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The maid batch 7


The maid

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Episode 20

1:45pm,That Same Day* Ebere headed straight to the ‘baba’s’ place as she left Sonia’s mother. From what she observed,the old woman may not be willing to go with her the next day as she suggested,for it baffled her how she suddenly postponed it after already saying they must go immediately.Moreover,the way she reacted when she heard whom Angela’s parents were,gave her great cause for concern. Could there be something she knew,which she concealed from her? Many questions flashed through her mind as she sat at the back of the taxi,swaying to the tune of the gallop from the pot-holes on the bad road,making her totally uncomfortable.On a normal ocassion,she ought to have barked at the driver to slow down but instead,she jeered at the driver to add more speed to the tyres.She just wished she could fly to her destination immediately. She was ready to finish what she started;to make sure Angela lose her marriage completely and if possible,her life.She blessed the day Angela whispered it into her ears that she wanted a maid. When the taxi finally came to a halt,she paid the driver,looked at both side of the road as it to make sure nobody saw her before diving into the bush.The ‘baba’s place was not hard to locate.Who knows how many times she had come to him for help. She removed her footwears and stood before the great shrine.Nobody was there but the eyes and the glory of the deity were believed to have watched and protected the place. She looked around the shrine,bundles of money,pictures of people and other personal items belonging to people were all over the place. The red clothes tied everywhere,the large mirror and the scary faces of the gods made the shrine a horrible sight to behold. “The eyes of the gods.The great one.Your humble daughter is here”Ebere spoke out with her head bowed low.She remained calm and quiet for sometime.Soon,the sound of the great ‘Dibia’ could be heard emerging from nowhere,breaking the silence “What troubles you my daughter?”He asked as he went for a seat. “Great one,my heart is heavy.Your daughter is getting older by the day.Had it been i got married to mike,by now i would be seeing my children,playing and calling me mummy.Ever since then,no man has ever said anything about marriage to me.Despite all i do for them”Ebere sobbed as she opened her handbag and brought out Angela’s pictures and docvments. “Great one.I….” “Hold your peace.The great one has read your mind.You want me to make her husband irresistible to her maid and at the same time,wipe her out from the face of the earth”The old man,whose teeth has turned brown,with chalk circled around his eyes,said,looking into a little calabash murmuring some incantations. “Yes.yes great one.Yes”She responded nodding. The old man smiled and pointed to a corner inside the shrine. “Go there and drop something for the gods”he said as he stood up and went before the mirror.He stood before it and started making some incantations. “Look here young woman”he ordered Ebere,pointing at the mirror. Ebere’s eyes went to the mirror.She almost fell down out of shock.She couldn’t believe monitoring someone with mirror can be possible but in that mirror was Sonia and David.Sonia was on bed while David was dressing up to hurry out. She glanced at her wristwatch it was 2pm.David should be at work by this time.she smiled. The ‘Dibia’ murmured something and sprinkled some water on the mirror.Ebere could see Sonia shiver as a result of that.Sonia felt something enter her body as she screamed out David’s name. The dibia waved his hand across the mirror and everything faded. “That charm will desert her whenever they are caught together.As for the woman you want dead,organise boys to kidnap her right away.She must be brought here today”He instructed

Episode 21

2.05pm that same day** David was already dressed up.Sonia only watched him weakly.She couldn’t explain what she felt all over her body few minutes ago but she felt it.She felt the shock and the awe that invaded her. “Are you going out?”She suddenly asked. “Of course i am.I need to get back to the office”he replied as he hurried to the door.Sonia ran up and help him tight begging him to stay with her a little longer. “I cant stay here all alone”She pleaded,caressing him as she embraced him tightly. “Why not spend more time with me?”She muttered as she held him speechless with her kisses. David responded to all her moves.She was the reason why he left his office when he couldn’t bear the longing desire for her any longer.But they already have had a little good time,he thought,some more may not be bad. He s—-d hungrily at her lips,while his hands sought for her bossoms.Sonia just couldn’t understand what was happening. This was something she has sworn to put an end to,but now and again,she couldn’t bear this man walking out without satisfying her s£xual urge. She worked on his shirt,carefully unbuttoning it. ____***_____ The cab pulled up in front of the compound.Angela lazily staggered out.Right since she left home,she had not been herself.She had visited the public toilet more than ten times.She couldn’t remember eating anything that could be responsible for the inceasant purge which also came with headache and high body temperature.As a result,she deemed it best to go home. “Madam.you no wan pay me my money.I be father christmas? I dey carry for free?”The angry driver addressed Angela who was bent on getting into the house.She turned back and gave him the amount they agreed on. On getting to the compound,she saw her husbands car parked there.She wondered what he might be doing at home.He should be in the office.She gently opened the door and surveyed the parlour.Nobody was there but on the floor a cloth was lying them.She picked it up and examined it.It was the top Sonia was wearing in the morning. She held her aching head. “I hope its not what i’m thinking”She soliloquied as she made into the bedroom quietly. On approaching there,she paused to examined what she was hearing.She could hear soft m0ans from the bedroom. She barged into the room immediately,almost slumping at the sight she beheld.She felt her world crashing.Right before her was her dear husband on the bed with Sonia.They were not even aware of her presence. “David!”She screamed

Episode 22

“David!” Angela screamed, holding her cheeks with both palms. Hot tears spontaneously rolled down from her eyes. She ran out immediately. She just couldn’t stand the sight. Sonia quickly jumped down from the bed.She felt something leave her body.She felt that force which invaded her disappear immediately.Her heart was beating fast.She was totally scared,not knowing what to do next. David just took it as if nothing happened. “What is it. come back to bed please”David said. Sonia let out an inaudible hiss,her head spinning.Escape was the only thing on her mind and here’s this man telling him to come back to bed with him.Maybe something’s wrong with him,she thought as she ran her fingers across her hair in total disarray “Do you want your wife to kill me? Didn’t you see her?”she asked reaching for her clothes.With a little less than the speed of light,she grabbed them and fled into her room,gathered few clothes into her bag with the little time she had left.She was ready to accept whatever she gets.Her world had always been an illusion.Life had never seen her as anything more than an outcast. She reached for her phone,peered at the screen swiftly and glanced at it again. Fourteen missed calls from her mum. She dialled her number straightaway.It was ringing but after each ringing,a female voice would tell her that the subscriber was not responding but she could send her a mini call for an amount which she didn’t care to hear.She hated hearing that.She hated it whenever somebody’s phone whom she called,rings without the person answering it. “Whatever it is mom,you will see me soon”She told herself,zipping the bag she had roughly packed few of her clothes into.She knew she would soon be a wanted person.Wanted by the police;because she believed Ebere wouldn’t let her be after all the damage she has inflicted on people already.Wanted by Angela,the lady who once told her she could kill anyone whom she catches with her dear husband. “It would have been better if the law caught up with me earlier.I wouldn’t have gone through all these.Where do i run to? What do i do with myself?”Sonia felt her heart tearing and breaking apart under the pain she felt inside. Angela must never meet her there,she had to move fast,to face her destiny Angela was sobbing and shedding tears in the parlour.She couldn’t believe her beloved husband could betray her.She wept bitterly.She wondered for how long they must have been doing this in her back.Sonia? Whom she trusted so much and took like a sister? Something told her she was the cause of it all,for bringing her in the first place.She waved it off. Angela bursted into fresh tears.She lifted her head and saw David standing before here with hands in the pocket. ‘Gosh,he still had no shame to show his disgusting face’She thought. Out of anger and frustration,she grabbed the chair pillow and threw it at him. “Get out! leave! I hate you!”she yelled.David left and came again back almost immediately.He stood there without uttering any word. This got Angela more flabbergasted than anyone can imagine. He could have atleast said something;some meaningless crap because he was supposed to say something instead of standing there and moping at her. She stood up moving towards him with an unnameable look in her eyes. “You disgust me.I’m disappointed in you.how could you stoop so low.I trusted you so much.This proves that you have been running around other women.you haven’t been a faithful husband.You disgust me”she said and stormed out of the room,leaving David there like an undecided ghost. She expected her parents to show up any moment from then.She had called them earlier telling them to come over.They inquired from her what the problem was but with her crying voice she told them to come over immediately. With the anger boiling and swelling up in her,she searched for Sonia;not knowing what to actually do with her until she finds her….. ___

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