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The maid he loves season 2 episode 15

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💘Tʜᴇ Mᴀɪᴅ Hᴇ Lᴏᴠᴇs 💘


Cʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 15 💞

✍️ By Aᴜᴛʜᴏʀᴇss Pʀᴏᴍɪsᴇ

~ SEMI F!nAL ~

” Take my keys Darrell ” Kris quickly brought ©vt h¡s keys from h¡s pocket and Darrell ru$h£d to grab th£ key.

” Natalie and Judy stay beh!nd ,Kris come with me ” Darrell said rapidly.
Natalie and Judy said noth!ng but nodded.

Th£y quickly ru$h£d to th£ car and hopped !n immediately.

Natalie and Judy both hope that th£y f!nd Tanya ,because $h£’ll create havoc !n h£r second return. $h£ is cunn!ng and won’t spare anyone.

” Am sure Darrell and Kris will f!nd h£r ” Judy took Natalie tense palms !n h£rs as a way of comfort!ng h£r.

” I hope so ,am j√$t damn s¢ar£d ” Natalie said and Judy hugged h£r. Judy also was fill!ng s¢ar£d ,but $h£ didn’t show it.

Mrs Olivia,Tyler ,Amber and th£ tw!n broth£rs came ©vt and met Judy hugg!ng Natalie.
Mrs Olivia had already told h£r husband and th£ rest kids everyth!ng. Th£y were shock of th¡s revelation.

” Wh£re is Darrell? ” Mrs Olivia asked Natalie.

” h£ as gone after h£r ” Natalie replied not look!ng at h£r. $h£ was look!ng at h£r foot th!nk!ng maybe that Mrs Olivia still hate h£r.

$h£ h£ard footsteps com!ng towards h£r. Mrs Olivia lifted h£r ch!n up th£y was a soft!ng expression on h£r face and h£r eyes can tell $h£ was fvll of regret.

Natalie and Judy stare at Mrs Olivia !n stupefaction. h£r [email protected] m©v£d to h£r jaw and th£n $h£ ₱v|| h£r !n a hug.

Did $h£ j√$t hug h£r?
Did h£r old boss who had despise h£r so much j√$t hug h£r ?
Wow bless th¡s day.

$h£ dis£ngage th£ hug and smiled at Natalie.

” Am sorry for everyth!ng. You’re !ndeed a good choice for my son. Tanya is a !nsane murder. And no !nsane murder can have my son. You !ndeed have a good h£art. Please can you forgive me for what have done to you !n th£ past ” Mrs Olivia bit ©vt !n tears, clapp!ng h£r [email protected] togeth£r as a way of apologiz!ng.

Mrs Olivia was experienc!ng a !nner regret.

Natalie gently rem©v£d h£r [email protected] and hugged h£r happily.

” Ma’am am so happy you f!nally accept me. Th¡s is like a dream to me. Ma’am th£re is no need for say!ng sorry you did noth!ng to me. You j√$t don’t like me but am happy you like me now ” Natalie said felicitously.

” Am th£ worst mum ever. Look at th£ desire of a rich daughter !n law as landed me. I didn’t know Tanya was a murder. I even contribute to you disappearance. I didn’t know how $h£ did it ,i never questioned how $h£ did it. I was rejoic!ng over you disappear!ng. Am so sorry ” Mrs Olivia said feel!ng ashamed.

” I hold no grudge ” Natalie said solemnly.

” Can you forgive me too ” Amber materialize with h£r h£ad bow d©wΠ.

” I forgive you too ” Natalie said.

” And me ” Tyler added.

” I forgiven you all. Like I said I hold no grudge ” Natalie smiled at th£m.

$h£ was so excited that Darrell’s family have accepted h£r. Th¡s was what $h£ needed. $h£ thought com!ng [email protected]¢k aga!n will create anoth£r war that $h£’ll have to fight.

Wow th¡s is so good,who would’ve thought that th£ Nee’s will accept h£r. But Darrell tw!n broth£rs stay beh!nd and not com!ng to h£r. $h£ wonder if th£y still hate h£r.
But Darrell had mention once that th£y ¢ar£ ab©vt no one except th£mselves.
But th£y ought to grown up from that attitude or as life not taught a lesson by now.

Like $h£ a$$ume th£y went |ns!de and $h£ sigh£d.

” Don’t both£r ab©vt Manuel and Markus th£y only ¢ar£ ab©vt th£mselves ” Amber said ,notic!ng h£r look!ng at that direction.

” And you’re yet to meet your grand children” $h£ announced.

” Grand children ” both Tyler and Mrs Olivia echoed.

” Wh£n I’d left I found ©vt I was pregnant ” $h£ smiled.

” I gave birth to tw!ns and th£y’re Kristen and Darrell ” $h£ added.

” Wow i can’t wait to meet th£m ” Mrs Olivia thrilled.

” Yeah we all can’t wait to meet th£m ” Mr Tyler beam with excitement.
h£ was also excited to know h£ have m©r£ grandkids.

” Really ” Amber hug Natalie ©vt of excitement too.

$h£ smiled at th£m. With all th£ excitement $h£ had forgotten someth!ng. Tanya still yet to be caught.

Th£ cops arrived after a m!nute. Th£y !nformed th£ cops earlier.

#Th£_next_day ☀️

Tanya was still unloose. Th£ cops were look!ng for h£r and th£y had !nvestigate Tanya’s two friends. But th£y couldn’t f!nd h£r wh£reab©vt. Th£y had gone to th£ places $h£ would be but to no avail. Th£ cops add have th£ airport closed for a week so $h£ won’t flew to anoth£r country.


Kris was gonna go home tomorrow. h£ had spend extra days. But h£ really got important bus!ness to attend to. h£ felt bad for leav!ng Natalie and Darrell !n th¡s critical time. But h£ got no choice.

Natalie was !n th£ d!nn!ng and was sipp!ng h¡s w!ne. h£ really don’t wanna go and mostly it was because of Judy. h£ wonder what impact $h£ has on h¡m. h£ was braz!ng h¡s h£ad on th£ last thought wh£n h£ h£ard a knock on th£ door.

Would could it be except Judy. h£ went to open th£ door.

j√$t quickly went to h¡m and hugged h¡m and started cry!ng.

” Please don’t go ,please ” $h£ cried.

Kris didn’t say anyth!ng but j√$t rubb£d h£r [email protected]¢k.

” But why? ” h£ asked softly after awhile ,h¡s h£art ach£d for h£r.

” Because I can’t stay with©vt you ” $h£ blurted ©vt.

” But why ? ” h£ asked aga!n.

Th£re is someth!ng m©r£ to that.

” Because I love you ” $h£ confess after much h£sitation.

Kris brought h£r to face h¡m with shock register on h¡s face.

” You what ”

” I’m !n love with you. I know is too early to tell you th¡s. You’ve only short time h£re. I j√$t wanna say it before you go ” $h£ sniffed.

” But you j√$t like a kid sister to me . Am too old for you ” Kris said,but someth!ng !n h¡m was tell!ng h¡m that h£ was ly!ng to h¡mself. $h£ was m©r£ like a kid sister.

” Am twenty one and Natalie told me you’re thirty two. You’re j√$t twelve years older than me ” $h£ stated.

” Is that not much ?” Kris said.

” Is not much. Beside age is j√$t a number ” $h£ frowned, irritated that h£ was referr!ng h£r as a kid.

” I don’t expect you to return my feel!ngs. I j√$t wanna say it at least ” $h£ said sadly .

” I have bus!ness to do. But I’ll be [email protected]¢k ” h£ offered hopefvlly.

” I’ll j√$t have to wait ” $h£ wh¡spered to h£rself.

” Even if you don’t have feel!ngs for me. We can be friends right ” $h£ said and h£ nodded.

$h£ gave h¡m a hug aga!n and cried. h¡s h£art ach£d aga!n.

Damn why is $h£ cry!ng.

#Nighttime 🌌

Darrell had taken Natalie ©vt of a date !n a restaurant. Th£y didn’t want Tanya disappearance affect th£ir realtionship. And Natalie would not let h£r poke ©vt of somewh£re and blackmail h£r aga!n. Darrell was always gonna protect h£r. $h£ was ¢ar£ful with h£r m©v£ments and everyone as well.

After d!nner ,Darrell asked Natalie to close h£r eyes and $h£ did so. Darrell got d©wΠ !n one kneel and th£n brought a r!ng box from h¡s pocket and th£n open it.

” you can now open your eyes ” h£ said softly.

$h£ open h£r eyes and h£r eyes widen !n surprise. $h£ cover h£r m©vth excitedly like oth£r women would do.

” I wanted to do th¡s th£ day you left me. But now I wanna take our relationship to th£ next chapter ” h£ said ,eyes glistens with love.

Natalie felt bad. h£ must have be h£art broken by h£r leav!ng ,h£ thought.

” Am sorry for what I did ” Natalie who was look!ng happy was sad now.

” Is alright. I don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt th£ past anym©r£ . Will you marry me ” h£ requested softly.

” Yes ” a tear left h£r eye.

h£ place th£ r!ng !n h£r f!ng£r and got up and th£n planted a klzz on h£r foreh£ad.

$h£ hugged h¡m and th£n wh£n th£y dis£ngage h£ took h£r l¡ps !n h£rs and Natalie’s tvmmy dance deliciously.


Tanya was sitt!ng sipp!ng a w!ne alone. $h£ t!ghten h£r [email protected] on th£ gla$$. $h£ was so annoyed.
Three days ago $h£ had managed to escape from everyone.
$h£ parked h£r car somewh£re and board a cab because $h£ knew that th£y’ll follow h£r if $h£ keep us!ng h£r car.
And th£n $h£’d went to one of h£r house which $h£ visited wh£never $h£ wanna be alone and clear h£r h£ad. $h£ had that house wh£n $h£ started ch£at!ng on Darrell. $h£ leave mostly !n th£ underground !ncase someone f!nd ©vt ab©vt th¡s place. Th£y won’t know ab©vt th£ underground because it was hidden !n a secure place.

” S!nce I can’t have you anym©r£ I’ll let no one else have you. I won’t let that pauper be happy wh£n am sad. I take you away from h£r so $h£ can experience th£ pa!n am feel!ng ” $h£ gritted slyly.

#A_month_later 🖤🖤

Everyone was !n th£ church wait!ng for th£ bride to arrive at th£ altar. Darrell was !n th£ altar wait!ng excitedly for h¡s bride Natalie. h£ was ab©vt marry!ng th£ love of h¡s life.

Th£ door of th£ church opened. Natalie walked !n and everyone start clapp!ng. Judy was th£ bridesmaid hold!ng Natalie’s veil. Amber was th£ flower girl and Nora as !nsisted on be a little bride so th£y make h£r a little bride and while Darrell was th£ little groom. Th£y would’ve given Kristen any position if it was possible. $h£ seems okay with Nora been th£ little bride and no spr!ng of jealously was found !n h£r. $h£ was !ndeed a good child. However $h£ made th£m promise that $h£’ll be th£ little bride wh£n Judy wanna get married. Th£ adults th£y all laugh. $h£ would’ve grown by th£n and can’t be a little bride anym©r£.


” If anyone aga!nst th¡s jo!n!ng of th¡s holy matrimony should speak up now oth£rwise rema!n silent forever ” th£ priest said.

h£ repeated it aga!n and j√$t as h£ was ab©vt to say th£ last three words someone sh©vted.

” Me ”

Everyone one turned and saw Tanya. $h£ was dress !n a black ₱v||over and a black trousers. $h£ rem©v£d th£ cap from h£r h£ad and h£r hair bounce d©wΠ.

Natalie [email protected] as $h£ saw h£r and Darrell look at h£r morosely.

Everyone stood up and watch h£r. $h£ smirked at th£m all.

” Did you th!nk I’ll let you get married. No way if i can’t have you Darrell ,th£n I won’t let anyone have you ” $h£ yelled.

” You bitch how dare you show up h£re ” Darrell yelled [email protected]¢k at h£r.

” To kill you and wh£n am done I’ll kill your bride ” $h£ blurted ©vt and th£n $h£ ₱v|| a pistol ©vt of th£ place $h£ tuck th£ pistol and po!nted it at Darrell.

Natalie [email protected] and quickly went to block th£ view so Tanya couldn’t shoot h¡m.

” Okay I’ll kill you first ” Tanya said.

” Someone stop th¡s crazy lady ” Mrs Olivia yelled.

Everyone panicked.

Tanya ₱v|| th£ trigger ,Darrell ₱ush Natalie ©vt of th£ way. Natalie who had fell quickly turn immediately th!nk!ng it was Darrell $h£ sh°t.

But th£ bullet didn’t even hit Darrell. Everyone [email protected] as th£y saw Nora on th£ floor with blood ooz!ng ©vt of h£r.

$h£ was s¢ar£d and was rush!ng to Darrell wh£n th£ bullet hit h£r.

” Nora ” Darrell yelled and ru$h£d quickly to h£r and take h£r !n h¡s arm. Natalie and h£r family and th£ Nee’s rush to h£r too.

” What have you done Tanya ” Darrell cried.

Th£ pistol from Tanya [email protected] fell d©wΠ. $h£ stare at h£r unconscious daughter and was shocked.
F!nal will be tonight.
Get ready


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