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The maid batch 5


The maid

Episode 14

“Sir,i hope there is no problem?”Sonia asked with a smile. David scratched his head as his eyes ravaged her body.Her pyjamas were quite revealing. He shook his head.”Its just that i can’t sleep” Sonia already understood what was going on.She needed no soothsayer to tell her that her charms were at work.Hence,the way he was acting gave her morale a boost. A mischievous smile played on her lips as she gave out a little yawn,covering her mouth. “Should i come and keep you company? Hope you don’t mind”Sonia asked almost in a whisper. David saw himself smile as he nodded in approval.Sonia held his right hand with both palms and off they went with smiles on their faces. David got int o the bed and exhaled deeply while Sonia stood there moping at him.She remembered the very same way Paul was moping at her from one corner of the room when she woke up on his bed.She closed her eyes as the memories flashed in. She knew it wasn’t just company she was going to keep David that very night.She knew for sure that something more than that must follow. “Killing Paul is what i shouldn’t have done and visiting him in the first place,a mistake i would never forget”She thought. “Come on.Don’t be scared”David urged her as she climbed slowly into the bed,dropping her phone in a comfortable position. She was ready to accept whatever happens after tonight. She soon forgot about Ebere whom she knew was listening.She knew the call would soon get terminated when her airtime gets exhausted and she wasn’t ready to pick her call,should she call back because she carefully activated the silent profile before dialling her line. 11:15pm David’s phone rang.It was the second time the phone was ringing but he was too busy to answer it.He was busy with Sonia as they m0aned in pleasure on the soft foam.They were far away on another planet.On another world of bliss,pleasure and happiness. When Angela dialled his phone the third time and he didn’t answer.She smiled and murmured some prayer for him and blew a kiss into the phone. “Sleep well,darling”

Episode 15

It was getting dark.Angela seemed to be the only human on that narrow bush part,because looking forward,she saw nobody.Looking back,nobody was in sight.She hastened her steps before total darkness falls. David had warned her about walking alone through narrow paths. She tried humming a tone but her instincts told her to stop,for the fear of the unknown. She halted and paid attention with her eyes.Her heartbeat increased.She thought she saw someone zoom out from one side of the bush to the other side.She observed keenly but saw no one.She turned back almost immediately but saw no one.She forged ahead with increased pace. Few seconds later,two hefty young men intercept her.One came out from the left side of the bush while the other came out from the right.The look on their faces proved they didn’t come to play. Angela turned with immediate effect and started running for her dear life.They only laughed and stood their ground.She managed to look back at them,only to see them still standing there but before she could face her front again,alas,two men were already standing in her way and so,because she saw them too late,she couldn’t apply the brakes at her feet as she hit them very hard and fell with a mighty thud. The other men joined them.Angela was on the ground.Silent and motionless.One of them bent close to her and chuckled. “The babe don sleep”He announced. “Abeg tow am for your shoulder make we waka.No time.Delay is dangerous”Thunder,their leader commanded and kissed his gun. ***:::::.*** Angela opened her eyes only to find herself in an uncompleted building.She coughed out loud and held her breath for sometime.She couldn’t stand the smell of the marijuana the men were heavily smoking,as they puffed out mouthfuls of its offensive smoke towards her. “Where am i? David! What are my doing here?…..”Angela kept asking but they chose to categorise her questions as rhetorical.They only looked at her and continued with their smoking business as if their life depended on it.As if they would never get another chance to have it again. Angela remembered what happened and how she fainted.She placed a palm on her forehead as a slight headache decided to answer her questions. “I wonder what is keeping this lady”Thunder spoke impatiently. “I wonder o.Abi she think say na only this work we get this night? Make she take her time o”Chike added. “Make she show naa make we waste this woman”Thunder vibrated. “Haaa,please o.Don’t kill me.please let me go.I did nothing wrong.please.please i am begging you in the name of God,please…..”Angela cried as she fell down on her kneels holding one of them by the leg,begging and pleading with tears flowing down her eyes.She didn’t care about the smoke anymore. “Woman leave me or i go molest you here.make your choice”Chike the one she had ran to,warned. “Please i am begging you people in the name of God.Don’t harm me please.I am innocent.Who is this lady that wants me dead? Please spare my life.I will pay you whatever you want.my husband will pay.please don’t kill me…….” “Quiet woman!.Go heaven and come back,you are dying tonight.E no go pass dis night”Thunder vibrated. Angela covered her face in despair and cried bitterly.She knew there was no way these men would spare her life. “Nooo.God please save meee”She sobbed on her kneels. __

Episode 16

Thunder’s phone rang. “Helo,why are you wasting our time?……..What for?……We are coming right away”He dropped the phone and beckoned on two of his members to follow him while Chike stayed behind to watch over Angela who was tied hands and legs. As soon as they left,Angela started another round of pleading. Her eyes were almost empty from all the tears she cried. Chike advised her to save her strength and keep quiet for her own good before she pushes him to do what she wouldn’t like.This time,he spoke with a calm voice which suprisingly kept her quiet.It wasn’t the threat that kept her quiet but the voice.Yes,that voice sounded familiar.She examined his face with great effort in that dark of the night. “Chike.One in town.The son of the soil”She called him.A ray of hope flashing in. Chike was startled.He turned slowly to take a closer view of this lady who knew him that well.That was the name his friends called him back then in school. He went closer and squatted opposite her,looking into her eyes. “Chike wey dey run things.Chike wey things no dey run”Angela suprised him again.That was his slogan then;”i run things.things no dey run me” “Chike it’s me Angela,your own paddy.Your next door neighbour”She said finally to Chike who was already turning his face away,slowly. He took few steps backwards and peeped out to see if his members were coming back.He was indeed troubled.Angela had been a good friend to her back in school.She was like a sister to him.Helping him with even the cookings,for he could barely boil yam. She helped him during exams to make sure he passed.He never read his reads despite all Angela’s struggles to see that he made reading a habit. Most of all,Angela was a decent girl whom they all respected for who she was;caring and amicable. He lamented within him why this should happen now.He knew what they stands to loose if she gets away,and the worst part of the story being that others will come after him. He looked at her again.She was in pains,she needed help.He remembered the countless number of times she helped him selflessly. The tears from her eyes affected him so much.This was the same girl that always tried to put smiles on his face.Not only on his face but on the faces on all the people. He had to act fast.He couldn’t leave her there to die.He looked around,without much ado,untied her ropes and started leading her out of the forest. It wasn’t up to four minutes they left the uncompleted building that a gunshot was heard in that direction.Angela inquired to know who sent them to kidnapp her but he refused revealing the person. Another gunshot was heard in there direction.Chike knew they were after them.He found a hidden place where he told Angela to stay while he hid somewhere else. He started hearing footsteps.They were running towards him.He kept still as they emerged.He saw them speed past him,heading to the exact place where Angela was hiding.Who knew if she had not urinated in her panties. He needed no one to tell him that she would be found there.He thought very hard to find a way of making them change direction but couldn’t figure out any idea. He fired his riffle into the air and immediately,they dived into different directions,got up and charged towards him. He came out and told the he was looking for her. Thunder came closer to him with anger written all over his face. “Do you expect me to clap for you? She gave you her body and you swam in her.she use ur brain.abi?” “No chairmo.No be so.na piss i go piss.wen i come back i no see her again”Chike explained. “Guy u 4cup.Cheii!”Another one interjected. “Story for the gods”Thundered murmured as he pulled the trigger on Chike,who didn’t even know when he brought out the gun.He lay down and breathed his last. “Come on boys,lets find her” They zoomed off.Angela came out and fell on Chike.Crying,shouting and calling on him as if that would bring him back to life but unfortunately for her,her voice called them back again.She was kneeling beside Chike as she sighted them coming to devour her with great rage “Noooooooo………” “Jeeeeesuusss”Angela sat up on her bed.It was all a dream.A terrible dream.She was sweating profusely.Her eyes went to the clock.It was 2:05am. David was not on the bed. “Darling.Darling.Honey.Dave…..” She got down the bed and started looking for him while calling his name. The sitting room was the first place she checked but he wasn’t there.She made for the kitchen only to find it empty.The visitors room was empty.Sonia’s room and the bathroom was the only place left. She heard a door bang. “Darling..”she called again.It was the bathroom door.She opened it and there he was.Bathing. “Honey,is there any problem? Why bathing by this time of the night?” “I just felt like.i will join you soon” “I had a bad dream.Finish up and come to bed” Angela closed the door. David took a sigh of relief. “That was too close”

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To be continued

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