiet one
I sat down at the back seat with Mary beside me
I was worried about how everything will turn out
“Will Troy agree to the wedding? How will he react when he sees my parent?
I could have called to inform him but I totally lost it…….
I felt Mary squeezed my hands and I gave her a grateful smile…

We stopped in front of his mansion and my mom gasped in shock when she saw two armed guards standing in front ….
“Why do Troy have armed men guarding his gate?”. She asked
“for protection “. My dad replied,

We alighted from the car and I led the way to the huge gate
“Good evening”. I greeted the guards
“June. one of the called staring curiously at my family, who are they?
“My parent and sister”. I replied smiling
“hope there is no problem?”. he asked
“Sure”. I replied, is Troy in?
he nodded and opened the gate .we walked into the compound and I almost pee on my pant when I saw few of Troy’s boys smoking …..
I stared at my parent to see their reaction, they looked dazed……I wondered what was going on through their mind
“June. the boys called as we walked in and I smiled at them …

I watched my mum and Troy mother hug each other tightly
I almost forgot they were best friends”
I looked around the sitting room and smiled when I saw Tricia standing beside the stairs staring curiously at the women

“Where is your husband to be?”. Mary asked teasingly in whispers
“I don’t know”. I replied with a shrug
“how are you Oscar”. Troy mom asked disengaging from the hug
“Fine. My dad grunted frowning, where is Troy?
“My daddy is in his room”. Tricia replied loudly
“What! Daddy?”.My father asked in shock ,do you mean Troy goes around impregnating different girls
“What do you mean by that Oscar?”. Troy mother asked
“June is carrying a child and your son is responsible”. My father yelled
“Please Calm down”. Troy mother pleaded that …..
“How do you expect me to be calm when my daughter is pregnant”. My father yelled
“Who is pregnant?”. Troy asked climbing down the stairs, he wore a transparent armless shirt which made his tattoos visible…


Tricia called waiting patiently for Troy to get to her
“What is it?”. Troy asked ruffling her hair
“that man is so scary”. She said pointing to my dad..
Troy bent down whispering something into her ear and she flashed me a smile before climbing up the stairs
“Who is pregnant?”. Troy asked staring at me,
Your manners Troy”.his mother reminded
“oh my bad! he exclaimed, I forgot . hello Mr& Mrs Kansas
“how are you Troy?”. My mother greeted, Hope you are fine?
“I am fine ma”. he assured taking a seat beside his mum . Who is pregnant?”.he repeated ,Is it June?
“Yes. his mother replied and my heart skipped a bit when I heard Troy scoffed…

Troy Daniels

I stared at June and met her gaze. her eyes were dull, has she been crying ?
I was not surprised when I was told she was pregnant ,she was a novice after all
“Troy”. he dad called me and I turned to look at him
“June is pregnant”. he repeated
“So?.i asked giving him a puzzled look, is that why you are all here ?
“We came to talk to you”. her mother replied calmly
“Alright, I am listening “
“We want you to get married to June since you got her pregnant”.her mom informed and I sighed deeply
“Is that what you want?”, I asked staring at her
“Ii ddddont ye”. She stammered
“did your parent impose it on you?
“She is my daughter and I have right to make decision for her”. her dad barked
“So your decision is to get her married?”. I asked in surprise
“She has no choice”.he said smacking his lips, it is either she gets married to you or abort the pregnancy
I looked at him and smirked. What a control freak?
“ dad please stop”. June pleaded,please stop
I watched her cry and my heart couldn’t take it
“Can’t we get married after she is done with school?”. I asked
“No way”. her father replied, Is it e…….
“I will do it”.I replied cutting him off and I heard my mom sighed in relief , I will marry her because I love her and not because of the threat but I have a condition
“What condition?”.her dad asked
“ I want it to be a secret between both families”. I replied, no reporters, no friends only families
“Why?”. her parent chorused in shock
“I have my reasons”. I replied and they both gave me a puzzled look
I never really wanted the wedding because I knew it might not be safe but seeing June in tears made me change my mind…

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June Kansas

My parent kept on asking me silly questions about Troy on our way home and I grunted in response
They didn’t even allow Troy and I to talk privately
“They are really impossible!
I can’t believe I will be getting married this weekend, yes this weekend…
My parent finally accepted to the quiet& secret wedding after Troy agreed to do the wedding at the church…
i touched my belle and smiled
I really can’t wait to be Mrs Daniels…….

Episode 36

Wedding .

Troy Daniels

Congratulations son”. My mom said
“Yeah”. I drawled as I headed upstairs

I pushed the door to my room opened and gasped in shock when I saw Tricia with my gun
“What are you doing with that?”. I barked dragging it from her
“I want to play with it”. She whined
“I don’t ever want to see you hold it again”. I warned
“No, I want to play with it”
“Why are you so stubborn?”. I asked carrying her to the bed. Can’t you do as I say?
“I just want to play with it”. She whined bursting into tears
“Fine. I will get you a big teddybear”. I promised her
“I have got Lot of teddy bears”.She replied frowning
“Really?”. What do you want?”. I asked her
“A car”. She said smiling
“Are you kidding me?
“No I am not”. She replied with her tiny voice , I want a big car
I stared at her in surprise
How will I handle a second child when the first is so stubborn?
“I will buy you a car when you get older”. I assured her
“Is that a promise ?”. She asked frowning
“Yes baby”. I replied, will you love to go with me to the airport?”. I asked to make her happy….
“Yes. She screamed with excitement …..


held Tricia hands as we headed downstairs.
“Are you going somewhere?”. My mom asked
“Yeah”. I replied, to the airport …..

I carried Tricia placing her gently at the back seat before I got into the driver seat and drove off heading to the airport …..
“Daddy why are you going to the airport?”.
“To go pick Andy”. I replied
“Andy”. She called screaming in excitement, i really miss him
“I am sure he miss you too

I parked in front of the airport and smiled when I saw Andy seated waiting patiently
I waved honking the horn to alert him and he looked up and smiled when he saw me
I watched him walk towards the car and smiled, he was perfectly okay and back to his feet
“Troy. he called as he opened the car door, it really been long
“how are you feeling?”.i asked him smiling
“Fine”.he replied sitting comfortably while I started the car and drove off ….
I glanced back at Tricia and smiled, she was already asleep…

i explained everything to Andy on our way home .
“Are you kidding me?”. he asked in surprise , you mean you will be getting married in two days
I nodded
“Congrats man”. he greeted, but how did you convince her parent to accept the secret wedding?
“I guess they just wanted to get rid of their pregnant daughter”. I replied with a shrug…
“Do you have any regret?”. he asked me
“My only regret is not meeting June earlier……..

June Kansas

The Next day

I opened the wardrobe to have a look at the beautiful long white wedding gown again
“How many times will you look at it?”. Sara asked looking into her phone
“I can’t help it”. I replied, it is Just too beautiful . I really can’t wait to be Mrs Daniels
“ I am happy for you sis”.she replied, i pray Miguel propose to me very soon like he promised. I told him about the wedding and…..
“ what did you say?”. I asked cutting her off
“I said I told Miguel”
“Why?”. I asked frowning, I thought Troy made it clear that no one aside our family must know
“Why is he being all secret?”. She asked rudely, Miguel will be family soon
“Alright Lady Miguel”. I said teasing her
“Aren’t you going to t?…..:.:she stopped when my phone rang ,she picked it from the table beside her and looked into it
“It is Troy”. She informed handing it to me and I received it immediately
“How is my baby doing?”. he asked
“Which of the baby?”. I asked teasing
“Both”. he replied , Are you alright?
“Yes. I replied, i am just missing you
“I miss you more”. he said and ended the call….

I collapsed on the bed after the call, I really wished I was with Troy but my dad prevented me from going to him…
I closed my eyes remembering his touch and immediately became w€t
“I miss you Troy”. I thought aloud
“Have patience miss you will be become his wife tomorrow”. Mary said grinning
I really can’t wait to be with my Troy…..


I dropped my phone on the table after ending the call
“Troy is having a secret wedding tomorrow”. I informed Carl
“What?. he asked in surprise,I can’t believe a heartless guy like Troy knows what marriage is
“The marriage won’t hold”
“ what do you intend on doing?”. he asked ,
“Kill Troy”……

. The wedding day

June Kansas

“You have to look very beautiful June”. Mary said as she applied makeup on my face
“It is just a small wedding”. I reminded her
“It is still a wedding and you need to look good for Troy “
I stared at the mirror as she applied a red lipstick and frowned
“I prefer the pink one”.I said and she scoffed before cleaning it off…
The door to the room opened and my mom walked in wearing a long beautiful pink gown
“We are getting late”. She queried, we need to get going
“We are almost done”. Mary informed as she helped me with my shoes
It was a black heeled shoe and I was wondered how I will walk with them
“Done “. She informed and I stood up staring at my full form in the mirror
“You look beautiful”. My mom replied wiping her tears
“Why is she crying?”. I wondered
“I am going to miss you June”. She said pulling me into a hug
“ I am not going away forever mom”. I pouted, i will always visit
She disengaged from the hug and caressed my face
“I am glad you are getting Married to Troy,I am sure he will take care of you…..

We headed downstairs and my mom held my hands to prevent me from falling
“Congratulations June”. My dad said sniffing
“Has he been crying?”. I wondered
“Remember the daughter of whom you are and be a good wife to your husband”. he advised and I nodded ..
“Are you all ready?”. he asked and we all nodded
“Good”. he muttered as we all headed to the car…..

Troy Daniels

I headed downstairs after dressing and met Andy by the stairs
“What were you doing up there man?”. he asked, you took so long
“I am sorry”. I apologise, I had to take care of some stuff. What of mom, Trent and Tricia?”. I asked
“They got tired of waiting”. he replied
“Meaning they left me”
“he nodded “
“Can we go?”. he asked
“You ain’t going with me”. I replied me
“Why?”. he asked in surprise
“Just take care of the business”. I replied and walked out of the sitting room

“Congratulations Boss”. the boys kept on chanting as I got into the car
I picked up my phone and clicked on the message as I read the direction to the church and drove off headed to St Philip church..

i drove remembering how I met June. I smiled at how naive and funny she was and how different she seems now
.i guess I really changed her……

I changed the gear and turning left to a bridge when I saw a car coming towards me with full speed
“ what the hell is this? I yelled as I tried to turn but it was too late as man from the car began to shoot.
I touched my pocket for my guns and scoffed when I remembered I forgot it
I swerved and stepped on the brakes and lost control as the man kept on shooting till the car rolled over and fell off the bridge……

What Just happened?
How did Yakusa get to know about the wedding?

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