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The maid batch 3


The maid

Episode 8

Paul came closer to comfort her.Sonia angrily threw the pillow at him. “Don’t come near me,She barked,i hate you!” “Sonia,i am sorry.i didnt know you were telling the truth”Paul pleaded.He felt bad though but he was happy he got what he actually wanted.Now he can let her be,while he goes out in search of new chicks. Sonia soon discovered that Paul no longer had interest in her,probably because he got what he had been looking for. Her heart was totally shattered when Paul told her to go her way. “You cant use and dump me”Sonia warned “I just did”Paul told her. __Sonia made up her mind to take revenge on Paul.He must pay for taking her pride away and dumping her. “I still love you paul.After that first time you made love to me,i feel like doing it with you again and again.i need you paul.i need you to make me feel like a woman again”She said as she stormed into his room. Paul’s face lit up.He couldnt wait to have a taste of the sweet thing once again.She wore a dress revealing a clear view of her fair,elegant and inviting bossom. He stood up,went close and gave her a warm embrace.Sonia wrapped her lips over his and they drank in the pleasure of blissful kisses.Paul took his time romancing and caressing every part of her as she m0aned softly and excited him the more.She knew she had to do this inorder for her plans to be successful because if Paul should by any means find out why she came,he might end up being the one killing her. After a hard kissing and romancing for what seemed like an eternity,paul took her off the ground like a baby and off to the bed he ran without knowing he was just a few minutes away from death. As he lay Sonia on the bed,she drew his head closer and kissed him one more time before throwing him down on the bed and sat atop him,caressing him magically. “oh you are an angel baby.Continue”Paul sang as he closed his eyes in pleasure.Sonia saw this as the perfect opportunity to attack. With one hand,she slid into her left shoe and brought out a very sharp little knife wrapped in a soundless paper. “I am going to give it to you like you never had before.just close your eyes”Sonia said and wrapped her mouth over his,in a gentle kiss inorder to prevent him from saying anything or even opening his eyes. Slowly,she drew the hand with the knife closer while her heartbeat increased tremendously. Without wasting anytime,she stabbed him severally on the chest.She watched him with great panic as he lay down there,motionless,as blood oozed from the severally stabbed spots. She glanced around.Immediately,she fled “Did anybody see me?”that was the question that kept hovering over her.

Episode 9

Sonia had rejoiced when Ebere called her and talked to her about taking up the maid job. She didn’t know Ebere too well but all she knew was that Ebere lives somewhere down the neighbourhood.She made Sonia see reasons why she should accept the little job and if not for anything,because of the huge amount of money Angela and her husband would be paying her on a monthly basis. Ebere made her understand that she was giving her this opportunity out of her church mind but Sonia suspected there might be something more to it as Ebere told her they will have to discuss after she must have spent a month with her new home and job. She never knew the joy of having a brother or sister.Her mother was a hell to live with.She had never for once told her anything about her father.Whenever she asked,her mother,if in a good mood will only tell her that her father died when she was still a kid,and that was all she ever knew about her father;that he died when she was still a kid. The only sister she had was Bisi.Her good friend,who lived with parents not too far away. ___All these memories left Sonia with different kind of feelings.Sometimes,she cry.Sometimes,she smile;an indescribable kind of smile. ***::::::.*** “Sonia?”Angela called the second time.She was already dressed and set to leave for her shop.She had given the idea of going to the shop with Sonia a second thought but ended up discarding the idea.She didn’t need a sales girl.If she needed help at the shop,she could have employed one. “Yes Aunty”Sonia answered,emerging from the kitchen,wiping her soapy hand on her dress.She must have been busy with the dishes.The poor girl was just a blessing to Angela with the way she does things.Angela has grown fond of her,taking her like a younger sibling. “I’m off to the shop.Don’t forget to bring the clothes from the dry cleaner”she said. “Yes Aunty” “And before i forget,don’t let me see you in this hair when i return.Make sure you go to the saloon.I’m sure the money i gave you must be enough”Angela barely finished what she was saying before her phone rang.She answered the phone Asap,bade Sonia goodbye and made to leave.It was one of her customers who just called. “Aunty please,there is something i want to tell you” Angela was already at the door.She turned in a hurry. “what is it?”she asked.She didn’t want to waste any more time. “I would like to visit my mother today”She lied.Her eyes almost betraying her.It was Ebere who told her they must have a serious discussion today.Ebere equally told her to say what she just said. “You should have told me earlier so i can give you something for her”Angela said in a low voice as she searched her purse for some money. “Give this to her”she said giving Sonia some money.”greet her for me.maybe on sunday we go visit her together”Angela shut the door after her. Sonia couldnt stop wondering what Ebere wants to discuss with her.Whatever it may be,in an hour or 2(hrs) later,she must find out.

Episode 10

Sonia made up her mind to play along with Ebere.She had earlier discussed with her mother about it;whom saw nothing wrong with it. “At least,the crime you committed will forever remain a secret and moreover,i trust you will extort enough money from him”She added,making Sonia’s endless thoughts grow the more.She was right about the idea of concealing the crime but that extorting money ‘thing’ was what made her give the old woman the “does this woman ever wish me well at all?” stare. “What is that?”Her mother who didn’t take the staring for granted asked. “Nothing”Sonia had replied. *** Sonia thought of every possible ways to carry out her plans but a question struck her mind. What if David refuses her advances and send her out of the house? What will become of her? She thought very hard to avoid any complicated issue. She had to make sure she succeeds because if she doesn’t, she will loose everything.The impatient Ebere had sent her texts over the pasts days,saying she’s still waiting for a call. The second week was coming to an end and she equally knew that Ebere meant every word she said. “Three weeks or you face the law” The idea of eliminating Ebere crossed her mind severally but she remembered her words again;that there was another witness who also saw the way she heartlessly stabbed paul. The pictures Ebere later showed her mde her wish she had supernatural powers powers to change things.With those pictures,Ebere really got the upper hand. “Oh my God.I didn’t mean to take his life. I know it wasn’t right. Vengeance,you have finished me” ::::.***:::: Angela had gone out to visit a friend. David was at home with Sonia. She saw this as the perfect opportunity to begin her plans. She thought of what to do. David was in the sitting room watching television. She wore a very short mini skirt and a little sleeveless top, which revealed a clear view of her bossom.Ebere was at the other end of the mobile phone in her back pocket. As she stepped out of her room, she stopped and gave a second thought. Her inner self told her to move on before Angela comes back. She approached the sitting and stood still, staring at him. His eyes were glued to the football match he was watching. She stepped forward, her heart beating very fast. She placed her left palm on her chest to calm the increased heart beat. She kept stepping forward slowly. She just prayed her mission gets successful. She tapped him and as he turned, his eyes landed on her bossom. Sonia noticed his countenance change. She wondered what next. She didn’t want to be embarrased. “You called me sir” She said instead, looking at him boldly as if she was actually called. “I didn’t call you, and why are you putting on this dress” David asked, he was having mixed feelings. He didn’t know if he should shout at her or not. Frankly speaking, he was beginning to like her for the type of person she was. Very hardworking, humble and respectful, with her beauty crowning it all. But for the sake of the vow he made on the alter to Angela, he always dismissed every negative thoughts to take advantange of the poor girl. But now,here she was with him all alone. He looked at her once more. He controlled himself as a man, not knowing that Sonia had a plan in mind. “Why are you wearing this?” He asked again. Sonia knew without being told that she had failed this first attempt. “Nothing sir. just that i was feeling heat. so i decided to wear this clothes” She answered, touching the clothes as if David didn’t see them. “Is the fan in your room no longer working. Go to your room” David finally said and faced the football match he was watching. “I am sorry sir” Sonia drawled and started walking away slowly.”Ebere surely must be angry over there”She thought. Few hours later,Angela called and informed David that she won’t be returning home that very day. She had gone to see her parents with the hope of returning that same day but something came up which made her mother ask her to call her husband and inform him she won’t be returning that day. After ending the converstion on the phone with his wife, he called Sonia to inform her that her madam would not come home that day, so that would not prepare her dinner. Sonia nodded in comprehension. “Another chance”she thought and smiled to herself. When it was time to start preparing dinner, she carefully prepared it and went into her room. It was 7.45pm and David was getting hungry. Sonia ought to have called him to come and eat. “Sonia” he called. There was no answer. He kept calling her name while heading to the kitchen.She wasn’t there.He headed to her room,still calling her name. As he opened the door to her room, he found her sleeping on the bed without putting any clothes on.

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