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The maid he loves season 2 episode 16 – finale

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Cʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 16 💞

✍️ By Aᴜᴛʜᴏʀᴇss Pʀᴏᴍɪsᴇ


Darrell had make sure th£ news of h¡s wedd!ng didn’t got to th£ media. h£ warned everyone not to !nform th£ media ab©vt h¡s wedd!ng because h£ knew Tanya will f!nd ©vt and come create havoc !n h¡s wedd!ng. h£ don’t want Tanya ru!n!ng h¡s wedd!ng. But !n case $h£ somehow found ©vt ab©vt th£ wedd!ng h£ had th£ cops guard!ng th£ church. But how was Tanya able to pa$$ th£ cops was beyond h¡m,mean!ng one th!ng th£ cops was !ncompetent.

#[email protected]¢k 💫

But Tanya had a spy who told h¡m ab©vt Natalie’s and Darrell’s wh£reab©vts for a month now. Th£ spy !nformed !n ab©vt th£ wedd!ng. $h£ as sworn to take Darrell away from Natalie. $h£ was determ!ned not to accept defeat. $h£ had put on a ₱v||over so th£ cops might not recognize h£r.

$h£ was !nformed by th£ spy that th£ cops wh£re guard!ng all three entrance. h£ told h£r th£re was a way that $h£ could enter th£ church with©vt th£ cops notic!ng h£r. Th£y was a tunnel !n th£ woods that can l!nk to th£ church $h£ was gonna crawl through th£ tunnel. So $h£ did crawl !nto th£ tunnel.

” I don’t ¢ar£ if I go to jail. I’ll sort ©vt jail issue later. Am rich I can easily bail myself of bribe a cop to get me ©vt of jail. But am not gonna let Darrell and Natalie jo!n to togeth£r. Th£ pauper can’t w!n after everyth!ng I done. $h£’ll loose th£ man $h£ loves and th£n after that $h£’ll shoot h£r quickly ” that was h£r determ!nation.

Th£ tunnel leads to th£ priest office. $h£ search through th£ gate if anyone was th£re before th!nk!ng of open!ng it. But th£y was no one. $h£ open th£ gate gently and came ©vt of th£ tunnel.

Th£ office door was locked. $h£ was disappo!nted at first. But $h£ remembered a movie that someone use a hair p!n to unlock a door. $h£ rem©v£d th£ hair p!n and try h£r lock.

After much attempt th£ door f!nally opened. $h£ sigh !n relief and climb d©wΠstairs which leads to th£ church hall. $h£ pa$$ through th£ corner so no one will glance at h£r. $h£ was a little s¢ar£d that th£y might notice h£r quickly because of th£ ₱v||over $h£ wore. Who wore black ₱v||over to wedd!ng ceremony. But everyone was busy look!ng at th£ couples that th£y didn’t notice h£r. $h£ sat at th£ [email protected]¢k seat and was wait!ng for th£ part th£ priest will say who is aga!nst th£ marriage.

#[email protected]¢k_to_th£_pres£nt.

Th£ cops came !n immediately th£y h£ard th£ commotion.

” Freeze ,[email protected] !n th£ air ” th£y po!nted th£ir gun at h£r.

Tanya was still shocked see h£r daughter some moth£rly love spr!ng !nto h£r.

Th£y caught h£r [email protected] and [email protected] it.

“No no I didn’t mean to kill my daughter. Darrell th£ child isn’t even yours I killed th£ baby’s fath£r,I kill my daughter’s fath£r six years ago. I slept with a guy before I slept with you and have th£ doctor who conduct th£ text brib£d. After you said you wanted a DNA test I bride th£ doctor to change it if it turn ©vt not to be yours because I wasn’t even sure if th£ child was yours. Th£ doctor called me first before call!ng you. No Darrell believe me I didn’t mean to kill my daughter ” $h£ blurted ©vt unth!nk!ngly. $h£ was start!ng to loose it.

” Someone please take th¡s $h£_devil from h£re ” Mrs Olivia yelled. $h£ couldn’t believe Tanya was th¡s evil $h£ fake th£ DNA but $h£ love th£ child already and wish no harm to before h£r.

Th£ cops drag along even if $h£ tried resist!ng th£m.

Darrell was m©r£ shock ab©vt h¡s daughter unconscious than Tanya’s confessions. Right now h£r confession is not Important. First is how to save Nora and before any oth£r th!ng.


” Doctor tell me is $h£ f!ne ” Darrell !nquired nervously.

Everyone was very nervous and th£y hope silent for good news.

Th£ doctor shook h¡s h£ad.

” We did all we could to save h£r but…..

” What do you mean by that ” Darrell cut h¡m short,h£ h£art as limp to h¡s m©vth and th£ rate of h¡s h£art b**t !ncrease.

Everyone h£art b**t was !ncreas!ng too. Kristen and Darrell were cry!ng why Mrs Jeanne tried to calm th£m d©wΠ.

” $h£ didn’t survive ” th£ doc dropped th£ bomb$h£ll.

And everyone start cry!ng. Kristen and Darrell had m©r£ fire to th£ir cries.

” No no ” Darrell yelled seiz!ng th£ doctor’s collar and Natalie tried to stop h¡m h£r h£art ach£d too.

” All of you are so !ncompetent. Can’t you do a simple job ” h£ cont!nue yell!ng and Natalie managed wriggled h¡s [email protected] off and gave h¡m a hug.

” Darrell please take it easy ” $h£ cried too.

” I don’t ¢ar£ if th£ daughter is not m!ne. I fv¢k!ng love,I fv¢k!ng do love h£r. No $h£ can’t die th£y’re all ly!ng ” Darrell said and Natalie patted h¡s [email protected]¢k. h£ wept !n h£r shoulder.

Tanya was locked up.

” No no ,what have I done to my child ” $h£ cried bitterly.

$h£ was still recover!ng from th£ fact that $h£ sh°t h£r own daughter for h£r first time $h£ felt moth£rly affection.

” Am sorry baby,mummy is sorry ” $h£ wept sitt!ng on th£ jail b£d and clutch!ng h£r knees to h£r ch£st.

” So…sorry ” for th£ first time $h£ had regretted everyth!ng $h£ as done up till date. $h£ was feel!ng remorseful but it was much too late.

” Ned if you had been a good fath£r to our daughter $h£ won’t have turn ©vt th¡s way ” Carrie sniffed. $h£ was talk!ng to h£r husband.

Th£y were both !n th£ mental a$$ylum watch!ng daughter whom one of h£r [email protected] was [email protected] to h£r b£d.

Tanya was declared !nsane after spend!ng three weeks !n prison. Th£y took h£r psychologist wh£n $h£ started behav!ng strangely !n jail. $h£ always talk to h£rself a lot and seem to ₱|@y with someth!ng on particular. $h£ will sit !n th£ floor and start apologiz!ng to h£r lost daughter by tell!ng h£r $h£ wasn’t a good mum to h£r that $h£ was sorry. But sooner $h£ became violent that was wh£n th£y took h£r to th£ psychologist.

So th£y took h£r to th£ mental a$$ylum for treatment. Wh£n $h£ ga!n h£rself $h£’ll be taken to prison to complete h£r life imprisonment term.

” If only you were responsible fath£r who would’ve caution our daughter $h£ won’t have gone th¡s wide. Look at our only daughter now $h£’s !nsane. $h£ killed our only grand daughter ” Mrs Carrie said want!ng to get away from h£re.

Ned was feel!ng ashamed of h¡mself. h£ had contribute to th£ person h¡s daughter become today. h£ had pamper h£r and let h£r do anyth!ng $h£ want. But didn’t knew $h£’ll become a tyrant !n th£ society.

” Mum look at Nora $h£ looks cute !n h£r p!nk gown and h£r two ponytail ” $h£ smiled at th£m , po!nt!ng to noth!ng !n particular.

Th£y only shook th£ir h£ad !n agony and left because th£y couldn’t stand th£ir daughter !n that state.


Judy stood at th£ balcony star!ng at th£ sky with many thought !n h£r h£ad. wh£n $h£ felt a pres£nce beh!nd h£r. $h£ turn to see th£ person,even before turn!ng h£r h£art had tell h£r who it was.

Kris was with flowers. Kris had came to attend th£ wedd!ng which was unfortunately ru!ned. h£ went [email protected]¢k but today h£ was h£re.
Kris had time to process on what impact Judy had on h¡m h£ found ©vt that impact was love. So h£ had come [email protected]¢k to confess h¡s feel!ngs h£ don’t ¢ar£ if $h£ was m©r£ younger. $h£ seems okay with it.

” Kris you came [email protected]¢k ” Judy smiled happily. h£r h£art rejoice to see h¡m aga!n.

“Yes I came [email protected]¢k ” h£ said with one free [email protected] h£ took h£r palm $h£ $h!veryed under h¡s touch h¡s [email protected] felt warm and could h£ar h£r h£art b**t!ng.

” And why? ” $h£ asked curiously.

” Can’t you see is obviously because of you ” h£ said h¡s eyes glow with love.

Judy felt butterflies !n h£r stomach danc!ng $h£ flu$h£d and look d©wΠ shyly.

Kris raised h£r ch!n up and both stare !nto each oth£r eyes with look spark!ng from th£m. h£ s1©wly brought h¡s l¡ps to h£rs and before !n plug th£m !n h£ wh¡spered

” I love you ” and th£n h£ klzzed h£r.

Wh£n h£ drag h¡s m©vth away from h£r $h£ jump h¡s arm excitedly.

” I love you too ”

$h£ said and klzzed h¡m [email protected]¢k.

” I brought th¡s flowers for you. Natalie said you like lily a lot ” h£ [email protected] it to h£r and $h£ sniffed th£ flowers.

” I love th£m ”

” Ughhhh ” Natalie cough£d beh!nd th£m and on sight!ng h£r Judy look d©wΠ shyly.

” No need to be shy I understand th£ ch£mistry b£tweeΠ th£ both of you. Judy, Kris is good for you. And Kris I won’t f!nd any oth£r than my sister for you. You deserve th£ best and am happy you both ©vtlook th£ age difference and accept your love ” $h£ said smil!ngly and ₱v||!ng both !n a hug.

” Okay ,okay quite th£ hugg!ng ” Kris said and th£y laugh£d.

” Yeah sure th£y did look th£ idea lovers ” Darrell said and everyone was shock to see h¡s bright mood. h£ had been weary for weeks now. How did h¡s expression become so bright.

Darrell !n th£ oth£r [email protected] don’t want anyth!ng to ru!n!ng h¡s future !n plan to have with h¡s family. h£ told h¡mself repeated that Nora was gone and if h£ let is grief take over h¡m it will complicate th!ngs @r0vnd h¡m.

h£ loves Nora even if Tanya told h¡m $h£ isn’t h¡s child. h£ don’t ¢ar£. h£ had recovered from h¡s sorrow but not fvlly. Th£ wounds !n h¡s h£art will last as long as th£ pa!n is th£re. h£ won’t be able to forget h¡s little girl h£ had ¢ar£ for s!nce six years. Everyth!ng night h£ will th!nk ab©vt h£r. But h£ as to put that beh!nd h¡m h£ as responsibility to take ¢ar£ of.

h¡s oth£r two kids needs a fath£r too. And right now h£ as to th!nk!ng of h¡s wedd!ng which Tanya had ru!ned. Th£y weren’t able to jo!n Natalie and h¡m togeth£r after th£ !ncident.

So th£y get married now with©vt !nterruption because Tanya was ©vt of th£ir life. $h£ is even !nsane,serves h£r right,h£ thought.

At least th£ big road block was gone. Tanya was gone and now h£ can settle d©wΠ with th£ love of h¡s life.


Tanya was dead. $h£ died after bang!ng h£r h£ad cont!nuously !n th£ wall because of h£r !nsanity.

Judy and Kris were !nto th£ distance relationship. But th£y were okay. Kris will fly [email protected]¢k to see h£r after a month and spend weekends with h£r.

Natalie and Darrell were married couples leav!ng happily togeth£r with th£ir kids. Th£y got married a year ago.


With th£ towel wr*₱ @r0vnd Natalie $h£ was dry!ng h£r hair wh£n Darrell took th£ drier from h£r and !nsisted on dry!ng h£r hair.

After dry!ng h£r hair h£ plug th£ drier and th£n place it d©wΠ. h£ took off h¡s towel and turn Natalie to face h¡m.

” Ugh why didn’t you say you wanna do th¡s. That was why you !nsist on dry!ng my hair because you couldn’t wait ugh ” $h£ |¡¢k h£r upper l¡p h£r eyes dance with mischief.

” You know it ” h£ smiled with naught!ness and th£n took h£r towel off too and carried h£r all th£ way to th£ir b£d.

That was it fate had ₱|@y a game on th£m. First separated th£m and th£n br!ng th£m [email protected]¢k togeth£r. Fate is really a bastard.Now no one will come b£tweeΠ th£m.

h£’s f!nally with Th£ MAID h£ LOVES and h£ won’t let anyone or anyth!ng will put asunder to th£ir love.
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Anyway #Authoress will cook up new story.


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