November 29, 2021

The Mafia Lord Episode 39


The Mafia Lord Episode 39

He is really crazy .

June Daniels

I sat quietly at the back seat lost in my own thoughts .
“ why will yakusa turn two friends against each other? Why is he still trying hard to kill Troy? Will he ever stop?
I was scared of everything
I turned to look at Troy and smiled when I saw his eyes closed
“He must be really weak”
I had lot of questions I needed to ask him but I guess I will have to wait till he fully recovers

We soon got to the hospital and Andy parked in front
“Troy. I called tapping him gently and he groaned weakly without opening his eyes
“What is wrong with him?”. I wondered
“Troy. I called again and he opened his eyes slowly .
“Are you alright?”. I asked
he nodded weakly
I tried to help him up but he was too weak to stand
“What is wrong?”. Andy asked opening the back door staring curiously at Troy , go get the doctor
“Is anything wrong with him?”. I asked fidgeting
“he is bleeding?”. Andy replied pointing at a little blood stain on his shirt, I guess his wounds got opened
“What will I do?”. I screamed in fear
“Go get the doctor”. he instructed
I rushed into the hospital and sighed in relief when I saw the doctor talking to a nurse
“What is wrong Miss?”. he asked in alarm seeing the way I was fidgeting
“Troy”. I called
“What is wrong with him?”. he asked
“he is bleeding outside “.I replied
“Get the stretc….. he stopped when he Saw Andy walked in piggybacking Troy
“Come this way”. The doctor said leading the way
I stood staring at then till they entered a private room..


paced up and down the reception waiting for the doctor’s report
“Why can’t yakusa leave Troy alone?
I saw Andy Come out of the room and ran towards him
“What is wrong with him? , is he alright?”. I asked in a rush
“Yes, he replied, he just need some rest
“What exactly is wrong with him?”. I asked
“his wounds got opened”.he replied, he overstressed himself and that made him very weak
“Can I go and see him now?”. I asked
“No. he replied
“You need to go home”.he replied, you need to rest
“But he…..”
“I will come back to the hospital once I drop you safely at the mansion”.he assured me….

It was already late when we got to the mansion .Andy parked in front of the huge gate and waited patiently for me to get down before he drove off to the hospital…


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knocked at the huge gate and walked in immediately the guards opened up for me
“Congratulation madam”. he greeted and I nodded absentmindedly

I walked into the sitting room and sighed in relief when I saw no one
I just wanted to be alone
I climbed up the stairs and decided to check on Tricia before sleeping
I went over to her room and smiled weakly when I saw her sleeping peacefully with her hands wrapped around Trent
I closed the door gently and walked towards Troy’s room

I pushed the door opened and walked into the room
I was already missing Troy.
I pulled off the wedding gown and my underpants and walked into the bathroom to freshen up.
I returned to the room when I was done and put on one of Troy pyjamas ….
I collapsed on the bed thinking about only one person, My Troy and soon drifted off to sleep


I grunted in pain as I pulled out the bullet with a metal coat hanger .
“Damn. I cursed as blood gushed freely from the wound . I cleaned it and wrapped it up with a bandage…
“Did I just escape death? What a miracle !

I leaned my back on the sofa thinking about Troy words
“Did yakusa really Kill my father?, if yes why did he do it? Why did he lie to me?
There is only one way to find out, I have to confront yakusa
I limped outside the house and got into my car driving off to Yakusa mansion


got to the mansion very late and drove into the big compound parking my car in the parking lot
The house was so quiet
I grunted in pain as I alighted from the car and limped slowly into the sitting room
I was surprised to see only two boys smoking and drinking
“Where are the others?
I greeted them and they both grunted in reply
“Strange”. I muttered
I heading up the stairs limping in pain and met Carl standing in front of Yakusa room
“What happened to you?”. he asked staring at my injured leg
“Nothing”. I lied, is yakusa around?
he nodded
I was about to walk inside when he caught my hands
“ what is wrong?”. I asked him
“Be careful Nephew”.he advised and walked away
“What is wrong with him?”. I wondered

I walked into the room and saw yakusa seated on his bed with his pet cobra dead on the floor
“Yakusa”. I greeted and he looked up meeting my gaze
“Did you kill Troy?. he barked
“No. I replied
“Really?”. he asked pulling out his gun and pointing it at me, I can see you are a failure Just like them
“No”. I replied fidgeting, I have a plan
“What plan?”. he asked lowering his gun
“Trust me Yakusa”. I said hoping I sounded convincing, I will bring Troy to you dead
“You are a true son to your father”. he said laughing, never forget Troy killed your father
“Alright Yakusa”. I said taking a bow before walking out of the room ……
“What Just happened ?”. I wondered as I limped down the stairs, that bas***d almost shot me dead
Yakusa is really crazy
I need to find out the truth of my father’s death
“Who can I ask? “ I wondered and smiled when I saw Carl seated alone in the bar

“Uncle. I called limping towards him
“Really?”.he asked with a scoff
“Did I do something wrong?”. I asked him
“No. he replied, I am Just surprised you called me uncle today
I gave him a small smile
“ what happened to you?”. he asked ,who shot you?
“Troy”. I replied and he gasped in surprise
“Why do you look surprise?”. I asked him
“because he didn’t kill you”. he replied and I smiled
“he told me he never killed father “. I started he became uneasily quiet
“Do you know anything about it?”. I asked him
“Nooo iii dddoont”. he stammered
“Please don’t lie to me”. please tell the truth, who killed him?
he stared at me for a while and sighed
“Who killed him?”. I repeated
“ yakusa”. he replied
“What!”. I exclaimed in shock, you mean you knew the truth all this while and you didn’t tell me
“I am sorry Nephew”. he apologised, it was yakusa orders
“Why did he do it?”. I yelled
“Calm down”. he cautioned, someone might hear you
“Fine, why did he do it?”. I repeated calmly
“he believed your father betrayed him”. he replied
“Betrayed? how ?”. I asked confusedly
“he gave your father orders to kill one of his debtor but later found out your father helped the man escape”. he explained as tears streak down his face . I betrayed my brother. I watched yakusa shot at him and didn’t do anything
“What?”. I asked in surprise
“Yes. he replied, yakusa shot him in front of me his brother and Troy. he promised to make Troy his right hand man if he took the blame. he manipulated Troy who was just a kid , I never knew he had other plans of causing separation between both of you
“Uncle. I called in shock, how could you do this?


am sorry”. he apologised, I was scared of Yakusa then but not anymore
“What do you mean?”. I asked curiously
“Yakusa is getting crazy”. he replied whispering , he kill for the slightest reason . he has killed most of the boys and even shot his pet cobra today
“Is that why the boys look gloomy?
he nodded
“What do you intend to do?”. I asked
“I need to take revenge for your father”. he replied, I need to kill yakusa and all of his loyal dogs but I need help
“How many loyal dogs does he have?”. I asked
“About 30”. He replied , we can’t take them alone
“I know someone who can help us”. I informed smiling
“Who?”. he asked
“Troy”. I replied
“Troy?”. he asked laughing and why will Troy help you? You almost killed him
“Because he is my friend”. I replied

June Daniels

I woke up very early the next morning . I rushed into the bathroom to bath and returned to the room [email protected] after I was done
I went over to the wardrobe and pulled out a black long gown .
I put on the gown, plaited my hair into loosed bun and headed downstairs
I saw Troy mom coming out of the kitchen
“June. She called in surprise, when did you get home
“Last night”. I replied
“How is Troy?”. She asked, is he getting better
“Yes”. I replied, I need to go now mother”. I informed and hugged her before leaving..

I flagged down a taxi and got in
“Petra hospital”. I called and he nodded before driving off
I looked up to heaven praying silently for Troy to be alright

We soon got to the hospital and I paid him after alighting from the car
I rushed into the hospital and a nurse smiled welcoming in
“He is in VIP ward 4”. She said already knowing who I came to see
I thanked her and walked quickly down the hall way and pushed the door to the ward opened
I walked in and sighed in relief when I saw Troy and Andy gisting and laughing
“Hubby”. I called moving closer to him
“how are you wifey?”.he asked smiling, you look good
“I am fine baby”. I replied , You made me scared yesterday”.
“I am sorry”. he apologised, hope you didn’t cry
“No. I lied and he smiled
“Have you eaten?”. I asked him
“Yes. he replied, what about you?
I shook my head negatively
“Why?”. he asked, are you trying to starve my baby
“I was just worried about you”
“If you are really worried you won’t try to starve the tiny baby inside you”
“I am sorry”. I apologised, i had no appetite
“I think I should get going now “. Andy informed standing up
“Alright bro”. Troy replied and he nodded before leaving
“Hope you didn’t miss me much?”. Troy asked smiling
“I miss you so much hubby”. I replied kissing him gently, please don’t make me scared again
“I won’t”. he promised
“How is Tricia?”. he asked, did you see her?
“Yes. I replied. I checked on her before going to bed , she was sleeping peacefully with Trent beside her
“I miss her so much “
“I am sure she misses you too”
The door opened and I gasped in surprise when Miguel walked in limping…

Troy Daniels

“ what are you doing here ?”. I asked as soon as Miguel limped in
“Troy I need to talk to you”. he replied
“Talk to me? Why?”, I asked
“I am sorry for blaming you for my father’s death”. he apologised, I never knew yakusa manipulated you
“Really?”. I asked, did yakusa tell you himself
“No my Uncle did “. he replied
“And why will Carl tell you?”. I asked, he is Yakusa most loyal dog
“he is tired of Yakusa”.he replied, yakusa is getting crazy
I looked at him and laughed
“Yakusa was always crazy”
“We need your help Troy”. he pleaded , Yakusa and his loyal dog has to die
“ what make you think I will help you?”. I asked
“Because we are friends”. he replied, and friends do help each other …….

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