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The Mafia Lord Episode 6

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The Mafia Lord Episode 6

The birthday party .

June PoV
“The party will be so much fun”. Sara screamed in delight, I can’t wait to be there
I watched her scattered her bags searching for what to wear
“ here. She said handing me a red long gown
“ what should I do with it?”, I asked
“ you gonna wear it?”. She replied still searching her bags
“I have what to wear”, I queried
“ what?, those sacs you call clothes?”. She asked in sarcasm
I looked at the red gown, it was long beautiful with a slant design
“It is decent”, she smirked looking at me
“I don’t like the slant opening”, I complained
“ Just wear it just for tonight please”. She pleaded, i don’t want you looking like a sac bag
I looked at the gown and sighed
“fine”. I will put it on”. I agreed and Sara flashed me a smile
I stared at my reflection in the mirror . The gown brought out my curves and I looked different
“ is this really me?”. I asked Sara who was putting on a very short red gown
“ it is You June”.She replied smiling, you are beautiful.
“ Thanks”. I blushed
“Do you need lipstick?”. She asked
“hell no”. I replied,
She chuckled as she kept the lipstick inside her box
She pulled out a silver heels underneath the bed and handed it to me
“ what should I do with this?”. I asked her
“ wear it dummy”. She replied, what were you planning on wearing?”. She asked
“ sandals”. I replied
“Oh June”. She said with an eye roll, you will never cease to amaze me
“ is this how birthday parties look like?”. I asked Sara as we stepped into the hall
“Is this your first time of going to a party?”. She asked
I nodded
“ your parent are kill joy”. She remarked
I looked around as we walked in . I shook my head as I saw guys and ladies smoking
I noticed Sara was walking towards a table where two guys were seated
“ where are you going?”. I asked Sara , Let us just sit here
“ please June don’t try and kill my fun”. She replied dragging me along
“hello Ben”. She greeted a guy with red hair
“Sara”.The guy called as he bit his lips , how are you?
“ cool”. Sara replied sitting down and gestured me to sit
I glared at her as I sat down
“Did she bring me here to watch her flirt with guys” I thought
“ hi”. the second guy greeted me
“hi”, I grunted
“ what is your name?”. he asked
“Is he trying to flirt with me”. I thought and ignored his questions
“ Are you trying to ignore me?”. he asked
“ just let her be Simon”.Sara said , she is mama girl
“ really?”. he asked laughing
The whole hall immediately became quiet when Troy , Steph and some huge guys walked in
I stared at them in awe,Troy was really so cute in his all black outfit and Steph looked like a goddess in her white flora gown
They walked towards to the front table and sat down
“ Aren’t they cute?”. Sara asked me
“they are”. I replied staring at them
I watched Troy whispered something to Steph as he stood up and walked through a door with his guards
“ where is he going “. I thought
The Dj played a popular music and most people stood up to dance including Sara and her red hair boyfriend
“Do you care for a dance?”.the second guy asked me
“ No”. I huffed
“ you are so impossible”.he said and stood up probably to look for another girl to dance with him
I looked over at Steph table, she was seated alone frowning . Troy was not yet back and I felt sorry for her
I suddenly felt the urge to pee
“ where is the bathroom?”. I muttered. I stood up and walked up to a server
“ where is the bathroom please?”, I asked him
“ over there”. he said pointing to an entrance
“Thanks”. I muttered
I walked over to the entrance and was surprised to see Tony bodyguards standing there
“ you can’t go in now”. One of them said
“ why?”. I asked
“You need to come back later”,he said ignoring my questions
“ I really need to pee please”. I pleaded
he looked at me and sighed
“ fine, make sure you make use of the first or second bathroom”.he warned, don’t go into the third one
“Alright”. I nodded
I rushed past the entrance and saw three doors
I opened the first door and immediately closed it back, it was not flushed
I opened the second one and walked inside to urinate . I sat down on the toilet seat and heard m0ans , it was coming out from the third toilet
“ what is happening?”. I muttered.
I came out of the toilet after I was done . I turned to leave but my curious self wanted to know what was happening. I summoned courage and walked to the toilet and pushed it opened
“ Holy father!”. I exclaimed as I saw Troy banging a girl
“ who are you?”. Troy asked buckling his pants
“ I am mmmm sorry”. I stammered as I met his cold gaze
“ you can go b***h”. he said pushing the girl out of the bathroom
“ who are you?”. he asked again, who let you in
“ I am sorry”. I apologised.
“ really. he scoffed and walk past me
“ you are not pure”.I mumbled
“ what did you say?”. he stopped asking
“ nothing”. I replied
“ what did you say?”. he asked moving closer to me
“I said you are not pure”. I blurted out closing my eyes in fear
“ really?. he asked laughing
I looked at him in surprise, I was expecting him to hit me
he stared at me for a while and left without saying anything….
“ what just happened”. I muttered
I returned back to the hall and glanced at his table , he was seated already and Steph was smiling again
“ if only she knew that her boyfriend just cheated on her”. I thought
I walked over to my table and sat down
“ where have you been?”. Sara asked walking towards me, I have been searching all over for you
“ I went to the bathroom ”. I replied
“Alright, make sure you stay here”. She instructed and went back dancing
I looked over at Troy and was surprise when I met his gaze and he immediately looked away
“ why was he staring at me?”. I asked.



Feeling among

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June PoV continues
We got back to the hostel really late
“The party was so much fun”.Sara screamed in delight. She was a little bit tipsy
I watched her as she pulled off her shoes and decided to tell her about Troy
“Sara”. I called
“Yes”. She replied without looking at me
“ I saw Troy with with another girl”
She immediately turned to look at me
“ so?” . She asked
“ what do you mean by that?” I asked, he is Steph boyfriend and Steph is your friend
“ really?”. She asked laughing, I bet Steph knows about it
“ what!!”. I exclaimed, how is that possible?
“ You don’t really know Troy”.she replied and continued with what she was doing
“ who is he?”. I mumbled……

Troy POV

“It was my day Troy, you could have at least respected me”.Steph queried
I laid on my bed watching her rant
“ you made me look like a fool “. She continued, I saw you when you signalled the b***h to join you in the toilet
“ so?”. I asked, I was attracted to her
“ why are you doing this to me?” She asked
“ what am I doing to you?”, I asked her
“ you are hurting me”. She replied
I looked at her and smiled
“ I think it is time to get someone else”. I drawled
“ what do you mean ?”. She asked
“ I am done with you Steph”.i declared
“ you can do this to me Troy”. She pleaded moving towards me
“Really”. I asked as I stood up from the bed
“ where are you going?”. She asked
“To the next room”. I replied
“ what about me?”. She asked
“ you can sleep here for the night but make sure you are out of here tomorrow morning “. I warned
“Troy please”. She pleaded
“ Good night Steph”. I said as I left the room


/> I headed downstairs to the sitting room and met Andy at the bar drinking
“Troy”. he called immediately he saw me
“hey”, I replied
“I thought you were asleep”. he said as he offered me a glass of wine
“Thanks”. I muttered
“ is anything wrong?”. he asked, I heard you and Steph arguing when I passed through your room
“I was not arguing”. I corrected, she was the one ranting
“ what happened?”. he asked
“ I am done with her”. I replied with a smirk
“Boss”. he called laughing,you could have dump her a day after her birthday
“ I was already tired of the b***h”, I drawled,
“What really happened at the party?”.he asked
“I was told I was not pure”. I replied with a shrug
He looked at me with a raised eyebrow
“ what do you mean?”. he asked
“Nevermind “, I replied sipping my drink. I thought about the lady and laughed , she was so funny . I met Andy curious gaze…….

Steph POV
I headed downstairs the next morning hoping Troy would forgive me
I met him talking with his friend
“Did he stay awake all night”. I thought
“Troy”. I called
He turned to look at me
“ I am sorry”. I pleaded
“ you didn’t do anything Steph”. he replied, I just got tired of you. It was all a game from the beginning and you knew about it
“ I still want to be your personal b***h”. I muttered
He smirked.” I sent some money to your accounts, it should be enough to get you whatever you need”. he replied
“Please Troy don’t………”
“ Get out”. He barked
“ Troy”….
“I said Get out”. he yelled and I immediately Jolted out his mansion…
“ what will happen to me now?”. I thought, I will become the clown of the school….

June PoV

I scattered my box looking for a better cloth,
“ what are you still doing here?”. Sara asked walking out of the bathroom
“Searching for something nice”. I replied
“ really?”. She asked laughing, are you tired of your sac clothes
“ I just don’t like the way people stare at me”. I replied, when I get home I will ask my mom to buy something better
“ do your mom still buy clothes for you?”. She asked in surprise
“ yes”. I replied
“ what will you do if she buys you clothes you don’t like?”. She asked
“I wear what she wants me to”. I replied
“Oh June! She exclaimed, you let you parent control you and that is not right.What they just need to do is to advice you and not to impose stuffs on you
“ I have no choice”. I sighed
“ you really need to do something about it”. She advised.
“ I will think about it”. I replied
“ Let me help you”. She said as she bend down searching through my box
“Wow, this is nice”. She said pulling out a short blue gown ,
“ it was a gift from a friend, I secretly wore it to prom and My Dad made me dip my legs into hot water when he found out”. I explained
“That must have hurt”. She replied patting me,
I looked at her and smiled

I headed to class with Sara and I felt different, i notice some guys staring at me and I blushed
“ is this how it feels to wear beautiful clothes”. I thought
“ June”. Mary called running towards me
“See you later”. Sara waved as she walked away
June”. Mary called again when she got closer
“hi”. I greeted, how are you?
“ wow!. She exclaimed staring at my gown, you are really beautiful
“Thanks”, I muttered
“ where did you get the gown from?”. She asked
“ it is mine ,I wore it to the prom. Remember?”. I asked her
“ oh!”. She replied nodding, I can see you are getting used to college
“ sure. I nodded
“ where were you last night?”. She asked , I came over to you room but it was locked
“ I went to a birthday party”. I replied
“ whose birthday party?”. She asked
“ Steph”. I replied
“Really?”. She asked in surprise, I really wanted to be there but no one invited me
“ Sara invited me”. I told her
“ I know”. She replied, they are friends
“Did you see Troy?”. She asked in whispers
I nodded
“Don’t get in his way”. She advised
“ why?”. I asked
“ I heard he is ruthless”. She replied
“ why do everyone fear him?”. I wondered as I headed to the class. I thought about him, he has the coldest gaze i have ever seen


I walked into the room feeling tired. I met Sara searching through her bags
“ how was lectures?”. She asked me
“ stressful”. I replied
“ sorry dear”. She said chuckling
I watched her as she select some clothes dropping it on the bed
“ are you going somewhere?”. I asked her
She nodded
“ where?”. I asked
“ The club”. She replied
“ what!!”. I exclaimed, I don’t want to sleep alone
“ you can go with me if you want”. She replied, will you?”. She asked
I looked at her and sighed
“ fine, I will “… I replied
June June

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