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The Mafia Lord Episode 43 – end

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Th£ Mafia Lord Episode 43

Welcom!ng Travis

June Daniels

Months later

I woke up to f!nd myself alone !n th£ room.
I glanced at th£ clock, it was 8:00
“gosh! I woke up late “

I dragged myself from th£ b£d hold!ng my [email protected]¡$t as I h£aded d©wΠ th£ stairs.
I met Troy !n th£ d!nn!ng eat!ng, h£ was already dressed for work
“Good morn!ng baby”. h£ greeted, how was your night?
“It was f!ne”. I replied, what of Tricia?
“Th£ driver took h£r to school not quite long”.
“I need to go over to th£ office”. h£ !nformed stand!ng up,
“Can’t you skip work today?”. I asked frown!ng , I want you to stay home with me
“I really wish I could but I can’t “
“Why?”. I asked
“I have lot of works to do at th£ company”. h£ replied
“How I wish your mom and broth£r lives with us th£n I won’t be so bored, I wonder why you choose to buy th£m anoth£r house”
“Mum asked for it , $h£ believed we needed privacy”. h£ expla!ned , you can call Sara to come over
“Sure I will”
h£ bent to klzz my protruded belly before walk!ng ©vt of th£ house ….

I h£aded up th£ stairs to th£ room . I ₱u$h£d th£ door opened and walked !n….
I picked my phone from th£ table and dialled Sara number and $h£ picked it up immediately
“h£llo pregnant lady I am almost at your home”. $h£ !nformed and ended th£ call
“Crazy”. I muttered
I ₱v||ed off my cloth£s and was ab©vt go!ng to th£ bathroom wh£n I felt a sudden pa!n at my [email protected]¢k
“Aargh”. I [email protected] hold!ng my [email protected]¡$t till th£ pa!n stopped
“What is wrong?”. I wondered,Is it labour pa!n? No,it can’t be, I still have two week to th£ due date
I walked s1©wly !nto th£ bathroom to fre$h£n up and soon returned to th£ room [email protected]£d.

I walked to th£ wardrobe and ₱v||ed ©vt a blue long gown and wore it with©vt undies, I was to weak to wear one……
I sat d©wΠ on a chair fac!ng th£ mirror and studied myself , I looked so fat. I can’t wait to have my baby so I can go [email protected]¢k to shape
Th£ door suddenly opened and Sara walked !n smil!ng
“Guess what!”. $h£ s¢r**med
“What?”. I asked weakly
“What is wrong with you? Why is your face all gloomy?
“I don’t know”. I replied, I j√$t feel weak
“Sorry dear”.$h£ said sitt!ng on th£ b£d
“So What is th£ gist?”. I asked chang!ng th£ mood
“Andy asked me to be h¡s girlfriend”. $h£ s¢r**med
“Really?. I asked, I am so hap….. I stopped wh£n I felt th£ sharp pa!n aga!n
“Aarrrrrgh”. I [email protected]
“What is wrong?. $h£ asked !n alarm,are you …….. June”. $h£ s¢r**med
“What is wrong?” I asked
“Your water j√$t broke”. $h£ said po!nt!ng to th£ floor
I looked d©wΠ and noticed my cloth£s were soaked
“What does it mean?”. I asked shak!ng
“You are ab©vt to have a baby dummy”. $h£ replied
“Labour? But how?
“ I will go get h£lp”. $h£ !nformed runn!ng ©vt of th£ room
“What will I do?”. I wondered, I tried to reach for my phone but th£ pa!n hit me aga!n
“Troy”. I s¢r**med cry!ng….

Sara soon came runn!ng !nto th£ room with th£ driver beh!nd h£r
“Carry h£r”. Sara !nstructed
Th£ driver carried me !n h¡s arms and ru$h£d ©vt of th£ house , placed me gently |ns!de th£ car and drove off to th£ hospital

Troy Daniels

I sat beh!nd th£ office desk try!ng to sort ©vt some files..
Th£ door opened and my secretary walked !n
“Sir Mr Lebanon placed a call ask!ng to have d!nner with you”. $h£ !nformed
“Wh£re? Wh£n? Time?
“Tomorrow at Ontario h°tel by 6pm”
“Noted”. I replied and $h£ nodded before leav!ng..
My phone suddenly ran and I smiled wh£n I saw it was June
“$h£ must be really bored”. I thought and received th£ call
“Troy. a voice called , you need to come over to th£ hospital”
“Who is th¡s?”. I asked “
“Th¡s is Sara and June is right h£re !n th£ hospital
“June. What is wrong with h£r?”
“$h£ is !n labour”
“Damn. Which hospital?”
“Petra”. $h£ replied
“I will be on my way”. I !nformed and ended th£ call
I turned off th£ laptop before rush!ng ©vt of th£ office
“Are you go!ng somewh£re?”. My secretary asked
“I need to take ¢ar£ of some th!ngs”. I replied, please take ¢ar£ of th£ office…
I walked ©vt Th£ Daniels corporate, got !nto my car and drove off h£ad!ng to Petra hospital…..

I soon got to th£ hospital, alighted from th£ car and ru$h£d !n
I met Sara pac!ng @r0vnd th£ reception
“Sara. I called walk!ng towards h£r, wh£re is $h£?
“Over th£re”. $h£ replied po!nt!ng to a room d©wΠ th£ hall, I th!nk $h£ is hav!ng a tough time
“Why did you say so?”. I asked
“$h£ has been !n th£re …. $h£ stopped wh£n a doctor came ©vt of th£ ward
“Doctor”. I called walk!ng towards h¡m, how is my wife?
“Congratulations Mr Daniels”. h£ replied gr!nn!ng, your wife j√$t gave birth to a baby boy
“Wow!”. I exclaimed !n excitement, can I see h£r?
“Sure”. h£ replied

I walked over to th£ room and ₱u$h£d th£ door open
I smiled wh£n I saw June hold!ng th£ baby still covered !n blood peer!ng !nto h¡s face
“June. I called walk!ng towards h£r
$h£ looked at me and gave me a tired smile
“How are you?”. I asked sitt!ng gently beside h£r
“I am so happy”
I peered !nto th£ baby face and smiled, h£ looked so cute with h¡s eyes closed.
“Can I hold h¡m?”. I asked and $h£ smiled before [email protected]!ng h¡m to me
h£ was so t!ny and red
I kept on look!ng at h¡m as tears streaked d©wΠ my face
“Why are you cry!ng?”. June asked
“I am j√$t happy”. I replied, I have a family to call my own. how i wish my dad was alive to witness th¡s
“It is alright baby”. $h£ a$$ured me, we can name your son after h¡m
“Will you be okay with that?”. I asked look!ng at h£r
“Sure”. $h£ replied, what is your fath£r name?
“Travis”. I replied and $h£ smiled
“We have got a little Travis”. $h£ said gr!nn!ng
I gave h£r a small smile
“For What?”. $h£ asked look!ng at me
“For th¡s wonderful gift”. I replied, I am glad I met you……….


Three years later

June Daniels

Stand!ng !n front of th£ mirror I stared at my reflection
“Perfect!. I exclaimed ch£ck!ng ©vt th£ blue slanted gown I was wear!ng
I brought ©vt my makeup kit from th£ drawer and applied little
Th£ door suddenly flung open and Tricia walked !n
“Mum we will be late”. $h£ queried tapp!ng h£r feet
“I am sorry baby”. I apologised,I will soon be done
“That is what you always say”.$h£ drawled
I turned to look at h£r and smiled. $h£ was dressed !n a velvet silk gown and looked so beautiful on it
“Wh£re is Travis?”
“And Your Dad?
“Th£y are togeth£r wait!ng for you to come d©wΠ “. Can I use th£ l¡pstick?”. $h£ asked pick!ng it up from th£ drawer
“No way baby you are far too young for that”
“But I want to look beautiful”. $h£ !nsisted
I drew h£r close and made h£r stand !n front of th£ mirror
“What can you see baby?”. I asked star!ng at h£r reflection
“A t!ny sk!nny blue eyes white girl”. $h£ replied frown!ng
“No baby”. I corrected, you look beautiful
“Am I really beautiful momma?
“Of course you are”
“Thanks momma” $h£ said p©vt!ng h£r l¡ps and I fla$h£d h£r a smile
“I am done”. I announced grabb!ng my bag, I h£ld Tricia [email protected] and togeth£r we h£aded d©wΠ th£ stairs.

I smiled wh£n I saw My two boys !n th£ sitt!ng room talk!ng !n wh¡spers
Th£y were both dressed !n an all black ©vtfit.
“Mummy”. Travis called frown!ng , we are go!ng to be late because of you
“I am sorry baby”. I apologised, It won’t happen aga!n
h£ looked at me and smirked
“Can we go now daddy?”. h£ asked Troy who was watch!ng us quietly with a smile plastered on h¡s face
“Sure my pr!nce”.h£ replied hold!ng both Tricia and Travis as th£y walked ©vt of th£ house …
I looked @r0vnd th£ house to make sure th£y didn’t forget anyth!ng before runn!ng along..
It was th£ wedd!ng ceremony of Miguel and Mary and we were runn!ng late all because of me…….

Th£ drive to St Peter’s church was a very noisy one as th£ kids kept on talk!ng ab©vt how much th£y missed th£ir grandparents
“Don’t worry you will see everyone you miss at th£ party”. I a$$ured th£m and th£y s¢r**med !n excitement …

We soon got to th£ church and Troy parked !n front
We all alighted from th£ car and walked !n
We sat d©wΠ at th£ [email protected]¢k row . I smiled see!ng Mary !n h£r beautiful wedd!ng gown read!ng h£r vows to Miguel..
“Can I go seat with Uncle?”.Travis asked po!nt!ng at Trent who seated at th£ extreme end
“You will ………h£ ran off to meet Trent before I concluded
“What a stubborn boy!

“Congratulations sis”. I beamed ₱v||!ng Mary to a hug
“Thanks sis”. $h£ s¢r**med !n excitement, what of th£ kids?
“Th£y are over th£re”. I said po!nt!ng to th£ Kids who were jump!ng @r0vnd Troy’s moth£r
“Th£y are so adorable”. $h£ remarked smil!ng
“Thanks love”…..
“June”. Sara called walk!ng towards me with h£r protruded belly, how are you?
“I am f!ne dear”. I replied giv!ng h£r a side hug, pregnancy really looks good on you
“Are you kidd!ng me?”. $h£ asked, I feel like a bloated pig
“It will pa$$ dear”. I a$$ured h£r, what Of Andy?
“h£ is over th£re tak!ng to th£ groom and your husband and what of th£ kids?
“Th£y are….wh£re are th£y?. I asked look!ng @r0vnd and smirked wh£n I saw th£m with th£ priest “
“Th£y are so cute”. Sara remarked star!ng at th£m, I can’t wait to have m!ne……

We got home very late .
Th£ kids were already asleep so we had to carry th£m !n

“I never knew Travis had th¡s much weight”. I observed as I climb£d up th£ stairs
We got to th£ children room and placed th£m gently on th£ b£d , tuck!ng th£m under th£ blanket before tiptoe!ng ©vt of th£ room .

I ₱u$h£d th£ door to our room opened as we walked !n
“What a blissful day”. I remarked collaps!ng on th£ b£d .
“Sure”. h£ agreed ₱v||!ng off h¡s cloth£s
I watch£d h¡m quietly as h£ undressed and my m!nd raced [email protected]¢k to th£ first day I saw h¡m , th£y day I ran off after meet!ng h¡s cold gaze and I laugh£d ©vt loud
“Why is funny?”. h£ asked jo!n!ng me on th£ b£d
“j√$t th!nk!ng’ ab©vt th£ first day I saw you”
“Wh£n was that?”. h£ asked ₱v||!ng me closer
“Th£ day at th£ gardens. Do you remember?
“Of course I do”. h£ replied,you ran off after exclaim!ng someth!ng religious “
I nodded laugh!ng
“What were you wear!ng th£n?”. h£ asked, is it a sac or a cloth
“Are you for real?”. I asked punch!ng h¡m ₱|@yfvlly, you can’t really blame me, I was a religious freak
“And what are you now?”h£ asked arch!ng an eyebrow
“A wife to Troy Daniels”. I replied klzz!ng h¡m , I can’t imag!ne my life with©vt you
“Same with me” h£ agreed try!ng to unzip my gown
“What are you try!ng to do?. I asked h¡m, are you try!ng to make anoth£r baby
“Are you ready for that?”. h£ asked
“That isn’t a bad idea”. I replied remov!ng my cloth£s ………………….. and we made crazy love through©vt th£ night…

Th£ Mafia Lord has f!nally ended

Thank you so much for read!ng


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